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  1. AND the two coupons for dinner at the specified specialty restaurant - one with a bottle of wine and a trickle more of internet time There is more to life than laundry - make sure you get all sudsy gusto you are entitled to ! LOL !
  2. This LINK may help explain - - - https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Dawn Note when looking at the deck plan for a specific deck just below that deck appears: Version: Current Deck 10 Starts 11/8/2020 clicking on Starts 11/8/2020 results in a new letter numbering system will be in place. For NOW Basically there are 8 SE suites forward (bow) decks 9 & 10 12 SF (stern) decks 8 9 & 10 10 SC forward deck 11 10 SF forward deck 12 14 SJ forward deck 12 4 SA DOS forward deck 12 4 SB OS forward decks 9 & 10 2 S1 GV midship deck 14 The H class suites are on ships with the HAVEN - the DAWN does NOT have a HAVEN The LINK to the GEM: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Gem Note the GEM does have a HAVEN and the H class of suites
  3. This needs some further discussion: OBC - On Board Credit can't be used - until well - you are on board the ship. So nothing pre-cruise can be paid for in advance with it. There are two types of the OBC - More commonly NON-Refundable given by NCL - a TA - or some promotional venue And then the Refundable type that is purchased usually by cash/gift up front. NCL is supposed to use up all the NON-Refundable OBC in payment of on board accounts except DSC After that the refundable OBC comes into play and any left over is refundable to the guest The only thing that can not be paid for directly is the DSC (Daily Service Charge) - if this were done the Non-refundable OBC that NCL gives would be used to pay NCLs own levied DSC - Not going to happen - All other bills on account can be paid with any of the OBCs Non-refundable OBC can be refunded by playing in the ships Casino with a token service charge. Any CORRECTIONS to this - Please post away and Thank You ! Just read the last post by njhorseman - any OBC can be used to pay the Cabin Steward Butler Concierge or other crew member personal gratuities aka TIPS.
  4. Actually you are missing two - NONE and STRONG NONE - POOR - FAIR - GOOD - STRONG - EXCELLENT * * If bidding Excellent you really should have bought the farm and quit fooling around just book the darn cabin ! You are so close to losing it by penny pinching. NCL should have casino game of booking cabins by upgrade (bidding) for practice ! LOL !
  5. How recent are the old days ? 2 years ago I purchased a Haven cc $1000 (2 @$500) getting $250 OBC back and the premise of being able to book a Haven or GV suite with them as full down payment. The hitch - the catch the free OBC is reduced from $500 down to $250 for this discount of the down payment. This was and is a good deal in the savings of thousands of dollars of the down payment requirements to reserve a Haven suite GV OS DOS only paying full up at Final Payment time. But this is NCL that is Norwegian CHANGE Line where change is the middle name. Maybe the rules have changed - will have to check that out in few weeks when cruising - plan on buying a compliment of ccs for the next bucket list cruise.
  6. Most importantly if going from any previous level to Platinum where dinner tickets and free laundry is a perk. On that first leg of the B2B find out the details to smooth the transition on the second leg.
  7. When I complained to customer service when we got back they gave us a whopping $100 OBC. Gee, thanks. This was not clear - did you complain when it happened ? or later on the ship at some time ? or worse after the cruise getting the $100 OBC to use (maybe) on your next cruise. Deficiencies should not be left to fester so the guests using the facility will also be shortchanged. The Concierge is a fixed position - the Butlers however are rotated around to know what the expectations are of the various suites OS DOS GV Havens - Cabin Stewards may have a seniority system in prime cabin services. xxx The one noticeable difference between the suite and OS/DOS (GV) is the beverages in the mini-fridge are comp. and a compliment of hard liquor is also provided virtually setting up your own bar. All things being equal the pecking order of Priority reservations - tendering - escorts about the ship starts with the $$$$ class of accommodations. On the DAWN for instance Balcony seating is provided in the theatre with GV having the best view/space followed by the other classes in higher tiers and less advantageous viewing. You are paying top dollar you should expect top service.
  8. Are you bidding on an upgrade ? Or where you offered an opportunity to upgrade ? The bid awarding gate does not close until 2 days before sailing At that point all the dominos should have fallen into place awarding the bids One last ditch effort - at check-in if not blatantly POSTED "Nothing Available" ask if an upgrade is possible. If not back away slowly - no harm - no foul - board in the cabin you picked or were assigned.
  9. As noted by Birdie And Sue - Log to NCL.com Password entry --- From MyNCL View Reservation Start the Check-In (all over) Mine was an 8 section form starting with Personal data - ending with Ticket Contract As I filled out each section at the bottom right was a button to SAVE & Continue When all 8 sections are fully filled out you can print out your eDocs. Don't have all the info needed SAVE & Continue and come back when you do. Make a mistake you can return and EDIT data for each section One curious note are you the cruise contract holder (LEAD person) of record filling out the forms. If not maybe your cruise mate is filling in data conflicting with yours - best that you fill out the info for you and the mate at the same time If you have cruised NCL before some of the data may already be prefilled for you NCL's computer software leaves much to be desired almost like using Commodore 64 equipment. that was brought over from the old country on the Ancient Mariner ! LOL ! If still all else has failed call NCL and get help - not all the info/data is required to finish the forms to print out the eDocs just the important stuff Passport and and who the heck is paying the bill and that form of payment. With the printed eDocs paperwork any required missing data can be added at the time of registration. While the late evening quiet computer time hours would seem to be the best time to do this - NCL frequently does major computer maintenance after midnight Eastern Time causing the 404 - 505 Vacation time website issues - I hate that when that happens !
  10. You are perhaps SAVING the data entered ??? Leaving the entry unsaved results in requiring to return to enter the data until saved. Certain phases of the Check-In must be completed in full to proceed to the next step or saved to go to that next step. Some information can be left blank coming back later to fill in those blanks but remember to save it. NCL computers are notorious for glitches and often require rebooting of the 505 404 Vacation time pages and simply wait and try later ! Having a vacation from the NCL computer is a vacation in itself !
  11. About those USB : There are no USB outlets bedside or elsewhere ... Bring a converter plug or use one of the USB outlets on a your laptop tablet or other device. AND caution your Cabin Attendant may disconnect these as he is required. Also on the newer ships when leaving your cabin the electric service may be disconnected the key card in the slot by the entry door. Have multiple USA devices get the converter with multiple outlets. Big power user suggest getting a small portable battery pack to supplement.
  12. People people - when you bring up the page(s) with your eDocs - Look for the little suitcase in the middle right portion of the page. Click on it and print out as many tags as you have luggage pieces. The print out should be about a third of the 8.5x11 page with instructions to cut along the lines and fold where fold is indicated and then staple - Suggest beefing up the paper thin tags on cardboard or inserting in a plastic sandwich bag and attach it to each bag AT THE PIER. Don't have extra tags to confuse airline tag readers traveling by air. Something too LARGE or too small find a way to adjust the size of the print. NCL only needs a sliver of info to get your luggage to your cabin door ! The basics is your all important cabin number - any crew member can tell by that where you cabin is located - your name is helpful if tags get torn off or your luggage arrives at the naughty room aka Lost & Found ! Have a copy of your eDocs inside your luggage. If in a suite or Haven class cabin - your luggage tags should be mailed to you by snail mail - uncertain how this done in foreign countries. Oh and it does help a bit if your luggage has a handle to attach the tag ! LOL !
  13. Scheduling anything less than adequate port time is bound to have raves of dissatisfaction. It does a disservice to the Butchart Gardens which to be appreciated needs 4 hours alone. The bus route to get to the BG takes about 25-30 minutes depending on traffic and scenic sights pointed out for camera photo-opt. After visiting the BG the trip back less so in time. To rush this shore excursion is really bad - a short port stop is unforgivable but it is what it is. A shame since the ending of the cruise is less than 90 miles away and whatever ship is used it is a very short putt-putt speed to arrive as scheduled the following morning. Granted the availability of pier space could have been a problem - there are only -2- docks for cruise ships to tie up at and any number of previous scheduled cruise ships could limit the time. As for Canadian Customs - I don't recall if the clearance is done arriving at Victoria or in departing - but with an earlier and longer more accommodating time frame everything would be much better. There could have been issues with Victoria residents leaving the ship instead of at the end of the cruise in Seattle - but how many of those - then again NCL too short port call time ! This is as if this port call and shore excursion was doomed from the get-go - very bad planning ! It would not be the tour operators fault or BG with NCLs untimely port call and compounded perhaps with Canadian Customs having to work extra late hours ? No amount of sparkling vino or form letter is going to wash this one down. Victoria needs more than a casual short port call stop - there is more to see than just the BG too !
  14. Towels Just a hint for those bringing back liquor Only time I bring my own towels is to pad the duty free liquor items while in transport. Double wrap in plastic sleeve (think something like loaf of bread wrapper) and wrap in a towel and success every time - no breakage. Otherwise no need to bring one's own towels - NCL has plenty - need more ask your cabin attendant ! Oh and the size of the towel is the medium hand towel - no not a wash cloth nor a bath or beach towel a towel measuring 16x26 inches 4 of them take up a sliver of room in the bottom of luggage.
  15. If you both have cruised for a first time then both of you are Bronze 1-29 Latitude points. This second booking should result in adding more points to each account. Something rotten in the state of Denmark - no make that Norway ! Is the booking using both yours and his Latitudes rewards account numbers ? Check the previous cruise (history) to verify that the Latitudes points account numbers are there and correct. If different maybe accounts need to be merged. Still puzzled Call 866-234-0292 and be prepared to hold for awhile to get it straightened out. In any event you have one year from the date of your last cruise to get this fixed ! Not so humorously "Another fine mess" ! Every Latitude point becomes important and valuable after reaching Platinum with free dinners and laundry.
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