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  1. Mimi, I haven’t forgotten you. Praying for you. Lots of hugs 💕
  2. Lenny, I believe in prayers and miracles too. So happy about Mallory. Hope Toby is doing fine.
  3. We were in Nassau today. We got out to stroll. Some stores were open. Jewelry chains, t shirt stores, pharmacy. Still not like previously, but it was a Sunday. The Summit was in port with us. There was very little time to take a cab to Bahamar or to Paradise Island, or to go anywhere else, so we just enjoyed our walk.
  4. Not in DD’s case. She had to go to children’s hospital. One night. So not major.
  5. Ouch ouch! Yes she was advised that it could refill if not removed and only drained. So opted to remove.
  6. SO happy to hear this piece of great news. Mallory must be so happy. My daughter had a ganglion cyst in her wrist. It was surgically removed, since her doctor said that it could come back if drained. It was painful. She wanted it out. So we opted for that.
  7. On that thought, hugs to you Lenny and Toby, Mallory and he r parents. Mallory is in my thoughts, and I wish her the best.
  8. Many Hugs for William. And double hugs for his wonderful parents. And not forgetting the grand parents who need hugs too. 💕😁
  9. I am so glad to hear about this success! I give kudos to kids who beat their set backs but I applaud the parents who help them conquer and feel for what they go through. I do not think there is greater pain than see one’s child fight for their life. Wishing all the best to Mighty,💕👍
  10. Dani, I will ask again. On the last cruise most of the crew said that she will not come back to the Edge since she is now already the captain of the Beyond and has to play an active part in the ship building stages. I am also following her Tiktok and seems she is in Paris for a vacation and then perhaps to visit her new baby at the ship yard (?). Don’t know much but I do follow her posts.
  11. You have a great and safe cruise too! I will be following your thread.
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