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  1. We moved our January 2021 trip to 2022. At the time we thought, well maybe we'll do a Vegas trip, or take a long drive to Colorado. Not now, unless something major changes we will be staying right at home. My wife has a large in-home daycare and we have been extremely careful. Since March she has left the house only once to get her hair cut. I do curbside pickup at the store and that is it. Stay strong and reach out to positive family and friends.
  2. I moved our January 2021 to 2022 a few weeks ago. We have no choice but to fly and that played a big part of it, losing money and the our health. I didn't want to sit for months wondering if we would sail. A big part of vacationing for me is the build up before you go and I believe that would have been replaced with worry. Since we made our decision things have only gotten worse, glad we moved it.
  3. Wow, what a life story for that ship. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Interesting article, thank you for posting. I wonder how much the line makes off the scrap, ten cents on the dollar?
  5. Definitely move to next September if you can. If not, go with the next best solution to get your money.
  6. We have done many resorts and cruises and plan to hold off on any travel until 2022. We just discussed yesterday how the butler service at Sandals got so watered down that it was not worth the extra money. In the beginning it was great, but then they added more butler rooms and not more butlers. I just looked at Sandals Royal and it is $1,000 a day. Add air and it becomes a major expense for us.
  7. Our choice was to go from January 2021 to January 2022 and I'm not very confident it will still happen. Seriously, who knows? I never thought we would be six months in and still be dealing with the virus at this magnitude. So we have an increase in cases and have not YET seen an increase in deaths? Life must be milk and honey. I get trusting your opinion on facts, just make sure that they are not facts you find to agree with your opinion.
  8. Unfortunately, we are not in a second wave. We are still in the first wave. You need to have a dramatic drop of cases to have a second wave. In the USA, we are seeing an ever increasing number of cases and have never had decrease.
  9. Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope folks can use this holiday to decompress a little and feel gratitude for being able to celebrate. ❤️
  10. Good for Canadians. I went to the liquor store and it was busy because of our holiday weekend. There were seven people checking out ahead of me and not one was wearing a mask, three behind me were not as well. So including me, out of eleven people I was the only one wearing a mask. Frustrating. And your point is that in a fluid situation (at it's infancy) we should cherry pick comments to prove what point? You want good information from an expert? Try this weekly podcast. And guess what? The information changes as the virus changes. Lets not forget, it is not just infected people and deaths we need to be concerned about, there are people who are dealing with this dreadful disease for months. And the majority of those are in there 20's. The very same group that is currently disregarding any rules/suggestions. Oh and speaking of a fluid situation, we are now seeing more reports of children being hit by multisystem inflammation syndrome. No one was speaking of it in January.
  11. Agree, our first two cruises were on the the Mercury and the next year on the Millennium. Mercury is still our favorite, but it's hard to beat your first cruise, especially if it was excellent. I don't know if I want to go back to how formal it was, but I would love to get back to that level of service.
  12. Agree, a lot of emails. And if a person was comparing email to email on the specials, they could easily see it's just a shell game.
  13. Same here, they started about mid June. I feel bad for those who have PTSD.
  14. Our little city is going to have fireworks, but they are not saying where. They plan to announce minutes before (10pm) on social media what direction to look from your home. I don't blame them one bit and respect their decision. I don't hold out much hope seeing them, since I live a half a mile off of the Mississippi river and am surrounded by many large beautiful trees.
  15. Since I wasn't sure on what "Spin Off" means, I did a quick check with mother google. And I am still unsure. The one that seems to show up most often, is RCCL would spin off Celebrity and create a separate company to 'try' to create more value. I was thinking it meant to sell it off to another company. And I have no idea who would take any price tag in today's current environment. I am sure there are some folks who would love to see Celebrity get out from under RCCL. 🙂
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