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  1. Hey, we stayed at the same hotel! Great location!!
  2. diane.in.ny

    South America Cruise

    Several weeks before a trip I start pulling cash out of the bank. I specifically ask for $10s, $5s, and $1s. I sort through them looking for bills that are totally clean and in otherwise good condition. I then take the bills and quickly run a warm iron over them. Crisps them up 🙂
  3. diane.in.ny

    Required payment in advance for excursions

    That explains it. I have the Delta AMEX card.
  4. diane.in.ny

    Required payment in advance for excursions

    Sounds to me like you can book your excursions after final payment. And I have a question about your AMEX OBC. do you use an agency which gives AMEX promos or just use your AMEX card to pay and that gets the OBC
  5. diane.in.ny

    Required payment in advance for excursions

    If you have OBC at the time you make your excursion reservation, the cost is automatically taken out of your OBC. I know some people get OBC from their booking agency which doesn't show up until they board, so for them, this won't work. But we have OBC from a Princess promo and i just booked an excursion paid for by OBC.
  6. diane.in.ny

    Albany and Broome

    We were in Albany and Broome in October 2018. In Albany we took the shuttle into town. There was a kiosk set up by the local tour company selling tours. I don't know if they had one for ANZAC museum but the visitor center is also right there and you could ask. In Broome, the tourist authority had things arranged with the local buses. AUD $10 for all day bus rides. Plenty of buses to and from Cable Beach.
  7. diane.in.ny

    Visa service - China, Cambodia, Vietnam

    Good question. We are flying into Siem Reap. For coming in by ship, I think you have to get a regular visa.
  8. Just for future reference, if you ever are not happy with a ship's tour, be sure to head to the excursion desk when you return. Let them know what was wrong with it (the waste of time, the lousy tour guide) and ask for your money back. You may not get it, or may get a partial, but it is worth the effort.
  9. diane.in.ny

    Visa service - China, Cambodia, Vietnam

    Here are the links for the e-visa for Cambodia and Vietnam https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en_US/web/guest/khai-thi-thuc-dien-tu/cap-thi-thuc-dien-tu https://www.evisa.gov.kh/
  10. diane.in.ny

    Visa service - China, Cambodia, Vietnam

    Notifications about Vietnam and Cambodian visas both arrived within 5 business days. I got an email then had to go to the evisa sites to print them out. You will need a current passport sized picture. We went to AAA, I scanned the pictures (You get 2 side by side) and then cropped to have just one facial image. Will also need to scan photo page of your passport. I have the links for the application sites bookmarked on my computer which is not available to me now ( on my tablet now .. grandson visiting and sleeping in my computer room). Please comment on this to bring it back to the top of my notifications ( to remind me) and I'll Reply with the links
  11. diane.in.ny

    Travel Insurance : Pre existing conditions

    Since you mention a 60 day look back, I am assuming you are buying insurance through the cruise company. (I know Princess has a 60 day look back.) We buy third-party insurance but I understand (and I could be wrong) that you can pay for your cruise insurance at any point ... even up to final payment. So the key to this (I understand) is waiting for a 60-day medical free period and then buy the insurance. That way you are covered for everything.
  12. diane.in.ny

    Entering NZ with medications...

    The only thing you MUST be careful about when flying into Sydney is whether or not you are bringing things like open food products. They have VERY strict biosecurity rules. I didn't have anything open but still went to the line for declaring things. I got sniffed by a dog, asked a couple of questions and then off I went. I think I got info on it when I applied for my Australian visa but in case you don't have it .... http://www.agriculture.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/arriving-english-factsheet.pdf
  13. diane.in.ny

    Entering NZ with medications...

    We flew into Sydney beginning of October. Nobody asked about meds.
  14. diane.in.ny

    Biodegradable sunscreen/insect repellent

    Some biodegradable sunscreens SPF 30 SPF 45 insect repellents baby wipes with repellent
  15. diane.in.ny

    Travel Insurance : Pre existing conditions

    Did the insurance company tell you they won't insure the current issue? I don't know how it is in the UK, but in the US, if you develop an issue AFTER you purchased the insurance but before the cruise, you are covered because it did not exist before the purchase.