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  1. Wow! This is the first worldest problem seen in at least 20 minutes!
  2. If you just need extra power outlets to charge portable devices (phone, iPads, etc), I agree with the USB hub. We have an 8 port hub and handles all of our devices. We no longer need to carry a power strip. I have a quart sized zip lock bag that has all the cables needed for all devices and the USB hub labeled 'Travel' and I just drop it in my carry-on and we're good to go.
  3. Sometimes we get a confirmation and other times we don't. Last year on the Koningsdam, I faxed in the form and waited 2 weeks. No word so sent it in again. Again no word. Faxed it a 3rd time and finally got a confirmation telling me it had been posted after the 1st time. I wish they would show the credit online and it would alleviate so many calls, faxes and emails! Princess does so why can't HAL?
  4. If the "experts" ever reply at all - probably won't!
  5. For our 11/16/2019 Eurodam cruise from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale, the price for the Premium internet package for 15 days was $187.99 - sounded like a good price to me so I bought it yesterday. I don't expect to stream movies / YouTube (regardless of what the description says) but it's nice to be able to get to where you want to when you need to and not worry that you forgot to disconnect and burn up your minutes. We also have T-Mobile unlimited and for the Panama Canal cruise, we have coverage in all countries at no extra charge for text/data (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia). I've had very few instances where we weren't covered. Love T-Mobile.
  6. It's been my experience on several different ships, that if you frequent the same bar regularly (and perhaps have the same bartender or waiter/waitress), you tend to get hot apps offered. Peanuts have usually been at all the tables and on the bar.
  7. Not having used this service before, since there is a site to track your bags, would they have shown up on the site prior to leaving the ship or even the city? If they did, it would be an easy way to make sure they are at least logged in the system.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've looked at many of these already. I was curious about some of the seafood restaurants right on the water - sometimes the view is far better than the menu - glad the Fish Market is recommended. I appreciate the recommendations. Doug
  9. We've always enjoyed L'Opera at 101 Pine Ave. We've eaten at Parker's Lighthouse and the setting was very nice but we found the food didn't live up the ambiance. Might be a bit of a walk since we either stayed at the Renaissance or Hyatt but there is the free shuttle bus.
  10. Hi All, We will be in San Diego 2 nights before our Eurodam Panama Canal cruise. We arrive on Thursday 11/14/2019 and sail on Saturday 11/16/2019. Staying at the new Intercontinental Hotel opposite the pier (Bayfront Ct.). We're looking for some recommendations on restaurants. Any feedback on the restaurants below? For breakfast and lunch, we like casual but for dinner we prefer a more upscale vibe with a nice atmosphere, preferably a full bar and nice wine selection. Italian/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern are our go to cuisines but open to anything provided they offer some vegetarian and seafood options. Breakfast Brickyard Coffee & Tea (been here before for breakfast) Richard Walker's Pancake House Harbor Breakfast Lunch Mezze Greek Fusion Athens Market Taverna Margarita's Kitchen and Cantina Dinner Salvatore's Buon Appetito Rovino Rotisserie and Wine Bencotto Mimmo's I'd like to be able to make reservations for dinner, especially for Friday night. Trying to eat at local places and stay away from chains we have here in Tampa (Ruths Chris, Roys, Eddie V's, etc). E loves grilled fish, seafood, not much meat and I prefer vegetarian but eat chicken and a little beef now and then. Thanks Doug
  11. Another vote for the Aerobus. I wasn't sure about the correct stop to get off and went one past but still walkable even with luggage. Inexpensive and relatively quick. For restaurants, the first day (we got in about 7AM), we ended up at a Ramen place in the Gothic quarter because it was clear but cold and we wanted soup. We ate at Ciudad Condal for tapas the 2nd night which we enjoyed - very busy and we had about a 30 minute wait but worth it (menus in Spanish and English). The first night we were so jet lagged and tired from walking around until about 6PM we just went to bed. There was a bag of chips in the room and some pretzels or something that we had when we woke up about 10PM then back to bed! Here's a link to a YouTube couple I've been following for years about what to eat in Barcelona: https://youtu.be/cTr3lwB_I14 They made a point that said don't pay attention to what everyone says about what to eat/drink in a particular location but go with what you want to try. For example, they said that everyone said to avoid the paella in Barcelona since it isn't native to Barcelona but Valencia. However, if this was their only time in Spain, why not try it - you only miss out. They also said they had good ones and bad ones! Here's a link to their livestream (https://youtu.be/Tb5hbvLrOoo) Hope this helps.
  12. We got GE about 3 years ago. It's the best $100 we each spent. We filled out our application on line, were accepted for the interview within a couple of weeks. Our appt for the interview was about 6 weeks out. We got our GE cards after the interview. No muss, no fuss. Luckily for us the CPB has an office at TPA airport so 15 minute drive. This has paid for itself numerous times, especially when returning at FLL cruise port. There is a line on the far right for GE. Make sure to tell your porter (if you use one) that you have it and the card in hand (you supposedly have to have the card but the agents tell you to put it away since everything is tied into your passport - or at least that has been our experience). The GE line each time has been under 10 people while the general customs lines have been hundreds deep. In and out in under 5 minutes.
  13. It’s a crew access area. We never heard any noise from there at all.
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