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  1. Thank you for sharing that because I didn’t get an email but did discover an offer in my account! It’s not as awesome as those many on here are receiving, but I sure appreciate it!
  2. Boy, that’s a good question. We were port side and had great views, but I don’t know what we missed on the other side. It also depends which way the ship docks. From what I remember for ours, we mainly faced the water on “port” side. Happy planning; it was such a wonderful cruise!
  3. Maybe the port in Rome is offering more to cruise lines to accommodate the enhanced protocols. Maybe they’re thinking Barcelona won’t be open for cruise ships. I don’t know, but it’s a big change, and I feel bad for all who will miss out on ports they were looking forward to that have now been canceled! At this point, I just hope the European and Alaska seasons happen next summer!
  4. 😢 I feel your pain! Let’s hope for 2021 Christmas being back on track for those of us who love celebrating Christmas and New Years aboard!
  5. The Rome airport is very busy and about 45-60 minutes from the port. I’d personally feel better about a 1:00, but if they all leave around noon, find the latest one. We’ve been caught in stopped traffic on that highway, and we had our tour bus broken down on the side of that highway, so those experiences would cause us to be extra careful. If also recommend arranging a private, early transport with a reputable company to hedge your bets.
  6. I can’t wait to cruise again and love it every bit as much as ever! I’m actually surprised that so many have lost interest. Maybe when cruising successfully resumes, everyone will flock back. The only thing that would reduce my ability to cruise would be if cruise lines require all shore excursions to be booked through them. My husband cruises for the experiences in new places around the world much more than he does for the cruise experience. If he can’t achieve his specific goals for a port, he won’t want to cruise as often. We enjoy cruise line excursions; they just don’t always offer what we are seeking, so we need the freedom to choose.
  7. Thank you for sharing; that’ll be interesting to read.
  8. I live in AK and have done the AK cruise multiple times. I recommend anytime between the end of May and the end of August. Earlier and later than that range can result in some rougher weather, especially September. We have a lot of wind and rain storms in mid-September. During the summer, the weather is very unpredictable, but you can know it’ll be somewhere between 45 and 75, raining to sunny, and just plan with lots of layers. The most common temp range would be 50s to 60s. Happy planning!
  9. The “freebies” were already overpriced when there wasn’t a cap. Now with the cap, there’s even less incentive to book with them. For instance with the open bar, they’ll probably just raise drink prices, so people can’t order as many. I say that, but then I remember I can’t even fathom coming close to $1,400 of drinks, but then again, maybe others could.
  10. I’m wondering this, too; they seem to be becoming more and more proactive, which is much appreciated! Hopefully there will be an update very soon!
  11. It’s so encouraging that they’ve made it almost to the end apparently successfully thus far! 🤞
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong with this line of thinking...It seems to me she had to have contracted it either the day she arrived on the flight to Europe or once onboard in order to test negative twice and then test positive after 2 whole weeks onboard. To me, that would make me nervous someone had Covid at some point and gave it to her on the chartered flight or once onboard. I mean, if within the 2 week window to develop symptoms, she was either alone or with other crew members only, surely someone else had to have had it, right?
  13. I wish we could hear a firsthand account from this cruise!
  14. I had a nice laugh reminiscing about the almost non-functioning Pacific Internet! 🤣 So no, unfortunately, there’s no Medallion onboard, but the ship is unique and special and takes you to more exotic locales. Have a great cruise!
  15. At the very least, it’s a glimmer of hope! At most, it’s a significant step in the right direction! Regardless, thank you for sharing your info, OP!
  16. That sucks! I hope you can still enjoy a fabulous cruise next year!
  17. Princess does a Transpacific occasionally. Keep your eyes peeled. The spring and fall are the most common times to find them, but once every few years, there’s a summer sailing.
  18. Pricing is higher. 😏 Yes, there’s an Alaska ferry, but I think the price is negligible different and far less luxurious.
  19. The foundation is that cruising is my favorite activity. Beyond that, we want to explore the world, one itinerary at a time.
  20. I think Princess is high, too. I think now that so many pax have credits for next year, pax have so much pent up demand, and capacity may be capped, all the cruise lines feel they can charge higher rates. 😏
  21. I agree with the OP that this cruise was a success, and it gave me a lot of encouragement. Yes, those who said pax from that cruise could still test positive at home are correct, and shall see, but even if that were to happen, the fact that the ship sailed a whole week without a case is fantastic!
  22. Princess EZ-Air provides peace of mind because of its flex fares, enabling you to pay at final payment and make changes up until 45 days before departure and because they’re responsible for getting you to the ship if something goes awry. The fares are usually better than booking on your own, too. Booking on your own takes away a middle man, so it can be easier to change flights if there’s a flight problem. You can call the airline directly, whereas you have to go through EZ-Air and have them call the airline if you book through them.
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