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  1. You can bring back sealed food products but not fresh food or or agricultural products. I haven’t brought back cheese so don’t know about that, but chocolate and wine we’ve brought back. Some places will offer to ship the products to your house for you, too.
  2. The main difference with cruising Europe is that the itineraries are the focus, they’re long and intense port days for sightseeing, and the ship really doesn’t matter much as a result. It’s a great time to try a new cruise line. I’ve been on all of the main cruise lines except NCL, and I was letdown by Celebrity on our Europe cruise; I was expecting far better food based on reputation of the line. That said, it took us to great ports, so it wasn’t a huge deal. Europe cruises are not party cruises, though there’s still all the typical, fun entertainment. People go to bed earlier because they’re exhausted after touring all day. If you’re in the Med, you may spend time at the pool, but if you’re doing Northern Europe, you probably won’t. Europe is gorgeous, and I’d cruise it every summer if I could! My ideal is Caribbean in the winter and Europe in the summer. Happy planning!
  3. First, I’d shed a lot of tears over the loss of my favorite activity in the whole world! Then, I’d start planning land vacations in Europe to the places my hubby wants to go that aren’t accessible via ship. During that time, I’d hope that cruising would resume to continue my dream vacations. If that doesn’t happen, I’d plan land vacations to the places I wanna go like Tahiti and in-depth travel of Europe.
  4. Starboard side will have more land views going that direction.
  5. I’m sorry I can’t help, but I’d sure love to read your blogs!
  6. I think the cruise lines realized that a buffet is a cruise mainstay and can’t be successfully pulled. As someone else said, they’ll probably have to adjust how it’s operated for a while, but I think they’ll keep the concept.
  7. The above answer is correct; it’ll fall off once they process your refund or the sail date, whichever is first.
  8. I’m right there with you; we disembarked our Christmas and New Year’s cruise the day you embarked, and our next one (after 2 summer cruises being canceled) is in December (if it happens). It’s wise you canceled the extras to be safe. We have our airfare booked through the cruise line at no current cost to us, and our hotel is refundable, so we’re hanging on as long as we can.
  9. Though the abundance of time is ideal, I can’t imagine any cruise line being able to afford to do upgrades during this time. I’d personally rather them not waste any money on upgrades right now because it helps ensure they’ll have the money to stay afloat, so we can cruise again.
  10. I can’t imagine they’d put them back in service when they in essence got rid of them years ago. The article written saying it’s good news for the crew had me 🤨; I doubt their services are going to be needed.
  11. Helpful thread! I don’t wanna have to veer away from cruises for a while, but it’s nice to know there are still some fun options. I’ve found Sandals to be a lot more expensive than cruises, but DH has wanted to try an AI. We’ve walked by the one in Antigua; it looks cool.
  12. That’s a good question. Maybe if they were oversold for the lower capacity, they’d offer volunteers to switch to another date. Maybe they’ll have every other stateroom in use, with half one cruise and the other half the next cruise to allow for extra cleaning. They’ve gotta be thinking about this because it’s a likely reality just like restaurants are experiencing. It’ll be interesting to hear what each cruise line decides to do.
  13. Lol True, although thankfully my 1st graders don’t even know what spit wads are! ☺️
  14. My husband created a little stateroom experience in our bedroom with a TV and anchor lap mats for “room service”. It’s been fun pretending to be on vacation watching movies and having takeout in there. After hearing about so many people traveling on one of the other cruise line threads and hearing so many friends talk about their travels despite the pandemic, I tried to get up the courage to get on a plane to visit my parents, but I don’t think I can get myself to do it.
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