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  1. We went to Sarafina’s during a Marigot port stop in March. It is open in the new marina location. We found it fairly easily by following the google maps walking directions on my phone. Edited to add that when we were there, some of the docking wood in the marina was in disrepair and would not have been suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, etc. I don't know if that has been fixed or whether there is a different way into the marina that would have avoided that area.
  2. Thank you, Ducklite! That is very helpful!
  3. Thanks for the heads up. We've departed from that port before, but didn't return there. Our flight isn't until 2:15, so we have plenty of time. We were hoping to spend a little more time on board than in the airport. Alternatively, we need to figure out what to do with our luggage while we hang out in Athens for a while.
  4. Thanks! 9:00 is better than 8:00 to us.
  5. Hello. We will be on the Wind Star soon. The itinerary states that the "arrival" time at the home port (Piraeus) on the last day is 7:00 am and the "departure" time is 8:00. Does that mean all guests have to be off by 8:00? I was hoping for a leisurely breakfast on our last day, but it looks like that might not be the case. Other lines we have been on have differed. Some boot you off early and others let you stay on until 10:00 or so. Sometimes it depends on the port authority. This is our first Windstar cruise. We have been on some big boats, but more recently veered smaller (SeaDream, Crystal Esprit). We are hoping the Wind Star won't be too small to be a big boat and also too big to be a small boat. We are looking forward to a great trip!
  6. Just back from the Splash on Jost. Wow. Best from all perspectives. Leslie earned huge applause from going shoulder deep to deliver drinks and a collective groan when he had to get back on board. And more kudos to Jonathan (so incredibly professional) and Mikee. Thumbs up all around to all the crew.
  7. Captain Smorawski will be on for the crossing.
  8. I just asked Chef Tomasz, and he confirmed he will be on for your trip. And Mikee totally knows who you are and is looking for forward to your return. You should be in great shape for your trip!!
  9. I just asked Chef Tomasz, and he confirmed he will be on for your trip. And Mikee totally knows who you are and is looking for forward to your return. You should be in great shape for your trip!!
  10. Yes, the flexibility is a huge plus. So nice that you will be back so soon! Mikee is the best. Not sure if he knows your CC name, but will tell him he has a fan returning soon!
  11. Currently aboard SD I and having a great time. We are on a round trip from San Juan. Weather has been great, and the crew is awesome. Special thanks to Mikee, Jonathan, Richard, Stephen, Francisco, Tristan, Eugene, Leslie (such a great sense of humor), Chef Tomasz, and Christophe!! And the tender guys! Captain Lund made a great decision to depart Virgin Gorda early when he learned three other large-ish boats would be anchored off Spanish Town. We detoured to Cooper Island (after a passenger vote), which was quite nice. We are really full. 110 passengers, the most we've ever had. But it has only been noticeable when everyone is on board trying to do the same thing. Also, it is our first time on deck 2, and it is great. We've only been on 3 before, but I've been sleeping like a baby on 2. Lots of talk about Innovation (and a presentation about it during tonight's cocktail hour), but folks are equally excited about the refurbishment of I and II.
  12. To those getting notifications and posting, thank you!!! We still have nothing from NCL. Fortunately, we have you keeping us posted. We wandered around for a while and had a nice lunch, now blowing time at the aquarium with lots of people waiting for ships.
  13. The two RCL ships pulled out within the last 30 minutes or so (I saw them from the port area). So that is a good sign. Then overheard a port personnel supervisor telling personnel that they have the option of sticking around the port or returning at 5:00. So hopefully the 6:00 time is on track. Can't wait to get on board! (Also finally managed to get through to NCL after about 30 minutes on hold. Rep said my cell phone number is on file, and I should have received a text, but I didn't. She could not tell me how to fix the notification problem.)
  14. Thank you very much for that information. Very helpful. We did not receive any call, text, email or message via app or website. Our "message" folder in our reservation has no messages. Odd that NCL contacted some but not others. We are trying to call NCL to see if we can set up some sort of notification similar to what you received, but we cannot get through. If you get any additional communication, would you mind posting here? Thank you!!!
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