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  1. I hope it all works out for you. I can't imagine what I would do to those two if it were me.
  2. Goodness that sounds horrible. I agree, I would ask my doctor and even if they gave me the green light, I would have serious reservations.
  3. You might want to lower your expectations a tad. Superior is a very strong word and many who have cruised multiple mass lines feel they are more similar than different. And quality can very wildly from cruise to cruise. I hope you have a wonderful trip, I just didn't want you to be disappointment.
  4. For me it goes in levels: Pre-fight hotel, some excitement. Flight to port city and getting all of our luggage. A toss between more excitement and relief. Pre-cruise hotel, a lot more excited. Getting on the ship, bliss.
  5. We just kind of go with the flow and do what we feel like. I remember years ago dragging my family up to the top deck to watch us pass under the bridge in Tampa. What a looooooonnng wait and the rest of the family didn't think it was worth it.
  6. Thank you very much and much kind. I wish I could claim ownership. And I truly wish I knew I who started it, brilliant, but it sure works.🙂
  7. Okay, I'm thinking I'm not getting this issue. I relate it to chairs around the pool that are occupied, not CHOGS. If someone has found a place that they enjoy and they are using it, I am not going to think bad of those who are enjoying themselves. Let alone talk to GS to have them moved. This past January my DW and I had a very nice afternoon in the buffet area. A little to eat, more to drink and a lot of cribbage. It would have been weird if we were asked to leave because someone else wanted the table. Granted it wasn't busy, but still. I see the problem with the ships layout and not the people using the areas that are accessible. In addition I fly out of Minneapolis and we have charging stations and iPad's scattered through out the airport, it would be great for those who use these charging stations if they would think of others and do less than a full charge, but most don't. Most folks don't notice inconveniences, until it inconveniences them. I guarantee you that if you can figure out how to change human nature, you have a high paying job waiting for you.
  8. You will have a great time. Go with the right attitude and go with the flow. Most people who are negative are missing the memory of the 'days of old'.
  9. I tire of the "it ain't what it used to be" and said people are not willing to spend the extra $ for what they want/miss.
  10. Congratulations! Could you share what cruise line and your other port stops?
  11. Thank you WRK, it was the word perk that through me off. My DW and I went back to Celebrity this past January after 18 years. Mostly Carnival, AI's and other land vacations. We were prepared for many changes, but WOW. Some don't like when I say this, per the MD we felt there wasn't much difference between Carnival and Celebrity. We could also see the change in staffing throughout the ship (Equinox). I don't think we ever saw any bar servers (not bartenders). I believe it is because of the drink packages. 😕 That said we still had a great time and are booked on the Reflection for this coming January.
  12. Okay color me stupid, but the title of this thread is "not only is Celebrity removing perks." What perk did Celebrity remove? If this is about them increasing the price on the drink package, that is not removing it. Please explain if I'm wrong. Per the I used to chaise my tail trying figure out these loyalty benefits and basically stopped. The T&C's are like shifting sands.
  13. We now stay on the boat, but in the past we enjoyed the walk to the Queens Staircase.
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