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  1. In May, I cruised to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. My passport expired in June and I had no trouble at all. According to the Carnival website, it is recommended that your passport be valid for 6 months, not a requirement.
  2. You cancelled an entire cruise because of the drink package? Surely you knew how much you were being charged before you paid for Cheers.
  3. I like port days more than sea days, but not by much.
  4. If their check in as at 1:30, they should get there a few minutes early so they can park, unload, and be to the doors at 1:30 to enter the building. Why should they get there early?
  5. I doubt she's scared, she just wants her boyfriend to go with her. Tell her to stay home if she is that scared. 🙄
  6. The safes aren't meant to be opened with two different cards. That is why your wife's card would not work. We never use our Sail and Sign card for the safe...we use an old gift card and have never had any problems! Thanks for the review...I will be on the Valor for the first time in June!
  7. We have started ordering breakfast from room service on port days.
  8. Get your flu shot and wash your hands. You are worrying way too much about it.
  9. Not in the slightest. I'm just happy to be on a cruise.
  10. I try not say never, but I really didn't like the Triumph and would only sail on it again if it was the only ship left in the fleet. The layout was choppy and it always felt extremely;y crowded.
  11. We always fill up with gas before we park for a cruise simply because we don't want to mess with it when leaving the port. I never would have thought about doing it as a precaution though....good tips!
  12. I really enjoyed the Glory and I'm sure you will, too!
  13. You're welcome! There weren't any USB ports. I highly recommend bringing an extension cord or a power strip with you.
  14. We found our room to be a little warm at times, but that was mostly when we had been in port all day. After the ship started to move, the room cooled down. I will always get off the ship no matter where I am. However, if I ever go back to Jamaica, it might be one of the very few places that I would book an excursion through Carnival. My safety comes first. Mom and I both think that if my dad or boyfriend had been with us, we wouldn't have had the problems that we did.
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