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  1. Are you Haven or Joy concierge cabin? The reason I ask is that when I asked NCL the question about why the Haven DSC is higher-also asked TA same question - both said because it includes tips for butler and concierge, so I don’t need to tip additionally. We all know that is misinformation, so that’s why I’m wondering about your concierge tip. But, being from the UK it may be different.
  2. I have a 14 day cruise on Bliss coming up in three weeks and am trying to figure out if I save anything by buying it before sailing or it’s the same price aboard. I think it’s $224.95 to upgrade from my 250 free minutes, and it’s stated as an upgrade. Anyone know what’s the going rate without the free minutes credit? Plus I have my platinum minutes, I guess those don’t count towards the upgrade? Do I have the option to sail, use my free minutes, and then pay for fewer upgrade days? What’s my cheapest option? TIA
  3. Maybe the cruise lines paid them properly out of revenue rather than passing their obligations on to pax.
  4. Drinks are NOT free in Haven. If they were, then NCL’s advertising would say so, and you wouldn’t be offered the free booze perk and charged the $20/day/pax service charge. I’m surprised they aren’t running your card, they usually but probably not always, ran our cards in our Haven stays. Prove it to yourself, order something above the $15 threshold and see how fast they ask for your card 😆
  5. My iPad won’t let me color the section but it’s bolded.
  6. OP seems to have tried, at least for booze package, with no success. Read original post.
  7. I found my TA through the site where TAs compete for your cruise business. She gives me a discount on the cruise price that’s about equal to the OBC I see others offer. I much much prefer the discount up front, that way there is absolutely no question about whether or not I got what was agreed to. My invoice from the TA shows the promised discount immediately and I pay the TA the discounted price.
  8. Can’t you get these free with the UBP anyway? And can people mix different booze like that and not get sick?
  9. Your butler. All Haven cabins (regardless of where they are on the ship) have a shared butler who delivers your food with no room service fee.
  10. Sign up with the roll call and attend the M&G! That will get their trip off to a great start! Also, depending on their budget, if the Haven. Is within the budget, it’s a wonderful experience. DH and I prefer to be IN the Haven for the full experience—we love rolling out of bed and either into the hot tub or the bar, depending!-but it is an investment so may not be worth the $$ for them.
  11. Yeah, that makes it a $14 entree, cheapest entree credit of everything on the menu. I think NCL is trying to discourage people from ordering it...sure seems that way!
  12. Does Platinum meal INCLUDE tip or should they be "extra-tipped"? I've heard both things.....
  13. book online unless you are past final payment already. You can transfer to a travel agent at your leisure within the first 30 days, and most likely if you finally reach an agent and decide the cruise isn’t for you, you can cancel with no penalty (depending on country and final payment status of course). But get that placeholder in there while the sale is on, if you like the price.
  14. Just read through Bird’s review - seems most wines are same price as our last sailing, so the majority under $15/glass. These price increases really stick out - NCL testing the waters, or they are just low on stock of their wines and want to discourage consumption?
  15. TA checked with NCL after I spotted a lower price for my cabin - we had the option of getting $200 off Haven PH or upgrading to a 2 BR Haven PH for about $900 total—if we were going to do the upgrade bid thing, we’d have bid that in a heartbeat! So I did the upgrade and wound up with an additional $200 OBC (had $100 OBC from previous booking). First time I’ve benefitted from price drop! This is 12/5/20 Getaway TA, definite price drops!
  16. @seemoreroyals please report back about if other wines are marked up like that, and if anything is left that isn’t $$extra!
  17. Good news if it’s only those two wines, although there really were very few under the $15 limit...it reminds me of last January and the uproar about a lot of the booze being repriced above the $15 threshold...I hope this is NOT the beginning of a trend, because it makes me concerned that there will be zero “free” wine other than the gross fake champagne available without upcharge, and even at $2.40/glass it will add up. I’m not a huge drinker and $20/day is enough for me to spend on booze!
  18. In another topic here talking about seafood going missing from the Encore MDR lunch menu, someone noted that the two recommended wines - both NCL East/West blends - are $17, which is above the $15 threshold and represents a 70% price increase. I want to see if this is widespread across the fleet, and if there are other wines included in UBP, or if all of them are now extra, even with UBP.
  19. Seems like it slipped by that both wine recommendations are $17 - so an upcharge of $2.40/glass. I went back and looked at Prof. Cruise's Bliss mdr dinner menus and they "recommended" $$ wine, but i wonder if it was a bottle price? https://profcruise.com/ncl-menus/ Her wine menu shows East & West NCL proprietary blend for $9.95, so the $17 price displayed is a 70% price increase.....
  20. I applied and was approved for casino credit on my last sailing, May 2019. I have an upcoming sailing January 2020. If I want casino credit do I have to reapply, or can I just stop by the casino cashier with a check when I board? Tia
  21. If you are looking for health insurance type coverage, check out GeoBlue. That is only Health insurance, just like Chae is trip cancellation/delay insurance with a token medical insurance and more than token evacuation. Worth a look. Steve from the Trip Insurance Store is very helpful with that as well. I did my homework and plan to buy it to cover any medical bills which we hope we don’t have, and just rely on Chase in case of cancellation.
  22. Thanks guys. Figured I could stay warm a bit longer and not deal with the Penn Station outdoors mess but you’ve convinced me to do the cab thing. No idea what subways even cost these days (believe it or not, FREE for seniors in Philadelphia with their senior card) but defeats the purpose to have a long walk in the cold to save perhaps $10.
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