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  1. LGB is 10 miles from the cruise terminal, about a 15 minute drive. Prices tend to run higher flying in and out of LGB. You can probably make an 1100am flight. LAX, I personally would not book before 130pm. Two of our cruises have gotten us to LAX at 1200pm. Th terminal was crowded, everything moving slowly. Got a bit worried.I would rather sit in the terminal a little than miss a flight and have to scramble to find a way home. That said, you probably will be able to make the 1pm flight
  2. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach or Miami Beach/ South Beach.
  3. If just a place to sleep for the night is what your looking for at a decent price look into the hotels by MIA. The Blue Lagoon area is mentioned regularly here.
  4. Cancelled for the 7th time. Giving up on rebooking. Will reapply our August 15th- August 29th B2B to our other three cruises. Enough is enough with the cruise regulations changing day by day. See everyone who’s sailing on Freedom out of Miami December 12th- December 26th, 2021.
  5. We book OVs, a balcony is a waste of money because we don’t spend a lot of time in the cabin. The only exception is an Alaska cruise, a balcony is a must.
  6. We are also waiting on Nola for August. Carnival extended final our payment to the middle of June. If it’s cancelled it will be the 7th cancellation we have had. Dread going through cancelling, and rebooking cruise, transportation, and hotel again.
  7. We are just in front of you August 15th. It’s been gone for a few week also.
  8. Sat down last Tuesday and put together paper work for our OBC again. This time I e- mailed it. Got approval on Thursday. Learned a lesson, do not mail.
  9. We are sailing out of Nola in August. It’s been pulled down for close to a month, but still getting e-mails from Carnival related to the cruise.Also had our stockholders OBC approved yesterday.
  10. You can download the B2B procedures using the Carnival FAQ.
  11. Our August 15th cruise has been off the site for at least the last month, maybe more.
  12. Very easy, when yo show up, it’s your responsibility to have your check in time with you to show the person at the terminal door your time. No time no entrance, too early, no entrance.
  13. I mailed mine 2-3weeks ago. Called yesterday, was told it takes time by mail. Said to check back if no confirmation by the end of June. The story for me was it takes them a month and a half to open mail, and get it to the right person.
  14. We are platinum so I think they might assign early times to the P & Ds. Then have a slight delay to get all on board then board everyone else. Also I think there will be no early boarding, you arrive at your assigned time, no earlier.
  15. Our August B2B out of New Orleans has the same info. But I’m still cautious in thinking we will sail.
  16. If Carnival honors FTTF and not priority boarding for P & Ds there’s going to be a loud uproar, and I’ll be right up front.
  17. We have had a few weather days in port. Our worst was Juneau, a constant downpour all day. But it did not damper our enjoying the city. The second would be departing New Orleans, it was a mixture of rain, drizzle and overcast that first day.
  18. Our first time staying in Fort Lauderdale. We are flying in on Southwest for a cruise out of Miami. We always stay in Miami but this time the hotel prices were outrageous, so we decided to try Fort Lauderdale. Found a great rate at the Renaissance 17Th St. for $122.00 back at the beginning of the year. We to book ASAP with no cancellation fees. Lock in a hotel and then continue to search for something better.
  19. Have sailed Glory 5 times with a B2B coming up out of New Orleans. It’s our favorite ship, not too small, not too big. Glory will be going into dry dock soon, so she might come out with a new makeup.
  20. I grew up in the Bronx and Long Island, when baseball was a game. So many memories. Never being exposed to the ocean, I had to figure out why lefties were called portsiders
  21. Putting soda cans in your luggage is a no-no. All soda must be carried on.
  22. If all returns to some normality, you should be able to get a shuttle, private or shared. The shared shuttle was $15.00 pp each way. A private shuttle a lot more. Read down the posts, you will find this question answered.
  23. Many cruisers stay on 17th St, a 10 minute drive to Port Everglades. There’s a Renaissance, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, and an Extended Stay America. Restaurants and shopping close by. You can catch the water taxi at the Hilton.
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