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  1. Off the Magic last week. Not sure what happened, but debarkation took forever. Must have been some customs issue. We were in no rush so got off basically last.....at 11:15. Keep in mind, we got ON at about 11:15 during embarkation....
  2. Its priority self-carry off, and if you have them take your luggage its zone 2
  3. Agree, we have been very happy with it.
  4. ya they had truley last week, pounders in a few areas
  5. Does it show as Port Everglades?
  6. Not sure if you are hoping to be on dockside, or opposite, but its certainly nice either way!
  7. I would call again and ask for a manager. We have had 'nonrefundable' deposits transferred to new sailings in the past. BUT, fyi, its certainly not a guarantee and they have every right to NOT do that for you. But, if you are booking a new sailing and run it up the chain they very well may help you out. Good luck.
  8. Nachi, for sure. Always had a great time there. Dont drink too much and miss the boat!
  9. I totally agree. I feel like we have similar philosophies on travel. I cant stand people who 'only like one line/ship class' but havent branched out to see what else is out there...
  10. Same. Too small, old, and typically dont like the itins.
  11. Ya, that upcharge sounds about in line with what I have seen.
  12. It is more expensive. Obviously the cost depends on the cruise but I would expect at least $200pp or so more. They book VERY quickly. Keep in mind you have alot of folks out there that have TA and or PVPs that know they have clients that will jump on an aft wrap, so many times these sell out in the first few days they are available to book. We have done the wrap, and its great. Just make sure its the corner wrap. Just the REAR FACING balconies we do not like. Less privacy, dont like the layout, and frankly dont like looking backwards.
  13. I have never had anything but liters. Again, your value will swing alot based on what you drink. We just ordered a Liter of Woodwords for our room in a few weeks. It was $100. Typically a liter in the store where we live is probably high 40's or $50. So all in all, a 2x mark up isnt that bad, and saves us a ton on the bar bill. A bottle of Malibu on the other hand, is marked up many times more. See what works best for you!
  14. Considering this is the cast the majority of the time these incidents occur, I am not sure why people feel the need to post a thread about it everytime it happens....
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