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  1. I think you mean the DSC (Daily Service Charge) but that would not be in round even numbers i.e. $200. Holds on account are normal for guests using Debit cards.
  2. NON-Refundable OBC can be used for gratuities -BUT- NOT the Daily Service Charge (DSC) ! For gratuities to the crew - cabin steward - Butler - Concierge - or any other crew member that you want to reward this is done by visiting Guest Services and requesting a voucher paying that crew member with a Credit on his employee on board account (try and get the employee full name and job function to make this easier). This is great if you are running short of cash but have quite a bit of that Non-Refundable stuff left over - don't leave the ship with that unspent. Can't find something or someone to reward - if the Casino is open give it a whirl any winnings from there can be cashed out *** slight nominal service fee. But remember the NON-Refundable OBC can NOT be used to pay that DSC (Daily Service Charge)
  3. No charge for the Nespressor machine pods - have a hankering for more de-café rather than regular tell your Butler. Have trouble with the machine or need help - your Butler is the man !
  4. Sorry I missed that (was in post number 7 - not the original) - - -
  5. It maybe helpful to note the specific ship to answer the question ? I.E. while DOS and OS are part of the HAVEN these cabins may not be in the HAVEN complex - DOS decks 9 & 10 JEWEL class ships - these cabins are forward in the ship and may have a different muster life boat station. The theme of muster life boat station being in a vertical zone instead of a horizontal mode makes sense. You head down to the life boats - you don't scurry back and forth on the same deck !
  6. No fear for star gazers northern lights aficionados - you can use the forward balcony deck just kill the lights. It is the lights reflecting off of the white balcony surfaces that causes havoc (night vision problems) on the command deck above you on deck 11. During the day time look up and back from the furthest point out on your balcony and you will see the NCL officer piloting the ship (you can even wave to him if you like). But at night you can put together the angles of light reflection and get the message "No reflecting lights". So kill shut off the cabin lighting when opening those curtains to take a peek or opening the balcony door to step outside - there should be ambient enough lighting to safely step out to the balcony railing - watch out for the deck lounging chairs table. One other note "DO NOT USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY by camera or phone " !!! You should know that the JEWEL class ships have a Bridge viewing room port side deck 11 forward at the end of the passageway. Very interesting - this is as close to being on the Bridge as you are going get since the BST (Back Scenes Tours) no longer visits it. Also at night the curtains are closed to prevent reflected light from the passageway behind you. Now don't be afraid of going out on your balcony in the dark - just beware of the blast of air that maybe or will knock you over opening that balcony door - AND one other note don't open your balcony and cabin doors at the same time - you will have one heck of a wind tunnel ! Ah er NO LIGHTS AT THE END OF TUNNEL ! LOL !
  7. Well a while back you could make a request for types of pillows - I guess that is a bunch of feathers now. You could hint how you want the bedding arrangement as long as you are not trying to split KING beds - no can do. Putting that to bed - you can make reservations for dining times and show times on those ships that reserve them. In a GV DOS OS you can select the alcoholic beverages you want at the stateroom wet bar and the fixens*** *** soft drinks you want in the galley fridge Have kids along for the cruise - request those gummy bears or M&Ms maybe a plate of cookies to spoil lunch and dinner. Realistically all these can be done by Cabin Steward and the Butler - just jot the things you want done and after registration/check-in give the details to the Butler ***** ***** AND ABOUT THAT BUTLER ---(didn't even meet him until the 3rd or 4th day!) UNFORGIVEABLE - this should have been reported to the Concierge and the General Manager - You are paying for this service and if not needed dismiss him but NOT showing until 4 days late - this is BAD ! - - - Did you at least get an escort on board to the HAVEN and lunch ???
  8. The VIVA-VINO package has nothing to do with the HAVEN or any other program. The program is independent from beverage packages i.e. sodas corks n' caps Premium & P + Basically the first couple of days of the cruise anyone has the option to purchase the package minimum of 4 bottles - available in 3 tiers. There will be a kiosk or display table in or near the ships Atrium and maybe near the pool deck. You buy the package up front and will be given paper receipts for each bottle. You can have the bottles delivered to your cabin no charge no fee no up anything -OR- just go any bar or restaurant when you want a drink - show the paper receipt and wait a few minutes while the/a bottle is retrieved from a wine cellar/vault somewhere on the ship. The bottle will be uncorked by the restaurant beverage server or at a bar by the bartender. Don't finish it all - you can take it back to your cabin or have it corked and stored for your next visit (anywhere on the ship). -OR- If the bottles are in your cabin and need a corkscrew ask your cabin attendant or Butler for one. Oh and don't forget the wine glasses too ! No additional fee or charge for this package it is all paid upfront (charge to your on board account***) *** strangely the charge may be on the Main Dining Room and not a wine invoice
  9. Are you just CRUISING or considering a land tour package pre-post cruise ? There is OH so much to see and do - keep reading on - ask more questions ! Also there are deals promos perks bonuses for booking at certain times - the fare prices come into play - early and late season fares are less - mid summer peak ! Looks like you are centering on the peak July. Booking -4- in a cabin rethink that to -2- in 2 cabins look around at the deck cabin floor plans. 4 folks in a closet may not be your thing ? There is a lot to research and digest here - July 2021 gives you some time - take you time putting this all together.
  10. A lot would depend on the length of the land tour and if departing Alaska from Anchorage or Fairbanks and a whole bunch of variables here: Tours provide all hotel lodging accommodation *** and a few minimal meals. *** Alyeska Resort Alyeska - Sheraton Hotel or other Anchorage - McKinley Village (Denali NP) - Fairbanks ? Transportation by Alaska RR (a definite plus +++++) and motor coach aka the BUS - tours into Mt. Denali NP are by heavy duty school buses ONLY. Features - Wild Life Conservation Park - Sled Dog kennels - white water rafting - self guided tours of Anchorage or Fairbanks - museums where ever you find them - fishing expeditions - glacier touring *** *** hurry they are melting fast (no joke) - at every bend in the road river track an outstanding view - - - Prepare for rain & rainbows - snow - mist - fog - doom of night - northern lights - and sunshine - temps in the freezing to the 80's (records set this year) and the 30% potential that the Mountain will be "OUT" ! Yes a TA would be a great source - best if they have actually been to Alaska to see it and report about it. There is so much to see in Alaska one or a hundred and one trips of any kind will never be enough. Go to that Alaska boards and read on LINK: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/
  11. Presently you will have a Butler assigned to your cabin and the services of the Concierge. There is a rumor about lessening the services of the Butler in Suites other than the Haven and OS - nothing official at the moment - how the Concierge fits in all this also is a question. You have three levels of service provided by the crew: Your Cabin Attendant taking care of everything in your suite less the serving of food and beverages The Butler picking up from above - food beverages treats snacks escorts from registration check-in to your suite and other duties as delegated by the Concierge Your Concierge will take care of dining show reservations and escorts to tenders. That is the basics - need assistance ASK for it ! Rarely is any request turned down - maybe delayed while it is coordinated.
  12. YES about those perks bonuses extras - ASK ! - is it really worth a few more square feet for a few bucks more and then find out you lost those deal making offers. OH and get it in writing or spelled out on your eDocs Invoice !
  13. The SUN and the JEWEL would be so bah hum bug for the kids - now the BLISS and ENCORE would be exciting. But then different itineraries port stops - then again the port calls maybe more interesting for kids than the onboard activities - shore excursions seeing WILD LIFE rather than adult wild life onboard. NCL does have entertainment for teens and children but it is only as good as the number of kids participating.
  14. Not many medications come in a liquid form - NCL should not be bothered by pills ointments liquids but the TSA keystone cops you never know i.e. liquids over 3 ounces may pose a problem - but if you need the liquid medication while traveling on a flight only bring less than 3 ounces and place the rest in your checked baggage. Any unusual circumstances medications best check with the TSA for traveling by air. One further thing to note - - - Marijuana in liquid form would be testing things to the limits CAUTION !
  15. There is also a Alaska section on this website LINK: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/
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