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  1. You certainly realize that I was not responsible for resurrecting this thread? But thanks for policing, I just cannot imagine what we would ever do without you!
  2. Search in the port of call thread. I have posted one there. Is there any particular one you were looking at?
  3. OP, I think it is quite OK as I also maintained on the first thread you started about the music. It is a miniscule problem to complain about....no wonder the MSC cheer leaders are poo pooing the US customers (and for such a first world problem, I will totally be on their side) LOL! Will you start a third thread about it too?😉🤩
  4. ravensfan, I am very happy for you. Your ordeal had a happy ending. Wishing the best of luck to your family. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Cindy, I am happy that your story had a happy ending too. Wish you both the best.
  5. I had been looking for a watch for some years, that was supposedly only sold in the Caribbean. I found it at my local jeweler (who happened to be an official dealer) for $400 less than the price there. Fast forward a few years I was looking for another one which was quoted at ridiculous price in Caribbean stores. Every time I came back from a cruise I researched it and finally saw it online at Nordstroms. I printed the page out and took it with me next time. NOBODY that had the watch agreed to price match.....they said the price is lower than their wholesale. I bought both watches from the US. Yes, had to pay tax, but US price + tax came out several hundred $$$ lower than the Caribbean stores. So always check prices at home first if you are looking for an expensive item.
  6. Lou, Try calling and keep us posted. I always check the online price first before committing to their price. Invicta watches are priced higher onboard, 95% of the time I have checked. Check amazon or JTV.
  7. LOL! Because all the Couch Jumpers, Fit Throwers and Food Tasters are usually on the Anthem!😀
  8. Pretty please, if you have had the experience of the thermal suite on NCL, do not waste your money on the one on Oasis. At least take the spa tour first to compare and decide for yourself!
  9. 100% AGREE! And even the Carnival Cloud 9 Thermal Spas are FAR better. I am surprised Royal has not made any strides in the thermal spa arena. The bigger and newer the ships the more pathetic is their thermal lounge.
  10. I am really enjoying your review. 😊 Keep it coming! Thank you for taking time to do this.
  11. Long time no Noreen review? I always enjoy reading them! Sorry off topic.
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