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  1. You're right, thanks. I didn't really pay attention, and I was just glad to see the photos were gone (and leaving me with even more white space) and I didn't realize what else was missing. As I said, I just sort of stumbled through.
  2. I was able to turn off just the sidebar photos and the captions. It was quite by accident, so I'm not sure if I can explain. When I clicked on "Block Element", a new window opened up. I then went back to CC and hovered over the areas I wanted blocked. The highlighted color was yellow, and I didn't realize that was the "element". So I repositioned the cursor until the sidebar was highlighted, then clicked. The first time I did it, I only highlighted one photo. Then I realized I can highlight the entire column, and that's when I got rid of the rest of them.
  3. Thank you! I came here to see if there was some way to block the photos. As other people said (I'm just reiterating for the cause) I don't want to see other people's photos, and I think it was slowing down my computer. I think I set up Ad Blocker correctly. I couldn't figure out how to choose the element, but then I realized I just had to hover over it. It turned yellow. I clicked, and they disappeared.
  4. SnowshoeCat

    Just curious, nothing else

    When is your flight? In addition to what everyone else said (except the winds - that's more predictable for trans-Atlantic flights), the airlines sometimes add more time to winter flights in case of de-icing. If it's not winter, it's most likely the extra taxi time at the NY airports. So, lots of reasons!
  5. SnowshoeCat

    Lufthansa - no seat assignment until 23 hrs before flight

    I just had this happen last week. I booked through United. The outbound flight was on United, the return on Lufthansa. I booked my (free) seat on the United site, then went to Lufthansa to buy my seat. They wouldn't let me. I telephoned, and was told, "it's a codeshare". Yes, I understand that, and was prepared to pay for my seat assignment, but there was no way to do it. It wasn't as if I booked through a discount site. It was within 24 hours of purchase, so I cancelled and booked r/t on United with a slightly awkward connection, but it's actually working to my advantage. And I prefer the aircraft type, anyway.
  6. SnowshoeCat


    I was hiking in the Lake District a couple of months ago and stayed in the Coniston area. A local museum had an exhibit on the Bluebird, including some rather smashed up parts (to demonstrate the force of the impact). According to the display, they felt they needed to raise the wreckage because as deep water diving and technology was becoming more and more accessible to the general public, they were afraid of the site being ransacked and otherwise disturbed. It seems to make sense, although I'm not sure I agree with restoring it to put back in the water. Thanks for the article. I appreciate the follow-up to my visit.
  7. SnowshoeCat

    Yankee Trails- the good and the bad?

    Yes, everybody is on the same cruise. When you go to their website, you select the ship and sailing you'll be on. I thought it would be fun to meet some fellow cruisers during the ride and then be able to say hi on the ship, but most people just slept. I think they showed a movie, as well.
  8. SnowshoeCat

    Yankee Trails- the good and the bad?

    I only used them once a few years ago. It was convenient, they make a stop or two along the Thruway for food and restrooms. On the return, they wait for everybody. You probably won't leave the port before 10:30 or 11:00 because you are getting on the bus that just dropped off the new week's departing passengers. I'm not sure if they monitor the ship's arrival time.
  9. Thanks for the info. I did look at Air Transat. The price was good but the schedule is tight. I'm going to be a couple of hours outside of Paris and would have to leave early to get to CDG. I may not be able to take an extra day to make it work.
  10. Yes. Easy drive to YUL. I've heard that about the clamshell seats. How are the clamshells for just sitting up and reading? What I'm really thinking of doing is flying coach over on the overnight flight, and PE on the way back when I'll be awake. Oh, and if this thread disappears, it's because I asked to delete it last night. Now I hope it stays, so hopefully the moderators didn't get my message yet.
  11. The title pretty much tells it. I've narrowed down my options for traveling to Paris to either Air Canada or Air France, both using Premium Economy. The price is almost the same, although Air Canada may be slightly less and Air France has a slightly better schedule (as long as they're not on strike). Both are non-stops, no connections. Thank you for any thoughts.
  12. SnowshoeCat

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Thank you for the updates. I'm leaving next week for the Rhine and although it's a little warmer there than here, I'd love for it to go up a few more degrees. Can you work on that? ;) In any case, I'm looking forward to my first river cruise!
  13. The ride is about 2 1/2 hours, and departs almost hourly in the morning. Last I heard, Amtrak will be resuming its track work this spring, and some trains *might* be using Grand Central. I don't know for sure. I just wanted to put that warning out there. Oh, and if you haven't taken this route before, most people try to get seats on the left side (heading north) for the river views. Makes me proud of my state. Enjoy the ride!
  14. SnowshoeCat

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I'm looking forward to your posts as I'm doing my first river cruise this year, on the Rhine, in March. So there is a chance of green leaves? ;) It's possible that there will still be snow where I live. Thank you for your reports!
  15. SnowshoeCat

    Cabin-mate lost her birth certificate, any hope of boarding?

    Nope, spot on, actually. I said it was $30 extra. The regular renewal was $64.50, then $30 for the enhanced. $94.50 total.