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  1. But you actually didn't. The Opera House website very very clearly states it's the Concert Hall being refurbed. It couldn't be any clearer. Theatre venues are always being refurbed. It's a normal fact of life in the Arts world. The Regent in Melb has been closed for months for full refurb and the State Theatre in Melb will be closed for most of next year. The refurb in one theatre and foyer of the Opera House won't stop you from viewing the building from the outside, or doing a tour inside, or seeing a performance in the other venues inside.
  2. I see your "dancing in Antarctica on a ship" and raise you a "Zumba Class on the stern of an Icebreaker in East Antarctica in minus 25 Celsius" 😂😂
  3. Bit hyperbolic. It's only the concert hall and it's own foyer that will be closed for refurb. Doesn't affect the rest of the performance spaces or venue in its entirety. https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/our-story/Renewal/concert-hall.html
  4. Lol yes I asked that and they said an equal combo of both. And that it was like being at an airshow - soooo much whining!
  5. Lol all of us on the Solo cruise forum love solo cruising (and I imagine like me they all enjoy solo travelling in general).
  6. My friends boarded in Sydney and are on for couple of weeks. I texted them when it was on the news last night and sent them the link to the ch7 tweet with the video. They laughed that the 'engines off' for a couple of hours was even newsworthy and thought the word 'stranded' was pure hyperbole. They are enjoying their cruise but said there is a bigger than normal demographic of whingers that they are doing their best to avoid !!
  7. Its all covered in detail on the IAATO website. There are downloadable PDFs for every single landing zone on the continent and all Sub-Antarctic islands that outline the history, topography, permissions and restrictions for that zone. On my 4 trips there were always plenty of photocopies in the ship library for people to refer to or take as a souvenir. Some of it is briefer detail is also on the IAATO phone app https://iaato.org/documents/10157/1904961/IAATO+Polar+Guide+Antarctica+app+.pdf/0127be9b-52f8-436e-9718-7f2b855f0f7b
  8. Indeed. Age is just a number. My grandfather had a double knee reconstruction at 98 because it was interfering with his skydiving landings!!
  9. Not entirely correct. From IAATO WHAT ARE THE SIZES (PASSENGER CAPACITY) OF SHIPS TRAVELING TO ANTARCTICA? IAATO membership includes organizers who operate: Small sailing or motor vessels (carrying less than 12 passengers and making landings); Expedition vessels carrying 13 - 500 passengers and making landings. Expedition vessels can be either Category 1 (13-200 passengers) or Category 2 (201-500), with the main difference being the number of sites available for landing. Category 1 vessels have a broader range of possible landing sites. Cruise-only vessels carrying more than 500 passengers and which are not making landings. The Membership Directory lists the member companies, describes their programs and provides contact details. The '100 on land' rule is also dependent on the zone itself. I have personally been to many landing zones where there is a 10 person, or 50 person rule. The expedition operators use a good rotational system for those zones - particularly the historical huts. Having people out doing scenic zodiac cruises then swapping with landings.
  10. I am far more likely to get a tattoo on board my cruise than a spa treatment!
  11. The Resolute itself is 'under arrest' (Argentine term). Per a series of articles in Argentine newspapers the past few days. www.infobae.com/sociedad/2019/11/01/un-viaje-de-20-mil-dolares-y-cientos-de-turistas-varados-la-historia-del-crucero-que-iba-a-la-antartida-y-aun-no-partio-de-buenos-aires/?fbclid=IwAR2zZG3Qojmx7dQSLHP-K3XJStZBKbdvyTlkLAtfhxuDbOJDZsJnhxPLYvw
  12. No idea if links to facebook are allowed here but if anyone knows anyone affected by this a group has been set up for people to share information. The group is called Updates on One Ocean Expeditions. Over 400 members in just a few days. Not just passengers, but also travel agents, staff, suppliers etc
  13. I have had the impression for some years (mostly since reading these forums) that it's very much a US cultural thing/issue. Either for people to question a solo traveller's reasons/status, or for a solo traveller to feel singled out or segregated by others. As a 50 yr old Aussie woman who has been solo travelling since my mid teens - I have never encountered the questions nor the impressions. For Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, Euros - travel is just travel. And solo travel has been taking place pretty much since the invention of the ship and plane. It's far from new. Everyone of my mums generation headed off by ship to the UK and Europe for a year or two once they finished high school in the mid to late 60s. It was a teens rite of passage. They worked part time thru high school then went on their big trip when they hit 18. And even tho my mum is married - she still to this day backpacks solo around Asia for a month or two every year. And no one she encounters along the way finds that unusual. My friends with teens in that age group are now waving goodbye to them at airports as they head off for a solo round the world trip they have saved up for over high school part time jobs. We just don't view solo travel as weird or unusual. It's just normal. On many vessels I travel on solo travellers far out number the couples or families. So our border/passport patrol staff also do not see our status as abnormal. A solo traveller gets asked the exact same question anyone else does. (And having personally done that job for several years I can assure you - it's all random and it's about your body language not the questions or responses - we do many months of training in reading body language).
  14. Ive got half a book case of Antarctica based fiction and non fiction. Current fave that I just finished reading is a thriller set on a station. Very well researched and describing life on the station but also the overall feeling in the polar environment. While also being a great mystery. Out of the ice by Ann Turner. My go to before every polar trip has been South by Ernest Shackleton. I first read it around age 10 in the 70s and it was the reason I spent decades wanting to go to Antarctica. Reading what the men went through - the stepping in their footprints at many of my landings - makes me appreciate the technological advances - even just in the fabrics we wear there.
  15. Sheesh you certainly encountered a couple of rude ones. Personally I would have said out loud exactly what I thought of them - but hey - that's me !! I agree with others in that you should have immediately made the issues known to the maître d. They can't fix problems they are not made aware of.
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