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  1. You are correct the international TSA has different applications from domestic USA travel.
  2. That AJ dock is not all that bad - YES it is a half a mile out of the loop and one has to plan on a few sacrificial minutes getting back on board timely But there are frequent shuttles to downtown And the shore excursions meet you at the gangway up a steep slope that same gangway steep incline - makes the trip back to the ship is all down hill.
  3. They have a large duty free mall (leave some time to shop). Caution about duty free shopping for alcohol and liquids - NOT acceptable for carry on must be in checked luggage - careful what you pack the bottle(s) in !
  4. The 2BR suites on the DAWN STAR - JEWEL JADE PEARL GEM deck 10 are virtually all the same dimensions (square footage) except for an alternating mirror image arrangement. There are 10 suites of this type mid-ship forward - 5 port - 5 starboard. On the Jewel Class ships deck 14 has the same 2BR arrangement. Simply the chair - lounge chair cocktail table placement is the same - mix and match. As noted previously maxing out the furniture reduces the moving about the balcony easily !
  5. Nothing official from Canada about the border opening for cruise ship excursions. The Summit WPYRR train trip may be a possibility as while it does cross into Canada it loops right back out to return to Skagway - no gets off on Canada soil. YES after taking the WPYRR every time I have been in Skagway it does get to be - enough. However an extension to Lake Bennett or Carcross still is on the bucket list - been to Fraser twice -
  6. Sitka take in a glimpse of the Russian history (Russian Alaska capitol) Raptor center Local entertainment - dance and re-enactment of events Weather not being an inhibiting factor get off your ship and take a walk. 5 blocks in any direction from the center Sitka Historical Society (Harrigan Hall) and you will have plenty to photograph. And the sunsets here are fantastic for photo opts ! Map image - zoom in-out pan R-L: Google Maps As for Victoria - port time permitting the Butchart Gardens is a must for the first ti
  7. Cameras cell phones or binoculars should have a wrist strap or lanyard attached to the device. Moisture or water proof even if dunked in water at least there is the possibility of salvage of the device or pieces and parts. With cameras getting the memory card saved can be a blessing. With cell phones retrieving as much data and pictures before pure out and out failure occurs. If you don't use a securing strap on your equipment you can be flirting with a disaster. Dropped from a balcony 7 decks down oops - - - Knocked from the edge of a hot tub - really steami
  8. Since the Canada stop is being bypassed, would we still need passports? If you have passports take them with you - they will speed all your registration and travels i.e. Flights etc. (Your drivers license will work here but the passport is the gold standard) Passports serve no purpose laying in a safe or a drawer at home. AND if in the unlikely event you have a medical emergency and have to be evacuated to a closer Canadian City than an Alaska location you will need them to transport out of that city/location after the emergency is res
  9. Please be aware that NCL (Europe UK) across the pond may have different perks promos applications rule deposits payment refunds regs unique to that part of the world. These may in part be due to a foreign government overseeing the cruise market. One Cruise Line rules sometimes does not fit all countries. It is almost as if some foreign governments have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) looking out for the guest customer better than here in the good ole USA.
  10. LINK to that thread: NCL-Amex Offer - Norwegian Cruise Line - Cruise Critic Community Perhaps a moderator would like to condense consolidate the two ?
  11. My MAP LINK disappeared ??? Google Maps
  12. And then too beware of morning MIST FOG low overcast stuff - while not a torrential downpour one can get clammy wet.
  13. Tracy Arm - Sawyer Glacier Huge difference - YES - The cruise ships calving ice permitting only visit the south glacier. With a smaller ship the north glacier becomes a possibility to get up real close to the face of a glacier and some of the times the crew will snag a piece of floating ice and give you an opportunity to feel the intense cold and color of the ice. The melting takes some time - this is not restaurant machine made ice that melts in a flash in the pan. There are excursions from Juneau to these glaciers (a 5 hour round trip from the float plane d
  14. The Port of Whittier is the *Major* railroad freight movement from the lower 48 to Alaska. It is the shorter direct route to Anchorage than the port of Seward. A tunnel(s) was built by the Alaska RR to move rail freight and was originally only for railway use - cars and trucks were loaded on flat cars and transported thru the tunnel for shipment to from the lower 48 by Marine Ferry (the other option was driving the Al-Can Highway). Awhile back the tunnel was paved over and cars and trucks were permitted to transit the tunnel alternating one-way traffic every half
  15. Never fear - there is always the Insider Past Guest offerings - not all cruises are eligible but then the one you are interested in just might be in the mix for that month. Keep coming back to the NCL site - you may get lucky LINK: Past Guest Offer | Latitudes Rewards | Norwegian Cruise Line (ncl.com) 1 point per night/day of the cruise 1 point per night for Insider Past Guest offering - Add a suite and gain an additional point Double points is better than single Triple is possible from time to time Sales projections
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