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  1. Thank you. I think I did find a company that seems to specialize in tours (including one river boat) that is based in Holland but the ship, MS Viola is owned by a German company. I'll follow up on this. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. It looks like we'll be looking for something else.
  3. Thanks.....that's what I was afraid. I found one but on the itinerary and the ship that has the accessible cabin, it was sold out.
  4. I am looking into a group of 8 of us possibly doing a European River cruise. One of our friends uses a fold up mobility scooter when he travels. He can walk short distances but not too far. Most of the lines I am familiar with don't seem to have accessible cabins, or I'm not looking at the right cruise line! Does anyone have any experience with this or possible suggestions?
  5. Not sure if I'll be doing the side trip to Dunoon or not. My brother who had been stationed there passed away suddenly on Monday. I was going mostly for him, but I like smaller villages too and may still go one more time in his honor and see that beautiful area again. Still trying to process it all! Again, I appreciate all of the information you all have provided.
  6. I remember my brother talking about Sandbank. I'm sure he would love to be making this trip too!
  7. Wow, thanks so much for that info. I've just quickly gone over it but interesting and I think that will be very helpful. I'm also going to pass it along to my brother. In the Wiki reference, I saw the name of the ship he was on which was the Simon Lake. His "job" while there was to shuttle the guys from the ship to the shore in Dunoon and he loved it as well as the area!
  8. Thanks for the info and yes, I think a taxi would be easiest! From the looks of the schedule of the ferries and the proximity of the ship to the ferry, this "plan" is certainly doable in a day, right? Thanks again for your reply.
  9. Thanks for that schedule! I'll have to check our arrival and boarding times and also how far from Greenock to Gourock. And a bit more checking with my brother. I appreciate any help!
  10. Will be on a cruise in May with a stop in Greenock (to go to Glasgow). I was in Glasgow years ago and while it was nice, I see on the map that Greenock is also close to Dunoon and that is where my brother was stationed a looonng time ago when the Holy Loch was still open. I really like smaller towns and villages so I would rather go to Dunoon and have a look around to see if anything looks at all familiar (and take some pictures for my brother). It looks like there is a public ferry but if anyone knows for sure, I would like to know. And anything in particular I shouldn't to miss? I was there once also, but that was in 1968!!!
  11. Wow....thanks for the pictures, Newport Dave! Now I really want to go back to see in person!
  12. Sorry...didn't know that. And thanks for the info!
  13. We did a day trip to Windsor. I had been there many, many years ago but appreciated it a lot more. Of course a bit touristy, but a nice tour of the Castle and a walk around. I wish I had know we could just go across a bridge and be in Eaton. Would love to back and see what that side of the river is like!
  14. You might check Brendan and Globus. Not positive, but I think they can "tailor" something to what you might need.
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