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  1. There are only 2 airlines that fly into PAE right now. United and Alaska Air. Paine Field is about 25-26 miles north of downtown Seattle. SEA has always been the main airport into Seattle. Some people may like this option, and stay someplace north of the city for cheaper hotel prices, but transport would be more. You just have to look at costs. As far as I know, nobody offers a free shuttle to the port. However, some will have one and charge a fee. You just have to call the hotel and check. You can go to the Westcoast departure thread and get all the info you need on Seattle.
  2. Since you mentioned in your original post that they would not price match, I’m assuming you did call Carnival, right? I have learned, if I don’t book ES, I just don’t look after final payment. To stressful. Check the lowest category balcony and see what the price is. You can always move up to a balcony if price is right for you. Also, look at all OV categories and check those prices. There might be some that aren’t under a noisy deck. If neither of these options work for you, then you are basically stuck. A lot of people book ES for this reason, but there is never a guarantee that prices will drop. Also, a lot don’t book ES because there are a lot of rules that apply to it.
  3. You can always look at deck plans..I use cruisedeckplans. You can see what is above and below, and the types of cabins on each deck. I always check to see what’s above and below. On the left, toggle cabin category and deck details.
  4. This seems to go hand in hand with the total cluster**** of the RCI website mess. I haven’t signed up for the 4 cruises I have booked, and now I will just wait, or forget it all together. I have a B2B on the Voyager in Nov. but that one has a really slow and small RC, so I will probably skip that one.
  5. As others have said, unless you booked Early Saver rate, once you are past final payment, you cannot price match. However, you can upgrade.
  6. Try emailing technical support. I have no idea if emailing them, they tracked something and unblocked whatever they had blocked, but after several days of “access denied”, I could get to the website again.
  7. I sent an email to technical support this morning, and said fix your website. I get denied access on everything. Lo and behold, I came home from errands and I can bring up website again. I haven’t gone any further yet with checking into my cruises. Baby steps. For others having issues, you may try again. Edit...Still can’t check in, but at least I can get to website now.
  8. A 2 top is a table for 2 people only.
  9. Thad409, I think some of the replies are from newbies who weren’t on Cruise Critic prior to the latest update. I know what you’re talking about, and I think they went away with the last update. I just got a countdown app, and put all my cruises on that.
  10. I always get a boarding picture. I started cruising in 1980, so when I logged dates and cruise lines on my IPad, I got the info from pics. Now I just type the cruises in as I book them. A couple of pictures have been misplaced, but I still have most of them.
  11. When I was in my 20’s, Cheers would have been great. Drink all day, never have a hangover, be ready to drink again the next day. As I have gotten older, I care more about my health and fitness more than I do alcohol. I’m not really a day drinker anymore, except for maybe a beer here and there if it’s hot. But I do enjoy a couple of martini’s (gin and filthy)in the evening. I am about to sail on a B2B (31 days), and I doubt I will be drinking every night. I don’t do that at home, and 31 days is almost like being at home. I will be then hopping on a B2B on Royal, and I get complimentary drinks there in the evening. I do wish they sold drink cards, that you could spread out whenever. And I don’t really drink all the other stuff they offer with Cheers. I will carry on my sparkling water and replenish when needed.
  12. Yup, done it all...it is one messed up site. I tried going to Celebrity, which I have only been on a few times, and Azamara, which I have never looked at, and I get same access denied. I am using all Apple products. Are others using other products having the same issues? And now to make matters worse, I just went to my Air2Sea bookmark that I looked at 2 days ago, and I get the same access denied.
  13. I tried that and still no luck. I have had the same website bookmarked for years, and even googling Royal Caribbean gets me same result on a couple of different browsers. I can get to the UK website just fine.
  14. I’m getting this on all devices and browsers. Before I could get to website on IPhone and it would partially load on IPad. I did a little bit of detective work, and turned off Wi-Fi on IPhone, and was able to get to website, but it wouldn’t let me check in to my upcoming cruises. I can access all other websites and other cruise sites (Carnival, MSC). I have no idea what is going on with this IT department, but I think crack must be involved (j/k on last bit), but it is very frustrating with cruises coming up. My TA has the 2 cruises I need to check in for, so may just need her to fill out everything, which she does anyway, but I normally just like to do it myself.
  15. I sailed on the Spirit 7 times and Legend once, next year will be 2 and 3. I just wish they wouldn’t have changed the 4K door configuration. That was one of the best cabins on this class.
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