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  1. Hey all, just booked this one for our 5th wedding anniversary!
  2. Oh that's good to know too! Nice that they do a differential!
  3. Hey all, I had a couple questions as I seem to be getting mixed (beverage pun) answers about this one and didn't want to intrude on other's topics. -First is is true that if we call to reserve the deluxe package my husband can get the refreshment package since he has one drink a day? -The more important question I have is about value breakdown. I've read on a couple places that the beverages are limited to under $12/ drink? Does this mean the package would not include most drinks of the day or deluxe drinks? We are sailing on Harmony in Sept. and would also like to use the robot mixing thingy excited to see that in action! Would love to hear many other's experience with this or other thoughts! Thanks!
  4. wondering what people think of the priority boarding situation with this. Also curious about how it relates to the crown club do the key people board before them?
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