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  1. I remember these when I first sailed with Sitmar in 1980. What a treasure to find. I hope you kept it.
  2. I tend to agree with you. Being a solo traveler, I don’t need a suite, and tend to have a bit of social anxiety in large groups, so I pretty much do my own thing, unless I have friends on board.I have an interior with virtual balcony booked on the Ovation next year, but I’ve been looking at alternate sailings in case it’s cancelled. I haven’t been on a Quantum class ship yet, and really want to. I was shocked at cost of interior cabins, between you pick or they pick cabin. It was several hundred dollars. With my balcony discount, I could book a balcony for only about $20-30 a day extra. So I will probably book a balcony, unless the interiors w/virtual drops significantly.
  3. You should be able to call Royal, and they can look up your past cruises with your birthdate. My daughter’s cruised with me in the 1990’s, and they were able to find their history. I had about an 8 year break from 2003-2011 from Royal and all mine are there. Hopefully they can find yours.
  4. I enjoy reading all the stories about ships and lounges. I throughly enjoyed the Voyager DL last November. I took a 3/4 day B2B after going over to Singapore on the Carnival Splendor. It was the barest lounge. I think for evening happy hour, the most there was maybe 10 people. I would take a book or crochet project down there during the day, and grab a cappuccino and just sit there. It was so quiet and peaceful. No worries about overcrowding there.
  5. I would have made Diamond+ on the 2nd leg of my B2B next regardless of extra points. As a solo traveler, my goal is to get to 340. Will never reach P, and really have no desire to. I cruise on other lines, and there are still itineraries I would like to see, that Royal doesn’t do (South America). I have a strong feeling, my B2B won’t go next Apr/May, since it’s Asia and TP to Seattle, so I may look at booking some Europe and TA, to get those extra points in 2021. Gosh, I sure wish there a ship on the Westcoast next year, but hopefully we will see one in 2022 with all the rumors going around.
  6. Same thing on the Serenade TA in 2018. They used the Safari Lounge. They also served a full breakfast in the morning, not just Continental.
  7. Hopefully my B2B goes next Apr/May.....if John is correct, that will be 108 points for this solo.
  8. I didn’t realize I was supposed to get one on the Voyager last year. I just had them mail it to me.
  9. I would take a screenshot of the offer, just in case.
  10. Do you mean 2021? I think Royal just opened the Quantum TP sailings around Oct. 7. Somebody had posted that on my Ovation Roll Call. That could be why you are not seeing it yet on other websites.
  11. They absolutely love their elephants. The mahouts live right on the property with them, so they are with them 24/7. The mahouts are their keepers and will live with them their entire lives. Almost like animal parents.
  12. I did the tour last November. This is the one they used. https://www.green-elephantsanctuarypark.com/gallery/ It was wonderful!! The lunch was delicious and the elephants were a joy. They also took lots of pictures, Included in the price. I would book again in a heartbeat.
  13. Got it.....I travel solo, so I just have to worry about myself. LOL But I do know that I get to take on 2 bottles of wine for myself 😉
  14. I like that there is still a glimmer of hope that a Royal ship will be coming back to the West Coast.
  15. Remember, you can each carry a 12 pack of sparkling water on board also. I like the flavored ones, and always bring some onboard.
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