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  1. Good stuff above from Sue. In addition to the suggestions for photos on your phone, I use the password manager 1Password and have all my credit card numbers and emergency numbers there.
  2. Does that mean you are constantly learning new items with gluten? And learning equals getting sick? Wow, that is tough.
  3. Only the best wishes for wonderful memories.
  4. @Kkkkatyo Glad you are getting the information you wanted. Just a note to help with some of the reactions to your question, I believe some of the regulars might be a bit on edge with the trolls. There seems to be a lot of strange posts going on at the moment at CC.
  5. Well growing up in Madison Wisconsin and the home of Oscar Meyer, I ate a ton of bologna. Most common was a sandwich, but we also fried it up often. If you really wanted to kick it up a notch, you would also fry up some Spam.
  6. Back to the original topic: Very first cruise, it was our honeymoon delayed by ten years. I was sitting on the bed taking everything in and noticed a camera velcrowed on top of the TV. I got up and turned it so it was facing the wall. We had a local hotel just get busted for doing this. You probably know where this is going. I complained to our room steward (Tony if your out there, I still love ya') that our TV did not work. Later on our way from our room to the MDR Tony out of the blue calls my name and loudly says, "Mr. Mike, we not spying or taking pictures of you. That is so you can control the TV." The three of us got a big laugh.
  7. Sadly few do. My wife just celebrated 24 years of doing daycare in our home, I help as much as I can because I also work out of the house. Parenting is a topic that we speak of often and rarely is it how good the parents are. Sadly it has been a few years since we have had parents with what we would call good parenting skills. I could go on, but I won't. It is rather depressing.
  8. LOL, I believe you! We actually went back a few years later and it was very tame. Not at all the same experience.
  9. About twenty years ago in February, I can't remember if it was our first or second cruise, we flew the same day from Minneapolis to FLL. We got stuck on the tarmac in Minneapolis. They de-iced the plane and then had to plow the runways again and in that delay, they had to de-ice the plane again. I don't remember how long, but I do remember our shuttle bus was not full in FLL, but everyone was stressed out about making the ship. We did make it, but as others have said it is quite a strange feeling at the terminal with it being so empty. After that incident we fly in a day early.
  10. On washing hands, our last cruise proved to me that it doesn't matter what cruise line you are on, some people just do not get it and/or care. We did many Carnival cruises because we were taking our kids and when I saw someone not wash, I just shook my head and thought it was a Carnival thing. Then my DW and I did several all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica and same thing. This past January on Celebrity it was just as bad. *General Sidebar* Why have automatic soap but one of those 50's era push button faucets? Or even better a towel roll that is hanging on the floor sopping wet from being reused over and over. *Oh boy hears another one. ADD is strong with this one* Speaking of 50's era. Years ago we took our kids to Disney and had lunch at the 50's Cafe. Very fun. The staff treats you like a long lost cousin and our waitress was very skilled with a quick wit and tongue. At one point I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back she was waiting for me at the table. "And where did you go without asking to be excused from the table?" She basically yelled for everyone else to hear. I told her the bathroom and she said, "Oh really! And what color was the soap???" I said, "white and green striped." She smiled, gave me a wink and walked off. Some day I'll share my wife's green bean story at the same place.
  11. Chances are my wife and I would not do a CO cruise, but we have been to resorts where they had sections that were CO. We spent eight days at Sandals Negril and women could go topless. Gasp! We knew the resort was this way and if we were uncomfortable we would have chosen a different resort. Had a great time by the way. I just don't get why some need to be upset (or strongly opinionated), not your thing? Move on, no need to be negative because you are uncomfortable. And of course, don't go on a trip where you will be uncomfortable.
  12. You just don't know. What was it two weeks ago they hit 90º for the first time I believe.
  13. We have cruised many times with four to a room and like you, we are all pretty laid back and play nice with each other. Per the bathroom, my son and daughter liked their showers first thing in the morning and my wife and I then showered before dinner. No problems at all.
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