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  1. You didn't state bathroom privacy, but if that is an issue along with maybe getting dressed and such, I would suggest a balcony. Take turns enjoying the Mediterranean from your balcony while the other gets dressed and ready. If that doesn't work, maybe a land vacation.
  2. I toyed with the idea, but nope. Even if you make the TA the point person, YOU are still going to be looked at as the leader. As others have said, for me, traveling with coworkers is a no-no. If you are fine traveling with coworkers, pick the best cruise for you and then let them know.
  3. We were at the Passport bar while it was very busy We were seated at the bar, but there was another two rows of people behind us. I watched this gentleman wait patiently for his turn with a silly smirk on his face (the reason he caught my eye) and starts to give an order for his wife's drink. She (sitting at a table) decides he can't do it correctly, so she yells over everyone to the bar tender and screams her many specifics. When finished she yelled, "I want it, when I want it and how I want it." That's when I realized her husband was drunk, having to deal with her.
  4. I couldn't decide before our cruise if I should upgrade. I waited to see for myself what was available and it was fine. We did pay the difference a couple of times on more expensive drinks, but it only added up to under $30 total.
  5. Based on my last cruise I can assure you there is no drink limit. We had loads of fun with it, including the coffee.
  6. Trikes Cozumel, great memories with my daughter (22). We rented one trike and took turns driving.
  7. We are pretty chill when we travel. I respect the hell out of people that deal with jerks. We had a minor issue on our last cruise and had a ball with the customer service rep. She actually tried to get us to stay, even though there was a line of people. She kept asking, "isn't there anything else I can do for you?" We always go on a trip knowing there's a good chance for some speed bumps along the way, and just roll with it.
  8. We used to cruise to eat, but like you say on the lines we cruise, we don't expect much. I am a bit jealous of those whose food tastes are inline with cruise line food.
  9. Perhaps, if you shared what you like to eat at home people can give you some suggestions. For what its worth, we cruised on the Equinox this past January, the last time before that on X was 18 years ago. I can tell you as fact, that it is a much different experience. As you, we knew going in of the MDR changes. If you have ever cruised Carnival, it is now more similar than different between the two. That includes food quality, table proximity and the number of staff.
  10. I had it a couple of times from a convenience store in Oklahoma when I did radio there. It was good even for a C store. I always knew when my owner had it for breakfast, his big belly was covered with grease. And that was most days.
  11. I've never been to the Congo, sounds lovely. 🙂 It's been 20 years since I cruised out of FLL, I will see it again this January.
  12. FYI on flying to San Juan, it is my least favorite airport experience by far. Last time we stayed an extra day and flew out Monday to miss the chaos at the airport.
  13. Nope. I was honest with my response to our lovely server though. Again, all beef/pork was dry and tough. I just steered clear after a day or two. I did ask for a different entree once, but we really don't eat that much for dinner and don't like sitting for to long.
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