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  1. Mrs. Port MSP starts a couple weeks before departure and commandeers a spare bedroom for the process. The anticipation and packing are part of the fun for her. I usually pack after she goes to bed the night before we leave, which drives her a little bonkers, and is part of the fun for me Truth be told, my packing lists don't change much, so it's pretty easy. For winter fun-in-the-sun cruises, we're going from cold (it's -7F as I type this) to a sultry ~80F, so we have to get the summer clothes out of storage to pack. We both have some travel type clothing that we "save" for travel use be
  2. We've been on a couple cruises in the past that went all out for Super Bowl games, showing them on the screen in the theater and on the pool big screen, as well as on the tv system. As the World Series goes for more than one night, I'd guess they might have it on somewhere public, but probably not in one of the big venues. Last Oct. on Zuiderdam, I watched the bronze medal round and the final of the Rugby World Cup on the tv system in our stateroom. The games were on at 0400ish. Mrs. Port MSP did not share my enthusiasm for the matches. The two fellas that ran jewelry stores onboard wer
  3. Yeah, I'd printed off boarding passes the day before on the last cruise, but we were checking bags as Alaska in September seems to require more in the way of clothing options. I asked the Delta personnel why we couldn't go through to security but was given "it's policy" as a reason. I suspected that it had to do with capacity in the E Gates area, but the preclearance explanation sounds more logical. Yes, the E concourse is pretty limited in its offerings. At least there's a Timmy's! I suppose it might be worth a shot next time to go carry on (this requires prior approval from the much
  4. Thank you for the up to date info! I wonder if you could bypass the 3 hour limit and head to security if you were carry on only.
  5. What everyone else said. We've used the Canada Line for all three of our cruises out of Vancouver. Wonderfully convenient and easy to negotiate. There's plenty of baggage space in the cars. A couple things to keep in mind; 1) if you travel "heavy" ie lots of baggage, it might be a bit taxing as you'll be doing some walking and it isn't all flat pavement. I'd guess it's about 200ish? yards from getting off the ship to the platform. Not a big deal, but if you're wrangling several roll aboards, it could be cumbersome. 2) On your return to YVR, take into account
  6. If I had the choice, I'd go for the US Air Force base. Closer to home and access to better medical facilities in the event I developed the disease. One of the news stories I saw said the US evacuees on the Air Force bases will be allowed outdoor recreation time. I think I'd be pretty sick of the confines of my balcony stateroom after a day of being confined, let alone 14.
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