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  1. We have been to many Sandals, there is no sales pitch about anything
  2. you can order anything you want, the Alchemy offers fancier foo foo drinks. It's a great bar, best on the ship. Any bar will make you a Manhattan, martini, margarita, beer , wine...........
  3. We have used Blue Water Divers in Grand Turk a few times, great wall dives, small groups. I have 100's of dives and never been asked for a doctors note.
  4. I believe per cabin, but it's more than you need. We do laundry 2 times a week, only shorts, T's, undies and such, no dedicates
  5. Cheers is not an investment
  6. OMG, do I have stories. We were diving with Sandals on St.Lucia. On the third day a large man joined our group and needed an extra buckle to close the BC. Because of him we had to do a shallow dive 30-40' and he literally was down to 500 lbs in 15 minutes. Recognizing our disappointment, we surfaced, got him aboard and the dive master let us go back down. Fortunately he never showed up again.
  7. FYI, as someone who gets regular massages in the states, the cruise ship massages are an over priced rub down with an aggressive sales pitch. You can get an excellent massage in the states for 1/2 the price and twice the massage. Another tip is getting a beach massage on one of the islands, Mexico and Jamaica, massages are less than $40 an hour. No, they probably are not licensed masseuses like the states, but you get a decent massage, on a beach, listening to waves.
  8. thanks for reminding me not to dive in Australia 😎
  9. 40 years of diving never such a detailed questionnaire. I have never had a doctors note to dive.
  10. generally speaking, beers around $6, wine $8-12, liquor also $8-12, including the coffee bar, water, soda and shakes, 5-6 drinks will get you even
  11. Wow, you could stream video on the Breeze. They must have upgraded their system. I could bet in ports, but Carnival blocked Fan Duel and my Costa Rican sports book.
  12. 100% have to fill out a form. they also want to know the last time you dove. If it is more than a year, most likely you will be asked to do a pool test prior to your dive. Some might want to see your dive log as well.
  13. go ahead, bash away, but the OP waited 9 days before the cruise to check documents, seriously? Good luck, hope everything works out.
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