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  1. i am on the crown now. muts place all afternoon and evening
  2. This morning on the Crown, they told a passenger the card was no good and threw it away at the International Cafe
  3. We are on the Crown now. The couple at the table next to us bought a wine card last night.
  4. We have been on the Crown for 12 days. Every night we get the same glasses of wine in the Elite Lounge. Since the first night, we are asked "Usual?" as we walk in the door. No need to order anything or sign or present anything.
  5. I don't think I have ever gotten one of the specialty drinks, my wife has a couple of times. I just get a glass of wine.
  6. We got a move over offer earlier this year for the Royal Princess cruise around South America. It was to change from a regular balcony to a partially obstructed balcony on the same cruise. We got $1500 refundable OBC plus a couple of specialty dinners. We took it and got most of the OBC back after the cruise.
  7. There are self-service laundry rooms on all floors with passenger cabins. Cost is $3 to wash and another $3 to dry each load. Detergent is available for $1.50. Most people bring detergent from home. There is also a full service laundry if you prefer to pay Princess to do the laundry.
  8. It would go to your travel agent who would (hopefully) forward it to you.
  9. You get 8 mini bottles of liquor for each setup. You get one setup per leg based on the most legs your cruise could be booked as.. So if you have a 14 day cruise that could have been booked a 2 seven day cruises, you will get 2 setups.
  10. Instructions for setting up WiFi will be in the Princess Patter for embarkation day. If you have trouble, go to the internet cafe
  11. I also wish Princess Live was dead.
  12. As I recall on the South American cruise, it was offered in the vista lounge, and Club 6 in addition to Princess Live!
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