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  1. CDC confirmation expected in the next week
  2. Does this mean you get to the front of the testing line?
  3. US Cruises start in November with Carnival 6 ships
  4. Based on this recent announcement it looks good CANCELED CRUISES As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we regret to inform our guests that Carnival Cruise Line is having to cancel the following sailings: San Francisco sailings through 2020 Carnival Spirit and Carnival Splendor sailings through and including December 17, 2020 Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020 Mardi Gras sailings November 14, 2020 through and including January 30, 2021 Carnival Breeze from Ft. Lauderdale sailings November 7, 2020 through and including March 7, 2021 Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration sailings through and including April 19, 2021 Carnival Magic: Ft. Lauderdale and Miami sailings through and including October 31, 2020 Transatlantic & Barcelona sailings April 10, 2021 through and including May 3, 2021 Carnival Fascination sailings through and including January 9, 2022 Carnival Sensation sailings March 3, 2022 and March 7, 2022 Carnival Sunrise: Sailings through and including October 19, 2020 Miami 7 and 8 day sailings from October 9, 2021 through and including April 30, 2022, excluding the March 5, 2022 sailing Miami 5 day sailing January 3, 2022 Carnival Radiance: Sailings through and including November 1, 2020 9, 12 and 14 day sailings from May 2, 2021 through and including April 29, 2022 5 day sailings December 23, 2021 and December 28, 2021 All Other Ships sailings through and including October 31, 2020
  5. Looks like November is canceled Wednesday
  6. Comedians could knock on your cabin door and tell a few jokes and then proceed down the hall
  7. Surprised they don't have to file a 10-Q before making this public
  8. it will update in the details not on the summary page
  9. There is a pretty good chance they announce November cruises are slated to begin with limited capacity and social distancing.
  10. There have been no door decorations since April 2020
  11. Could be getting repoed. It was collateral for big loans
  12. Maybe they are filming Crazy Asians 2
  13. I missed mine in 2020, rebooked for 2021
  14. The school data is crazy cause they say it takes 3 to 14 days to show symptoms and after 1 day of school hundreds test positive. Most likely these people were all ready positive before classes started. In Cherokee county GA they are blowing up the issue that 3 schools have gone online meanwhile the other 35 schools are doing fine in the county.
  15. So in 10 days NCL makes another announcement. What will it be?
  16. You also have to remember they collect revenue well in advance of sailing so they use your cash to buy the head of lettuce you desire
  17. Looks like this reflects the desire to fill fewer cabins in the next 12 months or so
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