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  1. I have a final payment due soon and when I apply the cards and then go to pay remaining amount on a credit card, it shows the full amount due, not the amount minus cards. I’m probably missing something, so thought I would check here, before inputting cards a 3rd time. Thanks EDIT....Figured it out. Had to make 2 separate transactions.
  2. I used SPB Tours in St. Petersburg and they supplied the visa. Both Alla and SPB get lots of positive feedback. I only had one day in St. Petersburg and I was surprised how much we were able to see.
  3. Or you can run into a situation like I did back in 2014, when they did a ship inspection and we didn’t start boarding until 2:00pm. That’s rare though.
  4. Yes, that is the restaurant we stopped for lunch. I don’t think all of their tours include lunch. I think it can be negotiated depending on time. And yes, that is the website for tour. I’m looking forward to Singapore. Also going back in April/2021 for a B2B, Asia and TP.
  5. I was in Iceland and Greenland last year on another cruise, and somebody arranged a private Golden Circle tour with I Heart Reykjavik...if you have the time, the one I did included lunch. See below. It was a bit pricey, but beyond fantastic. https://fridheimar.is/en Qaqortoq is small, and I just walked around. Take a trip up the hill to the postal center and get your passport stamped. I’m on the Splendor to Singapore in Oct., and they still don’t have tours in some places listed.
  6. Nope, I had planned on getting distilled. I will just ask once I get onboard. Better safe than sorry.
  7. I have had my cpap for almost a year, and only used on RCI last year for 23 nights on the ship. They supplied a cord and distilled water (free). I will be on the Splendor this year for 31 nights. Are you saying the ship water will be ok for that long? I do have my own extension cord.
  8. I haven’t been on the Splendor since 2009, so it’s nice to see the pics. Since I am doing the Mexico cruise prior to the TP, I’m hoping the priority line will be shorter, although you moved very quickly. I did buy the Thermal Suite pass for the TP, when it was on sale. With all the sea days, I’m sure it will be well worth it. Thanks for taking the time to post. I think I saw some friends in your priority lounge picture.
  9. A lot of people follow keto for health reasons and some who need to shed a lot of weight. Enjoy your week cruise and watch your diet the other 51 weeks. I try to follow low carb at home, but no way would I restrict myself from something I might enjoy on the ship. I just don’t go crazy, and enjoy in moderation.
  10. Jeff is doing a very detailed review of his cruise on Inspiration and Splendor. Starting at page 10, he has lots of pics of their one night stay on the QM.
  11. Yes, and I will be on it. So hopefully everything will be in tip top shape before that sailing. Being stuck in LB Harbor and the middle of the Pacific are very different things, especially since I have heard that internet is worthless in the Pacific.
  12. Although this is from the Vista, I believe this is still the menu fleet wide. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Most menus can be googled.
  13. I don’t know if I could really name a “best”. I would probably say my first cruise in 1980 on Sitmar Fairwind. Long before message boards, and everything was a surprise. Airfare and hotel the night before were both included in the cost. Airlines didn’t charge for bags back then, so if you could carry it, it went along. It wasn’t unusual for me to have shoes, purse, jewelry and a different outfit for everyday. It just was a totally different experience then. I have enjoyed my other cruises and going to all the new cities and countries I had only read about before.
  14. From the threads I have read on the Carnival boards, it has been a mix. Lanyards, blankets, and Tervis Tumblers. Or it could be something totally different.
  15. It looks like you have been on your Roll Call, so this is where you want to post this. I linked it for easy access.
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