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  1. Is it regular or Bonus FCC? Any bonus FCC amount is applied only to the voyage fare. The original, full value FCC can be applied and used for the following: Voyage Fare NCFs Government Fees and Taxes Pre-paid service charges Beverage or dining gratuities (if part of the Free At Sea promotion selection) Air purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line Hotel purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise tours purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line Pre-booked and pre-paid shore excursions Transfers Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel Protection insurance (if purchased on the original suspended reservation)
  2. It stinks they changed this policy in February. You used to be able to pay on board even if you reserved in advance
  3. It was not interest free. They gave you 25% on your investment. Not a bad return
  4. So does that mean 5 days, 30 days???
  5. How long do you think it will take to staff a NCL ship? What about 10 NCL ships? What about non essential roles like entertainment?
  6. Yes you can apply FCC to an existing reservation. Bonus FCC can only be used on cruise fare or upgrades
  7. They are a combination. I had two cruises booked on NCL (casino comps but you still pay for some stuff). I took the FCC and bonus FCC of 25 % and booked two cruises (Aug & Sept) with some FCC left over. I then booked December and July 2021 after round 2 were cancelled and FCC returned to me. My two carnival cruises are also casino comps (even though I had not sailed them in quite some time). So my situation is a little different than the average cruise critic member. And yes I am optimistic and really hope my December cruise happens as I rarely can take two weeks off in a row.
  8. Yes multiple FCC for each guest
  9. 4 cruises cancelled so far and I had cruisenext also but they were returned and then put on my next cruise (if it happens)
  10. So finally after 6 emails to casinoinquiries@ncl.com the supervisor fixed my account. He said it was there all along but I don't believe it cause it magically appeared yesterday , 30 days after it was supposed to be on my account. All of my 25% bonus used on my rebooked cruises that were canceled has been returned to my account. . I now have 21 different certificate numbers in my account to apply to future cruises, but at least I have all the numbers and amounts
  11. Exactly I just want a contact person
  12. My understanding is that yes they have currently suspended that process. Mainly because they do not know if dining areas have special rules like 25% capacity versus the ship can sail at 50% capacity. If too many make reservations for a particular restaurant that puts them out of compliance then what do they do. So for the time being no advance reservations may be made. Everyone would be on equal footing theoretically when they get on the ship. No under the old method they did not book 100% of the time slots in advance online anyhow. I don't know the % held back but you could still get reservations on board and even potentially during the cruise on the day of, etc. Of course summer cruises sailing full on mega ships were more difficult then low season but going forward who knows what will be high and low season LOL
  13. Also under current conditions no advance reservations are allowed. It may or may not return once sailings resume.
  14. Now some ships dont appear as options for Dec sailings
  15. Nope, I did get an email response so they are looking into it
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