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  1. Congrats on your savings. Human behavior is so interesting. Go to a local restaurant and they up charge you $100 on your bill and most would be very upset. Spend thousands on anything and $100 bucks isn't such a big deal. I taught my kids, if you saw $____ on the sidewalk would you bend over to pick it up or walk over it? That is your baseline for everything. No matter how much you spend.
  2. Our first cruise was on the Mercury in 2000 (talk about being spoiled right out of the gate). Now the MDR is night and day different. It was a tad stuffy for us, but now they have gone too far the other way. I honestly don't remember (to many drinks of the day in between) much else except the employee to guest ratio was much better. If you slip over to other cruise lines forums, they all have the same topics. "Remember when?" I like the fact that I pay the same or less and still enjoy myself. Like Jim said above, times change. And if you REALLY want to go back to the old days, there are options for you to try. It's just going to cost a lot more.
  3. I am confused by the comparison of X to VO. When I have checked prices VO is much more expensive. Yes they have some inclusions, but when I book X I have grats, CBP, WiFi and OBC. An inside room on VO for a Caribbean cruise the same time we are going on X is double the price. Maybe I'm not seeing everything...
  4. Of course just my opinion, but there really isn't a lot of true news gathering anymore. Much of today's news is just playing to peoples emotions and fears to get more eyeballs. If you have ever been interviewed by a reporter, you will most likely notice they all ready have their story line and are just looking for content to play into that story. It starts with the big boys like the LA Times, NY Times, Fox, CNN...and gets regurgitated down the line.
  5. Great news, thank you for sharing. Please make sure you share your trip with those of us who are more than a little jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. We book the Caribbean in January and have never seen the price go down. Someday...
  7. Back when I smoked cigars a person on a cigar forum talked about doing a cigar cruise. I jokingly asked my wife if she wanted to go, knowing she would say "NO we can't afford that!" And to my surprise she said YES. Her thinking was we never had a proper honeymoon and after 10 years this was going to be it. Then I got worried about trying to figure it all out on our own since this was pre-cruise critic for me and I had never traveled before. A little while later after we booked, a friend who had cruised before and I were working a boat show for a boat company we were both sponsored by. During a lull I asked him jokingly, "hey want to join us for a cruise?" He asked when it was, then called his wife and they both said yes. Not where, or what cruise line (Celebrity Mercury in the Caribbean). Their experience made it much easier to take the trip. What an experience and as they say, we were hooked. We have been able to share our love of cruising/travel with our kids and they both are better for it.
  8. I don't know how one can say there is more waste with buffets. In appearance maybe because it is so easy to see half eaten plates on tables. But to be fair, you would then have to be standing in the MDR kitchen as they bring back all the plates to see how much food gets scraped off. As far as quality of food at the buffet, I have been mostly happy with Celebrity.
  9. I hope it works out for the OP. Based on their first and subsequent posts, I just don't see how it can. For whatever reason, they are forced to cruise with this person (based on their explanation) they know will make it an embarrassing and uncomfortable trip. Based on what has been shared, I honestly don't know what anyone can say to fix this situation.
  10. Per spending beyond their means. I used to do a remote broadcast at a car dealership every Saturday. I was within earshot of the finance managers office. More than once I heard him try to talk people out of taking out another lease on a very expensive vehicle. He would break it down for them and often they would get irritated and stop him and say, "stop, we're going to take it."
  11. For me it would be when the Carnival Splendor caught on fire back in 2010. It happened two months before we were going to sail her and had to scramble and book a Princess cruise in its place. There are so many more ships today than years ago = more stories. Cruising is more popular than ever and then add in those who are interested in trying it someday. It adds up to a guarantee of lots of eyeballs = more stories.
  12. Yep. And sometimes I go necked. But seriously, do what makes you comfortable. I have no idea how often they do a deep clean on the carpet.
  13. Per the cafe, I got sucked into those darn white chocolate cookies. But, over ten days we only saw them twice. Also we went to the cafe late one night and yes it was scaled back, but still had plenty of food to soak up the alcohol. And the people watching was fantastic.
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