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  1. I'm so glad you seem to be on the mend. I am big proponent of trip insurance. I buy "any reason to cancel" insurance directly after booking our cruises. It covers any pre-exisiting conditions and look back periods. No Drs. notes etc if we find we have to cancel. No muss no fuss. I did get a call this afternoon from my friend who did manage to buy insurance to cover her trip. I was worried I had upset her, but she was grateful. Be well....
  2. Exactly, I always packs meds for a few extra days, but to think of even packing for an extra week is no usually feasible.
  3. I wish you a speedy recovery and I am so glad you had to good sense to travel with trip insurance. I had a conversation with my friend this morning who is cruising (soon.) They did not buy trip insurance. When I asked her why, she said they did not much for the cruise, so it wasn't worth it. I asked about medical / evacuation and almost fainted when she said, well Medicare will pay. I said nope and she said I have a supplement. I told her to check with her supplemental insurance and her credit card and then call insuremytrip. I know her husband takes care of everything financial and I upset her. I felt badly for that. But I would feel worse if something happened and they had not been forewarned.
  4. We are not cruising until the end of May and taking a short (five day) cruise from Cape Liberty to Bermuda and I'm starting to get (a little worried.) I am immunocompromised, but that is not the biggest concern (believe it or not.) If somehow the ship were to get quarantined, for 14 days, we are sunk. I know our dog sitter has back to back bookings and we have our own business to attend to. That is why we take shorter cruises. Not to mention I wonder what happened to your medical needs after the time your trip insurance runs out, if you to get sick, out of the US. I know my regular insurance does not cover us our of the USA. We take "any reason to cancel" trip insurance. We'll decide as time gets closer to see how the virus progresses and how it is handled.
  5. I'm happy it went down but still disappointed. I'm thinking this almost a quarter of what the cost of cruise is (with the 18% gratuity) and that is with only one booze package.
  6. Major disappointment here in their "sale." Our Deluxe Bev Pkg has been $59 for awhile. The cyber Monday sale price is $51. I do have to admit the regular bev pkg went down to $19, which is a fair amount less than when I looked the other day (I can't drink alcohol, so I have to take this package or hubby can't have the alcohol pkg himself.) I'll keep looking and hope for a surprise sale... who knows.
  7. We took the Key Program for our May 2020 sailing (at hubby's insistence.) I do take the internet to keep our online business going while on vacation. The price was $31.99. We get no alerts for sales from Royal (unlike Celerity ) so I diligently checked my planner just about every day for a price reduction. Well it paid off... the other day it showed up as $24.99. A call to Royal cancelled the Key and rebooked at $24.99. $70 saving.. Yah for me.
  8. Once I knew what they were I didn't bother trying them. I made the mistake of trying kidneys and some other organ the Brits eat. I was assured since I liked liver I'd like it.. Ahh... NO NO and NO (thank you.)
  9. Sounds like a plan, except that he will be looking for somewhere (anywhere) else other than the the buffet for breakfast. He hates (I mean hates) to queue to for food. I've seen him not eat rather than line up. On Celebrity we do Aqua, so breakfast and dinner are in Blu. When all else fails, I'll get him his food.
  10. Interesting topic. This will be our first Royal cruise. English born hubby always cobbles together a full English Breakfast (not sure about the fried bread) when we sail on Celebrity. I'm sure he is hoping for the same on the Adventure, when we sail, next May. He eats relatively healthy the rest of the year, so this is his big treat.
  11. It worked for us in May, in Bayonne. We were surprised and delighted. My question is what if you had something to declare ? We didn't, so it wasn't an issue.
  12. Yes Fogfog, funny you should mention that. I did report it and I got a shoulder shrug and the response "she didn't do it on purpose." I LOVE the Summit. However, I find their customer service folks seriously lacking (as opposed to the rest of the staff.) I pick my battles on vacation. I was not a happy camper. I muddled through. It was a lesson learned. Unfortunately, the Summit has eliminated our seven day cruises to Bermuda, so who knows when we'll be enjoying their company again.
  13. On our last cruise (on the Summit) the person assigned to help with new app said she could me with my internet connection issues. There was nobody available at what is left for a computer area. She proceeded to wipe out all my saved logins. I am always a girl scouts who is prepared for anything... except this trip where I neglected to bring my little password book. A full blown nightmare ensued. It took a day and half and all kinds of crazy stuff to get just my basic business stuff I needed. I take partial responsibility. But WTH was she doing that she wiped out all my saved logins/passwords. I know I digressed... sorry. But on that note. The closes can be replaced (mostly) but not so sure about all the stuff on the computer.
  14. OMG... My clothes and stuff no problem but the computer for the same reason... I'd have a stoke. I bring it to keep our business going, while we cruise. OY.
  15. Just an FYI.. Amazon is a great place to get one but make sure it's light enough to easily transport and it's folds/collapses, in some way. This comes from experience. My granddaughter has had numerous ankle surgeries, including an ankle transplant, so this comes from (recent) experience, she needed a new one to get in an out of the car to take to school. Good luck.
  16. Hi Lisa, We are Celebrity lovers. After five cruises on the Summit to Bermuda we found that the seven day cruises during non-school times (May and late August/Early September) had been eliminated for (at least) 2020, to our disappointment. We can only cruise for seven day and at this state of our lives prefer to cruise without a quarter of the ship full of kiddos. I know our friends have contacted Celebrity about their displeasure about this and I took an informal poll on Celebrity Summit Facebook group and there are quite a few folks who feel the same way. I hope there is some consideration going forward about going back to a seven day cruise in May or around Labor Day. We love Celebrity and want to continue sailing on her going forward. Thank you for listening. Bette (and Richard) Green
  17. This was our door decoration for our cruise, this past May on the Summit. We will have one similar for our Royal cruise next year. It was attached with magnets. It's hard to tell, but it's glittery .
  18. Exactly.. on both counts.. they are called different things on different Caribbean islands. I believe on Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas they are called Podcakes . If you have ever spend time in a beach in SXM in the past you most likely have run into one or two (more more 🙂.)
  19. WOW What a beautiful boy. Our first Kom once hopped up on the kitchen table when my (then young teen) daughter was having a small party and was caught munching on a bowl of potato chops. It was quite comical. The photo of the two dogs together are my two first babies (pre digital ) Bikki and Abrand (Abbi) the rest of our sweet girl (Princess) Charlotte.
  20. We watched a YouTube video about getting you cruise paid for by taking out credit cards with bonus points. It made my head explode. I according to credit Karma I have two. I use one. I carry no balance. I had a job where I had the sad task of reading people's credit reports of part of the process.. OMG.
  21. Very cool... Over an about a 35 year period I had three beautiful Kom girls. I got talked into a little showing here and there. We got points and ribbons but always managed to wiggle out of it before finishing. It was a time (and $$$) suck to me. Our last wonderful beautiful girl passed away suddenly four years ago and left us desperately heartbroken. We have two rescue Coconut Retrievers from St Martin, FWI. I expect one more Komondor is in our future. They are THE BEST 😍.
  22. Thanks... not sure I want to deal with another card, but I'll consider it. But on another more important note is that a Komondor in your profile pic ?
  23. I have the same issue. I can't drink (medical/medication.) I called Royal. They told me the non alcohol imbibing adult in the cabin MUST purchase the beverage package.
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