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  1. Yes, you are going on vacation. I’ll give you a YAHOO also.
  2. Take this as a lesson learned. Now you know to complete your boarding pass as soon as the check in times are released. Don’t get mad, don’t be grumpy. When I’m begin my cruise I don’t get myself worked up over things that are trivial. The plus with 1230pm check in is you will most likely be on board quickly.
  3. We are giving it a trial run from West Palm to downtown Miami in a few months. Looks like a nice operation, the port station will be a plus.
  4. South Beach is a good choice for an afternoon of sight seeing and lunch. Take a cab/Uber to the Lincoln Road Mall. Hop on hop off buses are available. I have seen them at the Bayside Marketplace. Check with the Hampton Inn for stops in the Brickell area. There’s lots of shopping and restaurants around Brickell. You should find something good.
  5. Here’s an example. We departed Long Beach Ca. First port Vancouver. Cleared US Customs when returning to the ship. Cruised Alaska. Then upon returning to Long Beach just off the ship, no customs required.
  6. Jamman, A yankee fan all my life. Grew up in the Bronx with Ford, Berra and Mantle. I think we are in big trouble. Starting pitching is our downfall. Have not liked some of Boone’s pitching moves. Hope Im wrong, but I think it’s Houston in 6 games. Be in front of the tv with you until the end.
  7. Find the hotel you like and call. Ask if you can check in early. We have done this many times and had no problem. We also have been turned down a few times. Hotels will be glad to store your luggage until check in time.
  8. Our experience with YTD. We are two and dine around 7pm each night. We do not ask for special tables, and the usual wait is about 5-10 minutes on most nights. On elegant nights the line gets a little longer, the wait is sometimes around 20 minutes. Once we had about a 45 minute wait. For a group of 8, you might have a short wait for a table together. The wait time is hard to predict not knowing when people will decide to dine. The hub app should make waiting a little less.
  9. We decided to try it three cruises ago and it’s one of our favorite parts of a cruise now. The steak and eggs are also my favorite.
  10. We did a trip to Disney last September, post cruise. Grabbed a cab at the Long Beach pier and stayed right outside the Magic Kingdom. While we did not do Disneyland, we went to the Marketplace and had a really nice time.
  11. There are options for hotels in Coral Gables and then a short cab or Uber ride to the port. Downtown and Mary Brickell areas are a short ride to the university also.
  12. If that were the new rules there would be a flood of posts here. Arrive as early as you like.
  13. You should be able to print out both sets of luggage tags. We have three cruises set for next year and have printed out all three.
  14. If they are on the ships network the sports bar should have them on. If they are not on one of the bar tvs ask to have it put on one of them . I’ve sat in the bar on occasion watching baseball.
  15. We tip on the last evening of the cruise. We also do YTD and request the same staff. The wait staff team all get tips and all the cabin staff get a tip.
  16. Wife and I did Alaska on the Miracle September 2017. Had a wonderful time you’ll enjoy the ship. Can’t wait for the 2.0 upgrades, I miss Guys, wife misses Blue Iguana Burrito Bar.
  17. Giving me the choice I would choose the Alaska cruise over the wine country one 10 out of 10 times. Alaska is amazing, it never gets old.
  18. Congrats, we also just bought 100 shares today. Will come in handy with our 14, 15, and 6 day cruises next year. Will be on the Mardi Gras out of NY on a back to back. Can’t imagine what we will spend.
  19. We have used terminal D the times we sailed out of Miami. But they do use other terminals. Your driver will know what terminal. When you come out of the tunnel or from the bridge you will see the ship on your left side.
  20. Our two visits went smoothly but we waited for the early rush to die down. Walked right on to the tender. Coming back there was a short delay in line for the tender.
  21. When leaving for the port, the morning of the cruise. The anticipation is overwhelming.
  22. Have only one experience with guaranteed cabins. Our guareented was a balcony obstructed but it didn’t really have an obstruction. The balcony was towards the rear of the ship and if you looked over the balcony and to the front you could see a life boat that was considered the obstruction.
  23. Bayside is directly across the street, Brickell is a short ride with public transportation or cab/Uber, and another possible choice is 10 minute cab/ Uber ride to the South Beach area. There is a CVS a few blocks south of the Holiday Inn, same side of street, at 200 Biscayne Blvd. I would choose South Beach, Brickell and then Bayside.
  24. Our last two times out of Miami we arrived at 1030 and 1045am and were on board by 1145am.
  25. It’s a 15 day Caribbean cruise on the new Carnival Mardi Gras. As mentioned, check into parking at the Amtrak station coming down I-95 or the Metro North stations if you are coming down from the Hudson River area. Train into Manhattan then Uber/cab to the port.
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