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  1. Says I owe money when it is paid in full which means they canceled it
  2. Won't be enforced. Not like they are going make you walk the plank
  3. Is there another announcement coming this Friday? Its been a few weeks since NCL.com has been updated and the August sailing ships are due to be released.
  4. No need to worry. I was just in Vegas and zero people tested "hot" during my entire stay at the multiple resorts I visited.
  5. Was hoping for a bid for my August cruise
  6. In the last two weeks has anyone gotten the email to bid on an upgrade?
  7. What businesses are still fully shut down????? I head to Vegas Thursday for the Grand Re-opening
  8. Good news is you can use your bonus FCC on this
  9. Looks like a low rate of refunds paid
  10. Check Linkedin , you will see all of them posted
  11. But I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night
  12. THere are tons of jobs out there. People just dont want to apply
  13. I am there opening night and will be there all weekend. Im so excited
  14. If I am not infected, how is a mask stopping me from spreading a disease I don't have
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