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  1. Thank you all for your answers! I totally did understand NCL ‘s cruise policy! Their agent told me because of the large amount of difference that they would make an adjustment. For next time I will not book early and book closer to sailing time! By the way, our TA was wonderful! NCL offered either or 500 per person to spend on board or 625 $ for a new cruise. Enjoy! Barbara
  2. You take the chance that you won't get the cabin you want. If that is not a problem, I would cancel it and re-book it at a later date. They are giving us 2,500 for a future cruise, and keeping our other 2,500!
  3. Right up to sailing no, this is a 5,000 drop for us. Why should you do a final payment 2 months in advance? If this is their policy , I would cancel and then put again a 50$ deposit!
  4. Thanks Murray... I did, I spoke to quite a few people, including corporate headquarters in Fla. tel# 305 436 4000. No budging ! 5,000 is quite a hunk of change! I will never pay the full final payment again. If we all don't put up an uproar they can get away with anything!
  5. If you want to answer not on the forum... peaceablehillrd@hotmail.com
  6. NCL have gone down 1,500$ per person on the price of our cruise. The getaway leaving from Copenhagen May 24th. This is a lot of cash as we are 4 people. We paid the final payment, following the rules and they will NOT refund our money! What are we to do? They are offering 25% off a future cruise that has to be taken in a year! We are seasoned cruisers it is the way we travel! Why would anyone pay the final payment on time? We always go with cruise critic! I would appreciate any thoughts anyone might have! Pumpkinbread (Barbara)
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