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  1. I've discovered there are two companies doing HOHO buses in Helsinki. Looking for a recommendation of one over the other. (And, yes, I know Helsinki is easy to do on your own but my husband tires easily and anything I can do to minimize his walking is worth the extra $. We arrive in STP the next day and he needs to be able to tackle that.) Thanks for any help.
  2. Re Opal card daily max ... On Sunday it is only AUD2.70
  3. The traffic in Bangkok is awful. We were on a Globus tour and members of our group used the monorail to get to where they wanted to go. We were at the Amara and they wanted to go to the Jim Thompson house and they had no trouble using the monorail to get there. They then walked back. Said it took them about 30 minutes. Hope this gives you some perspective.
  4. I did the lookout and the views were super! (I am 72 with a bad knee and still managed it. 🙂 ) Get an Opal card and make use of public transportation. Ride the ferries, subway, and buses. We rode out to Bondi Beach and took the Parramatta Ferry to the end. Also went to Manly Beach and Watson Bay. We stayed in Pott's Point and used the subway and buses to get around.
  5. Been away so replying now. Agree with all those that said you want to be all over the ship. There is no 'best spot' unless it is on the Promenade deck when the ship is down in a lock. I think that is pretty cool. And I admit I haven't read (or reread) all the posts but assuming the sailing is through the old locks.
  6. Plenty of excellent condition $1s and $20. Sounds like we are in good shape. 🙂 Thanks Terry. Enjoy your warm weather. 4 degrees here with "real feel" of -19
  7. Terry, I'm jealous. We are supposed to start, tomorrow, with wind chill below zero. Should be fun, NOT! Thanks for the info about larger bills for the guides. I usually don't take anything larger than $20s. Will check how many I have. Might need a few more as I have a LOT of small bills. I don't know about you but I find it hard to get clean $20s. So many of them have that black mark across the top.
  8. Thanks for the info about the US$ in Vietnam. If possible we'll be using credit cards. But this brings to mind another question. Did you tip your guides in dong or US$? I was planning on bringing US$ for the tip of our trip-long guide but maybe I shouldn't and get more dong? And will be using US$ in Cambodia. Aware of how weak their currency is. And know we'll need baht for Thailand. Enjoy the warm weather. We are getting VERY cold over the next couple of days.
  9. Hi Terry We'll be heading off on our trip soon and it includes a visit to Danang so nice to see these articles. Question I hope you'll be able to answer for me. I know we can use US$ in Vietnam but was planning on getting some Dong. We have a taxi to the hotel up front (I found out about US$15) and we'll probably be buying some lunches and dinners at small restaurants. I don't expect to do much souvenir shopping. Would you think US$100 in Dong would be enough or way too much? I'm thinking that I can always use what is leftover as part of the tip for our Vietnam guide. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Several weeks before a trip I start pulling cash out of the bank. I specifically ask for $10s, $5s, and $1s. I sort through them looking for bills that are totally clean and in otherwise good condition. I then take the bills and quickly run a warm iron over them. Crisps them up 🙂
  11. That explains it. I have the Delta AMEX card.
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