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  1. We went to Guadaloupe on the Pacific over Christmas and did love it! DH wants to go back for a land vacation. He humored me and let us do the Death in Paradise tour because it’s one of my favorite shows. It was everything I’d dream of it being!! It was made even more fun by it being a group of Cruise Critic members! We had drinks at Catherine’s Bar, toured the police station with all the props in tact, and strolled the beach of Humphrey’s beach shack! If you ever go back, you’ve gotta do the tour. 😀
  2. Port side for Southbound. You’ll have equal glacier viewing on either side, but you’ll have the most land views sailing on the Port side.
  3. I’ve cruised semi-solo twice, where I spent the majority of my time alone. I’d eat all 3 meals in the buffet/grill. I’d participate in the onboard games, lounge by the pool, play slots, and watch the evening show. Basically, I’d do most of the same things I do on sea days when I cruise with my DH, but I’d spend more time enjoying the sea on the balcony or up on deck. I took Princess shore excursions in ports I wasn’t familiar with or didn’t feel safe doing independently, and I explored on my own in the safe, familiar ports. Cruising with my hubby is my favorite, but I wouldn’t hesitate to cruise solo! It’s very relaxing having 100% freedom to choose how you spend your time.
  4. Definitely Norwegian based on itinerary! That’s an outstanding itinerary for your one and only Med experience. 👌
  5. That’s a very expensive lesson to learn; I’m sorry. I go by the “expires within 6 months” passport rule to play it safe, since many places require that. If you booked through a Travel Agent locally, he/she should have noticed your expiration and said something. If you booked through an online agency, who knows if anyone checks those kinds of things. I still prefer working one on one with a Travel Agent to ask questions and know I’m getting the best info. and in a timely manner. I’m happy for you you at least got travel credit for the airfare and hotel. Hope you can do a Baltic cruise soon; it was very interesting!
  6. Thank you so much; I really enjoyed all the pics! Overall, I’m very impressed. My favorite changes are the wakeview pool with the loungers, al fresco dining for Alfredos, and the new layout of Princess Live. There is some furniture, though, that reminds me far too much of the modern and very unfunctional Celebrity Edge. I hope Princess stays true to its elegant, comfy seating and doesn’t copycat other cruise lines.
  7. Thank you for sharing your Norwegian adventure with us, and I liked being able to see your Business Class experience once the photo hosting issue was solved. Funny thing about you mentioning the pastries being free with a coffee purchase. Though I know they’re free regardless, I was really made to feel like a second class citizen for asking for a cookie without buying coffee. It was so foreign to me after the warm service I always get on Princess at the International Cafe! Can’t wait for your Sky review! I had friends just come off of her today, and they had a blast!
  8. I’m sure no one thinks he hurt the child intentionally, but he does need to admit the truth that he knew the window was open and that he made a poor decision to hold her out the window. Blaming the cruise line for his poor decision is so messed up. Royal Caribbean has really risen above the fray in handling this case, and I hope they are vindicated in court with this newly released evidence.
  9. I had to reset my password for my account to finally work again.
  10. Lol You’re gonna have an awesome cruise! Princess really does do Alaska best; you made the right call. The Royal and her sister ships are my favorite class of ship for their food options and decor. I sailed the Royal to Alaska last summer and had an absolute blast! That was my 7th Alaska Cruise, having sailed on multiple sizes and classes of ships, and it was nothing short of any of my other experiences. In fact, I absolutely loved watching Margerie Glacier from a bar stool on the aft deck behind Horizon Court. I could see above the crowd and enjoy lunch at the same time! The Royal does have a soot issue ok aft balconies, but I’ve heard the room stewards clean it up whenever it happens. Enjoy your planning; you’re gonna have a great cruise, I’m sure!
  11. The $200 off really is a straight $200 off, but beware that this is in conjunction with the BEST SALE EVER, so if you booked under a different sale or rate, you’ll have to have your whole cruise re-fared to this sale. That could work to save you money, or it may not. Price it out before deciding. If you already booked under the BEST SALE EVER, and the airfare is a good price, then you’ll enjoy a wonderful $200 off. Hope it helps you! It helped us last year!
  12. My favorite class of ship is the Royal/Regal, and my favorite cruise line is Princess. My DH and I sailed on the Summit’s sister ship, the Constellation, due to it offering an itin we couldn’t get on Princess. The ship itself, though older, was lovely. The free Thalassotherapy pool was nice. I like the comfy bench style theater seating. The shower was bigger than on Princess. The stir fry and ice cream were yummy. I enjoyed getting jelly beans to take back to the stateroom each evening. I liked the EDM music around the ship. Some of the crew was consistent with Princess. That’s where the good ends. We were driven insane by the constant drink package sales pitches the first day; one bartender literally chased us across the deck after we already declined! Many of the crew did not aim to please as much as on Princess. The muster drill was a joke. The shops are expensive. The shows were decent but not wow. Then the biggy; the food was quite mediocre! I was shocked at how unappetizing most of it was. I still read so many positive reviews about their food, but it seems like most of those people sail in suites or Aqua, and their food is different. The mainstream, free food made it so it was the first cruise we weren’t that sad about disembarking. I’d sail on Celebrity again if I needed to due to a special itinerary, but it’s not a cruise line that’s very appealing to me.
  13. I read the article and watched the video of the 2 bugs crawling across the bedding. It did really seem like the couples is seeking publicity, since the terms actor and actress and their movie keep being mentioned. The video was for sure taken in a Princess stateroom because I can see the classic headboard. How can you know if they’re sand fleas or bedbugs? I just find it really hard to believe that Princess wouldn’t have immediately taken action if it was truly bedbugs. They don’t want the bad press! And yes, this was all the way back in November of 2018! Did they really wait a year to file the lawsuit??
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