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  1. I’m very sorry your vacation was ruined and that you have had this medical emergency. Travel insurance should be procured for every vacation because it protects you in cases likes yours. Cruise lines are very clear about their non- refundable policies, and travel insurance is what saves the day in an emergency. You don’t have to buy it through the cruise line; you can buy it through the insurance company directly. Next time, I recommend booking through a travel agent who can recommend good insurance and tell you all the ins and outs of cruising.
  2. Wow, that ship and the poor booked pax this year have really had a rotten time! (Excepting the lucky ones between the issues) I can’t believe the FCC is only valid for single use. When you are booked on one of the most expensive Cruises offered, that’s not fair to expect it to be used on something that will likely cost a lot less unless you book a full suite like one person mentioned. I’d be furious if I shelled out $11,000 for a once in a lifetime Galapagos cruise experience and ended up having to use the $11,000 for a Caribbean cruise, for instance, that I could do anytime for way less! Some will be able to use it for a special longer cruise somewhere exotic but not everyone. I hope all those affected can find something worthwhile for them! Good luck!
  3. Wow, crazy weather! Glad everyone was safe, and I enjoyed all the cool videos and pics.
  4. So happy you were made right! It’s always good to share Insurance success stories because it could save someone else from financial heartache in the future. Insurance = Peace of Mind
  5. I assume port days don’t offer as many activities on Christmas, but you will still get a full Christmas feast, carols sung in the Piazza, Santa hands out presents to the kids, And decorations around the ship. For the people who have a sea day, there’s a Christmas carnival in the Piazza with fun activities for the whole family and pictures with Santa, cookie decorating, and a gingerbread house decorating contest. I absolutely adore Christmas at sea! Have fun everyone! We will be aboard the Pacific, where the Christmas spirit will be alive and well but at a much smaller scale than on the biggies.
  6. I agree! If I remember correctly, he served Princess for at least 35 years!
  7. No, they’re not truly free. The way to see that is to go through a mock booking on their website. When you get to the page where it allows you to choose the “free” offers, note the total price in the bottom right part of the page. Then click “take all offers”, and you’ll see the price skyrocket. Now it still may be a good value for some who drink a lot and plan on going to specialty dinners, but it may be a very poor value for others whose drink spending is far less than the cost of the gratuities on the drinks package.
  8. The toddler died, and that’s what the family should be focused on, not suing the cruise line for having a window open on the main pool deck. The same stupid claim could be used about the top deck railings. If they just enclosed the entire ship in a bubble, no one would go overboard. People have to take responsibility for their own actions.
  9. I would get them from your bank in advance. I don’t remember seeing any banks or ATMs in the Martinique port area. There are some tents with souvenirs being sold inside but no big terminal.
  10. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that they’re in the process of assigning you an ocean view stateroom on Deck 2 in Muster Station D21, but the process isn’t done, so it doesn’t fully show on your reservation. I hope you end up with an oceanview!
  11. I wonder how many people on your Carnival cruise caught the stomach bug from the laundry. On ships, you’re supposed to have that kind of laundry done separately at a high heat to disinfect. Royal would want to know, so they can quarantine your child and implement special cleaning procedures for your stateroom and laundry. That being said, I just hope your family stays healthy onboard!!
  12. Wow, that’s messed up! Good job for pushing back, though! Their compromise of a balcony guarantee was good, and now you came out ahead. 👍
  13. At least you can go!! Many would have to eat the loss due to work. Have an awesome bonus cruise!
  14. That’s a fairly big downgrade. Glacier Bay is a special highlight on AK cruises. It’s screwy for Royal to promote it and then pull it. Princess and Holland America really do AK best, so some of you may want to consider changing your cruise even if you normally are loyal to Royal. The Royal Princess would be the closest ship to Royal Caribbean ships in terms of onboard activities and amenities.
  15. I’m so sorry about your dad! 😔 You were so wise to purchase travel insurance; it’s awful that you still can’t get your money back! Have you called the insurance company? Depending on when you bought the policy and whether your dad was being given stable treatment at the time, they may pay.
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