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  1. I guess maybe those that said they would never get a passport, might be rethinking that. 😉
  2. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2753289-suspension-extended-to-915/
  3. Nobody really knows. As you get closer to making final payment, you can decide if you think it’s best. Nobody can answer that for you. I have friends who have booked the 97 day Princess Cruise for Jan/2022. I know it’s a whole of money to be spending for something you aren’t sure of. Maybe you can postpone for a year.
  4. https://www.breakingtravelnews.com/news/article/carnival-corporation-cuts-six-ships-as-return-to-operations-slips/ This states Carnival Corp. Lots of cruise line under their umbrella. Sorry to put this on Royal thread, but Soloadventurer started it 😉
  5. Several people were booked on the Ovation Apr 25 cruise from Singapore, but several moved to the Quantum because of itinerary changes. I know they are also waiting for the TP to show up, but are keeping their reservations on the Ovation TP to Seattle as a back up. It was really cheap when prices first came out. I stayed with the Ovation B2B.
  6. You are allowed to take those mini bottles on board. Just be discreet when pouring. 😉
  7. Chin up! I’m probably one of the minority, who’s a homebody anyway. Only changes have been runs to Trader Joe’s every 3-4 weeks. It’s easier when you live alone. I have several crafting hobbies, so I’m busy with crochet projects. I’ve been working on a paint by number picture, and I got a foster dog almost 2 months ago, so it’s been fun having him around. Yard work is always calling. There seems to always be a lawn to be mowed. New weeds pop up on a daily basis, so they keep me busy. My glass is still half full.
  8. I guess it really depends on what news media you are listening to. According to leaders of the peaceful protest, this has not been happening. And how many is considered a mob? I live here, you don’t. Maybe see if you can find some local Seattle news stories.
  9. My daughter’s friend went up to Capital Hill yesterday and said it was peaceful. Lots of art, music, food, almost like a street fair. If anybody has been to Copenhagen, there is a place called Christiania. Sounds very much like it.
  10. Did you read the other posts? They are there and I posted the link above yesterday.
  11. Thank you to those that stick to the topic of this thread I’m still hoping that my Nov 21st Anthem sailing still happens. It’s not often that I get to sail with daughters and grandkids.
  12. And more specific https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2463-odyssey-of-the-seas-roll-calls/
  13. Are you talking about the Deluxe Drink Package or the Refreshment Package? All adults, over 21 need to purchase the Deluxe, however, if you call, some have had luck with being able to buy the Refreshment package for one. But both adults still need to get a package (soda excluded) if there is a child in the room, you only need to buy one Deluxe package. No other package necessary.
  14. I usually get the full cruise internet, but I’m pretty sure there was a discount, and I did get the picture.
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