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  1. We were on the Crown early this year. She was having generator problems. Could not go at full speed. We missed several ports. Got lots of OBC. I would hope that the problem has been repaired during this mess. I don't know how the slower ship would due with the long sail from LA to Alaska.
  2. Bubbapuck,more to relax and cruise Hopefuly we will be with you. Our 35th anniversary is 2 days after your anniversary.This will be our 4th time to Alaska, so we are going than the ports. We will be on for three cruises July 3 thru August 14.
  3. We often gt extra OBC deom our TA. Usually it is about $50 to $100 per person per leg. (We often book b2b)
  4. Crown would be great for us
  5. We are booked on three legs - from July 3 thru August 14.
  6. On Princess, all the perks we are eligible for are based on days.
  7. Unlike the rest of the world, the US has no plan for bringing Codiv-19 under control. Until that changes, no country will allow visitors from the US
  8. We will cruise again. Can't wait to walk up the gangway again. We have a b2b Panama Canal cruise in January and February and a b2b2b LA to Alaska in July and August
  9. Are any ships docked? I thought all were anchored off the coast to save money
  10. We took care of as much as we could before getting off in March. 🙂 +
  11. About 25 in Manila Bay as of a week or so ago
  12. Prices will be a reflection of demand. Fewer ships could mean more demand for the remaining cabins.
  13. I am not sure a change to the PVSA woulld do much. Right now, most countries will not allow US citizens because we have such a horrible record of not doing anything to corral the COVID 19. As for domestic cruises only stopping in the US I would not go near it.
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