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  1. You can get Fireball with the package
  2. Should be less of an issue once sailings start up
  3. What game show should NCL add to the atrium events they have on mega ships?
  4. In this era all policies will be reevaluated by cruiselines and may change. Its good to bring back cruise topics instead of just cancels, refunds, and covid. Keep an open mind please
  5. Pretty good chance in the new environment
  6. anyone gotten double points like the promo was for your cruise?
  7. I cant wait to see Q2 revenue figures
  8. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night
  9. For those of you who never unpack your clothes may be getting ripe
  10. So with August and September now canceled, what will tomorrow's new promo be to try and get more bookings. The "Free Balcony Upgrade" ends tonight.
  11. They have added oars to all the older ships
  12. Take Las Vegas as an example. They opened up and everyone was worried they would get quarantined in a unopened hotel. It didnt happen. No one had a fever. No one got pulled aside. Everyone had fun , gambled , drank, ate good food, enjoyed the sun and pool.
  13. sailings scheduled to start in September per Captain Stubink
  14. When they first start sailing demand wont be a problem because all the avid cruisers are chomping at the bit to sail. The problem will be 6 months after when first time cruisers are still reluctant.
  15. Prices will keep going higher
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