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  1. You don’t have to spend all day on the water taxi. Go to a specific stop or two and then return. Spend a few hours seeing Fort Lauderdale.
  2. We are flying into FLL for the first time. Our cruise is September 5th, out-of POM we usually stay downtown Miami. Have never stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th St. Booked two nights, just want to relax by the pool with the restaurants and shopping close by. The water taxi departs from the Hyatt, takes you to numerous places. An Uber to the beach are a couple of things to do.
  3. I’m diabetic and have been cruising with it since 2004. We have a cruise booked since last year for September 5th this year and plan to be on it. I see no problem with your health. If you feel good I wish you happy sailing.
  4. Number two with no hesitation. Beaches, beaches, beaches. HMC, tender right to the beach. Grand Turk, right at the pier. Aruba, you will need transportation to a hotel/resort. Curaçao, been there once, don have info on beaches.
  5. We have been on three journeys cruises that had photo seminars that discussed digital photography and two that discussed taking photos with your phone. After the seminar the lecturer will answer any questions. You might get lucky and catch one of these. If you catch Radu, he’s the Carnival chief photographer. His photos are beautiful.
  6. I’m not concerned about hot spots, it’s still 3 1/2 months until our cruises. We fly to all our cruises, we are in north central Illinois, hopefully not for long. Gotta get out of this state. We are on the September 5th/ 13th Horizon out of Miami. Right now we are hunkered down in our home, both of us are seniors. Looking forward to the cruises, hope there’s not to many burdensome restrictions that ruin the cruise.
  7. Have e-mailed guest services@carnival.com two times in the last two months and so far I received the we will get back ASAP electroniclly generated e-mail.
  8. Our September 5th Horizon Cruise has disappeared tonight. We are scheduled to visit Aruba, Curaçao, LaRomana, and Amber Cove.
  9. We to are staying in Fort Lauderdale prior to our cruise out of Miami this September. We are staying at the Embassy Suites 17th St. (Breakfast free). There’s also a Renaissance, and a Holiday Inn Express on 17th St. We also booked SAS shuttle from the Embassy to the port of Miami and then back to FLL. Cost is $15.00 per person each way. They emailed back with instructions and pick up time at the hotel. Lots of stores and restaurants in the area.
  10. Check the Metairie area, just east of MSY and Greta area, across the river from New Orleans.
  11. Weather perfect. Water warm. Possibly rain showers that do not last long.
  12. Glory is our favorite ship, have sailed on her 5 times with a 6th booked out of NOLA a year from this August. We only book cruises that add up to 14 days or longer because of the long distance we have to travel. Have you thought of a B2B on your cruise to satisfy your likes.
  13. Have never cruised from Mobile but had a cruise booked then cancelled. I researched the port parking. Looks like it could get congested at peak arrival times. There is a parking garage and when filled you get directed to a lot a few blocks from the port. Hope this helps a little.
  14. Congratulations. We got an great upgrade offer on the Horizon. From an OV on deck 2 to a family harbor aft balcony on deck 2. Didn’t take too much thought, we took it. Our offer was from an e- mail.
  15. Call Carnival, it will be done in 10 minutes. You will have your itemized statement emailed to you 5 minutes later.
  16. The wait staff still sings and dances. You can request the same wait staff each night. You might encounter a slight wait depending on what time you choose to dine that night.
  17. The closest hotels to the port are the Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, YVR( an older building with small rooms) the Doubletree, and Hilton. The first 3 are almost next to each other on a Biscayne Blvd. The Doubletree and Hilton are just north of Dodge Island on the bay. Bayside Market Place is a short walk from the first three hotels. My preference would be the Intercontinental. All have rooms with views of the port. Prices vary throughout the year. All are a 10 minute drive to the port.
  18. The Pride and Legend are both Spirit class ships and are the older and smaller ships. Many cruisers like the smaller ships including myself. The Sunshine and Magic are newer ships, although the Sunshine is a conquest class ship redone. Have sailed on both Sunshine and Legend, enjoyed both. I don’t think you can go wrong on any of them for a short cruise to the Bahamas. I too would choose the one closest to you. The one advantage to cruising in the fall months is the cost is much lower than the summer months. Keep in mind if you choose the late fall to early spring the Bahamas are in the Atlantic and can have cool weather. The Carnival kids clubs are really good, don’t hesitate to use them.
  19. Congratulations, welcome to CC. Any questions, ask away someone will know the answer or guide you in the right direction. Booking flights. Most cruisers fly in the night before. Saves the worry of cancellations, late arrivals. If at all possible, avoid connecting flights, especially if you must fly the day of your cruise. As for hotels, we book when the price is right for us and always ones with free cancellations. Research your ship and ports, find things you would like to do at each one. Hard to give you everything you need to know, there’s so much. Easier for you to ask questions. Knowing your departure port and itinerary would also help answering your questions.
  20. Have a great cruise. We are in the elderly category and are counting down the days to our September 5th B2B Cruise. Our Mardi Gras cruise for this September was cancelled. If the ship sails we will be on it.
  21. Everyone must make the decision that they feel comfortable with. January is still a long ways away. I would sit on it and see what happens. You probably will kick yourself in the rear end if things are safe and you cancelled. My wife and I have been cruising for 16 years, our next cruise has been booked since last year and is scheduled for September 2020. If the cruise goes off as planned we will be on it.
  22. I sent in a request for two cruises for this September about a month ago and have not received a conformation. If you want to check and see if they received the fax you can call this number 1-800-438-6744 ext.-70450. Can’t figure out how they go about approving the OBC. Some get it approved in a couple of days, some in a week, and others there’s no telling when. I’ll wait about another month, by that time maybe they will be back to somewhat normal operations, then I’ll call.
  23. Though we were not cancelled, our next cruise is scheduled for September 3rd, B2B on the Horizon. Then August, 2021, B2B on the Glory and a long way out February 2022 on the Miracle to Hawaii. Be safe everyone, we will all be sailing again soon.
  24. First full sea day, and it most likely to be your AMBER COVE night.
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