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  1. Seems that this was just announced today. Probably wonโ€™t hear anything from Princess for a while.
  2. FWIW, the plane is actually (statistically) safer than taking a helicopter. Also, 9 AM time slot is not a good idea. The pickup location is in front of the ABC store east of where the ship docks. If you walk fast you can get there in about 15 minutes. Otherwise there are shuttles in front of the ship but you may have to wait a while to get the right one. Another issue is the lines to disembark from the ship. Too many potential hangups to be comfortable to make the 9 AM tour. Go for the 10:30 time slot if it is available.
  3. As per the Patter the last time we were on they were, the starboard side of the Outrigger bar, part of the casino most of the timed and the rear, starboard area of the Promenade.
  4. We were able to get the better price the first time that we notice this happening 3 or so years ago. We called Princess and the agent did something and got us the better price. I doubt that Princess will let that happen again.
  5. Yep. My college professor back in 1968, Dr. Guzman-Revas, said as much in his text book in my weather and climate class and he documented it. Unfortunately, these days almost no one remembers anything in history beyond when they were born. That's when history began to them. Seems to apply to everything. BTW, I have no quarrel with the idea that plastic pollution as well as air pollution is a problem. And, also unfortunately, the majority of both seems to be coming from Asian and African second and third world countries.
  6. If it is non-refundable OBC that is the only way I would see your idea making sense. Also, checkout the memory cards that work best with that model. Princess' selection is not the best and seem less than optimal for the latest GoPro models. If you want to use the camera on the cruise buy the memory card(s) before you go. My experience at least.
  7. LOL, my first cruise was also in 1978. I remember the midnight buffets every night. Only nibbled on a few things as I always felt way too full from the excellent dinner fare earlier. I think most people felt the same as most people just took pictures of the food and ice sculptures. I didn't wait as long as you for my second cruise. Only 22 years for me. DW got tired of hearing about how great that first one was for me that she booked us on the Carnival Trump in 2000. Her first, BTW. They did do one midnight buffet on that 7 day cruise. Our next cruise was on Princess 2 years later and no midnight buffet was offered. We never saw another one on any later cruises.
  8. Got it. Thinking of a land trip next time. Always had more of a relaxation time on a land trip. Flight over and back is always a drag, but, once there it is worth it.
  9. Sounds good. Which town these days? BTW, we were on the 2013 Star Princess Hawaii cruise with you.
  10. Hmm, I hope not. Don't want to see my food doing the wake show or introducing the entertainment in the theater. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. No question about that. The last time we were in Oahu and rented a car (2016) we went by the Dole plantation then on to the north shore and around the east side of the island. Heavy traffic the whole trip. Going through the rush hour traffic in Honolulu to return the car was amazingly slow. In 2017 even Maui was a slow go up to the volcano and back. Returning the rental car in Lahaina was another slow slog getting to the north side of town. Allow plenty time wherever you go by car.
  12. The couple of cruises we did Wings Over Kauai. Better than the helicopter tour and way less expensive. If you decide to do it be sure to book early. They tend to sell out on cruise ship days. https://www.wingsoverkauai.com/
  13. I believe that you can do it by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your screen name in the upper right. Choose "Account Settings". Then choose "Signature" on the left side.
  14. All of the cameras that I have seen on board the ships have been overpriced by at least 20% from what I could find on land from multiple sources. The same goes with memory cards that are sold separately from the cameras. The only time I have purchased a camera on a ship was a couple of years ago. It was a GoPro and the photo department guy included (for "free") some of our photos with it as a package deal so the price was OK. Buy what you need before you sail would be my thought.
  15. Thanks for the review Andrew. Not happy to read about the issues that you experienced on our favorite ship. Glad to hear that over all it was a good cruise. Nice photos and Merry Christmas to you guys, too.
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