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  1. Go to the rank/taxi stand and request one, coordinator will call for one. Found that those who had ordered one at a specific time in advance ended up waiting and waiting. We have used, once for disembarkation and once for port day. Easy as.
  2. Hobart put on a lovely day for us. Melbourne today is cloudy and cold wind on the pier. Not doing anything today Survived the rough crossing of the Tasman. It could have been so much worse so no complaints.
  3. Ruby Princess departed from Auckland. One day we have had slight discomfort in Picton, otherwise cannot not comment.
  4. Yes we have all been progressively been issued the Medallions for Testing. I have trouble with the Ocean Compass but that will get sorted. Not all functions are working as yet so you still need the card.
  5. Currently on the Ruby Princess and yesterday when we departed from Dunedin the Commodore announced the forecast was such that we were heading north to traversing Cook Strait. Looking at Windy dot come, it was the correct decision. He is aiming to get us to Hobart
  6. Hi, as locals we have cruised NZ/Aust several times and about to leave again on the 30th December. We have booked the Oosterdam for 19th December 2020 for Christmas and New Year. Our friends particularly wanted to go to Tasmania and this itinerary has the ship in port on 28th December for nearly 24 hrs in Hobart followed by a full day at Port Arthur. The Hobart will be very busy because of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race which start on 26th December (Boxing Day), so there will be alot of interesting yachts in port. Our friends are keen sailors.
  7. True. The most deserted restaurant ever. Good spot during the day for those playing board games.
  8. Our itinerary is the same. You have made my day! Bears and whales are what I want to see!!! Had my favourite cabin on hold. Accessable oceanview cabin. Laundry across the hall... Secrets? I like the Sun's size and friendly staff. A lot of returning crew. On our second cruise we were welcomed like family. Our favourite spot was forward of the buffet in the cafe. Not everyone knew it was there initially.
  9. Thrak yiu are a gem! Thank you. XXXX
  10. Thank you for bringing to my attention our favourite ship - Sun Princess will be in Alaska 2021. Have put a hold on the same cruise but in July for my Big 60!
  11. Is anyone able to help me with the list of the current officers on the Ruby Princess? Captain Staff Captain Chief Engineer Hotel Manager Entertainment Director Cruise Director Senior Doctor Customer Service Director Food & Beverage Director Staff Engineer Chief Electrical Officer Executive Housekeeper Executive Chief Maître Hotel Wanting to get Invitations sorted for the Meet and Greet. TIA
  12. Varies between providers for some reason. On our b2b last year our friends had reception way longer than we did! Go figure. Just use it until your provider signal disappears. You can get good SIM card deals coming in via Auckland airport. Friends did that last year then gave to unused portion and SIM card to their favourite bar staff.
  13. Thank you all. Now I have a 110v charger for my power chair. 😊
  14. Thank you getting much. The photo is a great help.
  15. Sorry to ask on this thread. (we are on the same cruise 😁 I have a power chair which requires 240v to charge. My old charger was 110v/240v but when it died it was replaced 240v only. Does anyone know if they provide a transformers for 240v to 110v? TIA
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