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  1. That was our thought. We don't normally do that, and for whatever reason their flights were cheaper than what we could find on our own.
  2. I only get it because I am in the same situation. They canceled through June 11 and ours leaves on June 12. We have flights going out a few days prior (Rome) which we also purchased through them. We do not want to shift at this point, but would rather rebook when we feel like it.
  3. yes, I read all the posts including yours, and even "liked" it. Apparently, people are still not reading it right so I thought I'd re-mention it.
  4. I think some posters are misinterpreting the OP. They know the trip won't happen, but in order to get a full refund they have to wait on them to cancel otherwise they are only getting a credit. ETA: I am in the same boat.
  5. We also used SPB for the 2-day tour. They were absolutely fantastic. Small group and very well planned.
  6. I saw this date on Celebrity website as well.
  7. Well, my mom was supposed to go on an Antarctic expedition on Saturday and was due to fly to Argentina tomorrow. She was just notified by the TA today that the cruise line said not to come. Those who are already in Argentina will still be going on the cruise. This was due to the new restrictions Argentina placed yesterday requiring automatic 14 day quarantine if coming in from selected countries of which US is one. So, I suppose you will be given as much notice as they get which may not be three days.
  8. @Bruin Steve I am (Hopefully) on your June 12 sailing. I feel the reason there is no info is because things are changing day by day. I plan to wait it out. there is no point of them hastily canceling all sailings when this is such a fluid situation. stressful for those of us booked? Yes, absolutely. However, there is no way to know what the situation will be three months from now. I remain optimistic. oops, I see you are in July. I am on the June 12 Rome to Venice so I’ll let you know haha
  9. That's a good point. She booked this trip last month because it was a steal. About half the normal going rate.
  10. Interesting. I just asked her and she said a little over $400.
  11. I don't know anything for sure, but I am just waiting things out. Flight is booked through Celebrity as well so I will just see how everything shakes out.
  12. I'm glad to hear this in the event my June trip is not canceled due to other factors (Italy). Last week it looked to be 91% booked and today 63%.
  13. My mom (71) leaves for Antarctica on Saturday and she did have to get a doctor note although not virus related. Due to the nature of the cruise.
  14. It's my opinion. Looking to make a buck off an unfortunate event.
  15. Yep, like the FL couple filing their frivolous lawsuit against Princess?
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