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  1. If you don’t consider a passport a necessity to leave the country, you probably don’t consider getting travel insurance either. I know that’s an assumption, but just saying. I do hope this serves as an example to people who wanna role the dice on not paying for a passport. Buy one less drink a day on your cruise, and your passport is paid for for the next 10 years!
  2. Yes. One lady did a live feed from her hospital room. Another lady has been interviewed by the news and she was seen through her hospital room window. A man has been contacting his wife and on social media since arriving at the hospital.
  3. I’ve wondered about that, too. I noticed the evac flights from Wuhan flew at the same altitude.
  4. I think any decision at this point is a gamble, and you just have to try to make the best decision for you and your family.
  5. Wow! I agree, especially since some allowed onto the plane had spouses in the hospital with the virus!!
  6. Social media about the bathrooms I’m using FlightRadar24 for flight tracking.
  7. A passenger onboard one of the planes reported that there are 4 bathrooms onboard whichever plane he is on. 2 of them are already full, and 1 is broken! If he’s on the flight to TX, they just took off after a 5 hour delay, and it’s showing a 12 hour flight path. If he’s on the flight to CA, they haven’t even departed yet. I sure hope they fix(ed) the bathrooms before taking off!
  8. My DH and I had a big talk about our upcoming cruise, for which final payment is due soon. We have decided to continue with it. You couldn’t pay me to go to Asia right now, though! I wouldn’t even want to be on a ship that recently sailed to Asia. We will be closely monitoring everything, though, and we will be bringing N95 masks to wear on the 10 hour flight if there is concern.
  9. The Constellation did this during our huge noro outbreak a few years ago. They even did it during the day. When ships are sailing from foreign ports, they don’t have to be inspected by the CDC and expose the outbreak to the public. You should see evidence onboard, though, like crew serving you in the buffet, disinfecting of the tables between people, etc. Stay well!
  10. If I understood correctly, they’re not testing everyone before they board the evac planes. They’re simply screening for symptoms, which is next to nothing IMO. Anyone can lie, and the other thread of a Canadian couple saying they hadn’t reported their fever for a few days is a prime example. The poor crew was put at risk serving them each day they were sick. Even a temperature check wouldn’t cover the asymptomatic positives.
  11. It’s reprehensible for passengers or crew to withhold that kind of info. in this current state of affairs. How many passengers and crew members have now been infected from that one couple? You know there must be other pax doing the same thing, too. They really need to test everyone onboard.
  12. Oh my goodness; this is not good! Though it’d good they took the temp of all onboard, we know that some infected people are asymptomatic. Letting them off the ship without gloves or masks, touching the government officials in Cambodia, and then flying in large groups through other countries has now possibly spread the virus exponentially. I’m hoping not, but it is certainly a risk now.
  13. I agree with what some people onboard and some on here are saying...going from isolation on the ship to sitting close to potentially infected people on a bus and then a plane does not sound wise! I’d only wanna do that if all were tested before leaving the ship. I still think that would have been the most prudent course of action, to test everyone a week ago. This little groupings at a time system has not been effective IMO. There are still spouses onboard who haven’t been tested after having their loves test positive and sent off to hospitals. I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting next to someone whose wife or husband was in the hospital infected. They were holed up together for days before one of them was taken to the hospital. I hope that the U.S. and Japan take some time to carefully plot the next few days out, so no foolish decisions are made.
  14. I also thought it unwise to exchange food/drinks with neighbors because you don’t know who could be infected! I remember in a video days ago, a person above David handed him a banana. You couldn’t pay me to accept food or drinks from another passenger onboard right now. I wish they’d make an announcement to warn against doing that.
  15. I’d stay onboard vs going to a shore side quarantine place. At least onboard, it’s comfy, has great food, contact with family and friends, and entertainment. I don’t know which location would be lower risk, though.
  16. How sweet of Jan to send the whiskey! I am so enjoying David Abel’s Updates.
  17. So relieved to know it’s not Coronavirus! Have a great cruise, those of you still going!
  18. I’m so glad to hear that Anthem didn’t sail yesterday and that Royal is waiting to hear back from the CDC before it makes official plans. My concern now is for the thousands who disembarked yesterday and may have been exposed and could now be spreading it as they fly home and go about their daily lives back home.
  19. Ugh, Princess can’t catch a break right now. Good luck staying healthy, and I hope the numbers decrease!
  20. We are proceeding with our TA, but it is a tough call. There are still many Chinese traveling around the world who could spread it further afield. At the same time, I feel like I have an equal to greater chance of getting it at home because of the high population of tourists here each summer. Good luck making your decision!
  21. Thank you for the update. I’m glad he’s admitting guilt finally. His poor children!!
  22. My favorite Christmas cruise was aboard the Emerald. 😍 That really sucks your room flooded, though! I don’t know that it necessarily has to do with age, though, because we were on the Pacific for Christmas, which is much much older than the Emerald and had 0 shipboard issues. Oh wait, the aft buffet door was occasionally out of service. Anyway, hope you can continue to enjoy your family tradition of spending Christmas at sea!
  23. After learning of this man being on the Diamond, I sure wouldn’t risk being on that ship. It’s really scary! I’d call Princess and see if you can somehow get more info. as to whether they’re investigating onboard, disinfecting, etc. Has Princess even been notified that they had a positive pax onboard??
  24. People can for sure look down onto your balcony. I’m not sure about inside your room. Plus, there’s noise from the above Lido deck. Some people don’t care, though, because it’s a central location. Google pics to make an informed decision.
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