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  1. Well, we’re booked on the same now disappeared cruises. Our bookings pre-date Covid. No risk taken on our part - does that make us more worthy of fair treatment by Azamara? We haven’t even been notified by Azamara that our cruises are gone. Ive sought clarification from Azamara, including the suggestion that our bookings be moved to the Sep comparable but at the same per day rate of our existing bookings. So, we are most certainly expecting the transfer without a higher cost. We think that would be absolutely unreasonable. I hope that avw and other cruisers adversely impacted by such changes (and isn’t that everyone who has booked in good faith) get better treatment than what the Azamara Rep told avw. Tony
  2. avw I’m happy to keep you informed of the response I get. Probably prefer email - please lost. Tony
  3. thanks again avw. Good advice. The Sep itineraries are certainly appealing so I’ll see what Az proposes.
  4. thanks avw- I wasn’t aware of this. I’ve now had a look at the new itineraries and I’ll put in my refund application for B2B2B tomorrow. Very disappointed but I recognise that times are now very different. I’m doubtful about cruising before a vaccine arrives, so this makes it easier. We’ll have a look at cruises a few months later in 2021 as we’ll now have all this money to spend on an alternative cruise line, if we can find the right itineraries.
  5. We're booked on the same cruise, as well as the two following. I've sent a query to Azamara for clarification but it was only yesterday. According to the recent survey I can fully expect a comprehensive response by tomorrow. Ironically, the email was sent to "loyalty". If loyal guests are to get bumped because of some deferred one time charter, I won't be happy. It's not just the inconvenience of missing the cruise (albeit that it may not go ahead anyway due to Covid) but guests may be locked in to flights and accommodation too. We have Barcelona accommodation for a few pre-cruise nights that they've allowed as a credit for 2021 - looks like I'll blow that money. Maybe Azamara will compensate? Perhaps Azamara will sweeten the deal by offering 150% FCC but I won't hold my breath. Looks like we'll have to join the refund queue rather than using the FCC we already hold, being "loyal members" who were booked for 2020.
  6. I encourage people to complete this survey, if only to tick the question whether the double upgrade offer is too expensive. Also, there is more scope to enter actual comments. Whether our comments go anywhere or not is another matter but I see there are a lot of uncertainties about changes to the length and itineraries of 2021 cruises and shore excursion options, and such changes may have a significant impact on whether people cancel and seek a refund before 31 Dec rather than use FCC; so I encourage people to make comments which may end up being to our benefit. Our 14n Spain Intensive cruise in late May 2021 has disappeared from the search engine. In my account, this is now showing as a quite different 10n cruise; starting and ending at the same locations but very different in between. With the reduced length, it now ends in Bordeaux 4 n before the next in our B2B departs Bordeaux - very strange. Presumedly they're going to slot a 4n cruise between our B2B. It may just be a glitch and, in any case, I'm sure we'll have clarification in good time but it is a good illustration how changes may affect our decision making. The survey is at least some opportunity to raise practical issues.
  7. I’m a bit more positive. The protocols (and appointment of the committee) indicates that cruises will restart at the earliest opportunity with little possibility of another Ruby Princess occurring. Given the number of deaths from that cruise, there were, rightly, always going to be strict protocols implemented upon resumption. The early cruises will have cruisers who will cruise no matter what. There will be further learnings and adjustments as they go. To get destination focussed cruisers back, Aza will have to do a lot of work and have considerable imagination to come up with different excursions to the usual set; which frankly are not that appealing, are either too long or too short in many instances and usually involve considerable price markup compared with self organised tours (organised of course through the wonderful Roll Call on CC). 2 hour walking tours often have ridiculous pricing. On a negative note, we’re booked on Aza cruises in May/June 2021 and if they comply with the report recommendations, I imagine the itineraries and even cruise lengths will be scaled back. So, we don’t even know how the cruises we’ve booked will look. Any date/length changes will also impact on flights and accommodation. So, there are still a lot of unknowns and I’d think it will take them some months to sort out these practical matters. We have until end Dec 2020 to either apply our FCC or seek a refund instead, so Aza may have to push out this deadline if it wants avoid a substantial number of refund requests. Ive looked at the 2022 itineraries and comparable cruises (In consideration of lift and shift if 2021 doesn’t work out). They are all of a shorter length and considerably more expensive, which is another factor to consider. I suspect the whole situation is now pushing us toward seeking a refund rather than continue with FCC. If many others feel the same, then financial viability of the cruise line must also be considered. Even so, while we’re realists and we’ll accept restrictions in the greater good, so many countries are in such a mess at present, I just can’t see us cruising again until a vaccine is found. So, GO OXFORD!
  8. For what it’s worth, we passed on Azamara last year and did Regent instead. Azamara’s pricing meant that Regent, with its shore excursions included (and we expected we’d need to do ship excursions in most ports irrespective of who we cruised with) was only a little more expensive than Azamara would have been, including comparable excursions. So we opted for Regent; which at the time also included a 3 day land program before or after. I think that’s an extra cost next year. Anyway, we thought the Azamara itinerary was more appealing but their pricing deterred us. We loved the Japan cruise. All the excursions we did were very good, with a focus on the most beautiful and varied garden settings, temples and shrines and we’d happily go again. Tokyo was fantastic and pretty easy to get around using the train system, if you plan a few extra days solo pre or post cruise. The pre-land program we did with Regent was good, to get a feel for the layout of Tokyo and we met some great people who we then enjoyed the cruise with. I’m sure you’d have the same benefits doing it with Azamara. Dining and getting around independently in Tokyo is not difficult; especially if you’ve done a guided land program before the cruise. We loved the time we had independently after the cruise and stayed close to Shinjuku station, which proved to be a good base. The train system is exceptional and many of the things a tourist would want to get to are on a large rail loop, which simplifies the process. You'll have a great experience. I think Azamara pricing may be more competitive now than when we booked. At the time, it was Aza’s first venture to Japan, I think; so they went for very high pricing, like they do with the Black Sea voyages. It’s worth checking the pricing of the luxury lines, just in case - especially Regent, because of the inclusion of excursions - Japan really is one place where you probably need to do ship excursions due to language and relative distances to destinations.
  9. We were on this Azamazing night too; after a wonderful day on the Kerala backwaters, observing life on the waterfront and the friendliness of locals passing us by on water ferries - a great day. Then we had the Azamazing night; the highlight for us being the palm readers. DW and I were both delighted to separately discover that we shouldn’t worry as we’ll both live well to our 90s and have a wonderful life. Cheered us up no end - thanks Azamara!
  10. Public Bus No 1 is a great route, for £1 when we did it a few years ago. About 1.5 - 2 hrs and a great scenic trip. From the tender, walk along the Main Street until you reach the bus terminus - you’ll know it when you get to it. Cornet Castle - very good. Enjoyable walk to/fro the Castle and multiple buildings, many of which have substantial contents, focussing in WWII. both the above very easy to do on your own and negligible cost; followed by a walk around this very pleasant town. Victor Hugo’s house need to have a time pre-booked, so we didn’t get to visit - maybe next time. Parts of St Peter Port are very hilly, so you need to have good fitness to stroll further than the reasonably flat shopping streets.
  11. Loved just about every port in the west and east Med but, in particular, the cruising into Kotor and Venice are great spectacles. Similarly the cruise into Stockholm, through the archipelago, is wonderful. Having been to some ports in bigger ships, Azamara (and other smaller lines) win hands down in terms of access to destinations. We were docked in Helsinki very close to the market and after touristing around on a glorious sunny day, it was so rewarding sitting out the back of the ship, sipping wine and gazing out on Helsinki. Copenhagen was a beauty too. There’s a huge difference between docking opposite the Hermitage in St Petersburg and docking in the depressing area the big ships go to. Bordeaux position is sensational - right in town in a better location than the river ships, with lots of locals also coming down to wave us off; and it makes it so easy to just step off the ship and be straight in tourist central. We just love the ports which are up/down? river and we’re looking forward to doing this next year to Seville, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rouen. Thanks for starting this thread Laurie and also the Azamazing one - very enjoyable reading other people’s favourites. Tony
  12. Riverdance for me. Wonderful performance and theatre. in Gibraltar, we had the local Pipe band. What a great setting for any musical performance and the stepped seating is exceptional- not a bad seat in the house. The standing ovation at the end was testimony to just how much people enjoyed it. The mini bus trip home, zig-zagging down the Rock was an absolute hoot. Bangkok’s Ancient City was excellent - all the performances were varied and the setting was exceptional. We had plenty of opportunity to wander around and take in the large scale Reproductions of Thailand’s significant buildings. In Manila, they made the call to move it to the ship, due to weather. Really good call - the cultural performances in the theatre were very good and the pop band set up in the Living Room - best night ever up there. The band was cooking and we had a great crowd dancing the night away. The sort of night you’re sorry has to end. Azamara always does a fantastic job with the logistics and the nights are a definite bonus for cruising with them. Whether they’re great or just ok, they offer us the opportunity to take in elements of a city’s culture, history and pride. This is also true when we’re treated to local performers on the pool deck or in the theatre.
  13. Haven’t done this Azamazing but it gets my vote.
  14. When uktog posted about the cancellation extension up to Sep, I followed her posted link (thank you). This took me to Azamara's UK site. While there, I did a search for "Future Cruise Credit" to see if anything had changed. I later cross-checked the Australian site and found the same info, as follows : This form is for internal call center agent use only. Please do not share this link externally with any guests or travel agents. Travel Agents have the ability to process Future Cruise Credit redemptions in Cruising Power, and should be directed there for self-service. Instructions 1. Enter the guest's new booking ID for which they wish to redeem their Future Cruise Credit Certificate. 2. Select the ship code for the new booking. 3. Enter the sail date for the new booking. 4. Enter a contact name and email. An automated email will be sent to the contact listed after FCC number is entered. This form will not confirm redemption was processed - this is simply a redemption request. The automated email will confirm the FCC's redemption status for the contact listed. New Booking Information New Booking ID * The Booking ID of the cruise booking you wish to redeem your Future Cruise Credit(s) against. The contact name on the FCC must match a contact name on the booking. New Booking Ship Code * The two-letter ship code for the booking you wish to redeem a Future Cruise Credit against. PR for Azamara Pursuit, QS for Azamara Quest, or JR for Azamara Journey. SelectQSJRPR New Booking Sail Date * The date on which the new cruise booking you wish to redeem an FCC against sets sail. Year Year202020212022202320242025 Month MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Day Day12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 Contact Information Contact Name * Contact Email * Future Cruise Credit Certificate Numbers FCC Number * Add up to three Future Cruise Credit numbers. FCC Number The second FCC number. FCC Number The third FCC number. I'm encouraged that internal call centre agents are being given the scope to apply up to three FCC certificates to a booking. I've posted this so as to get on the record that as at 24 June 2020, Azamara is explicitly prepapred to apply multiple FCC to a future cruise ( at least , that's how I read it). Looks like a win for Azamara cruisers and in our case we will be able to maximise FCC, despite the BOGOHO cost differential between partners, for our future cruise bookings. So, despite the official response I've received specifying limitations, I fully intend to press for this administrative policy to be applied so as to maximise the use of FCC to our B2B2B booked for 2021. Very appreciative that they have again stuffed up administratively and put something on their site that isn't meant for their guests - at least it gives us a chance of a fair go. The relevant links in the Australian and UK sites are : https://www.azamara.com/en-au/fcc https://www.azamara.co.uk/fcc Get in, copy and date stamp the copy while you can. I look forward to the Azamara Team's helpful affirmation of this policy on Cruise Critic (seeing as my email to "loyaltyintl@azamara.com" of 12 June, requesting escalation, has not been responded to). Tony
  15. It would be nice to hear from a senior loyalty person, given we’ve been told they are monitoring this Board. It would be reassuring to hear they’ve escalated all these concerns to a policy decision making level, to address the identified limitations on the use of FCC. The latest FX difficulty outlined above is just absurd - It’s the simplest of matters to do a FX conversion. Stop screwing us!! Azamara Loyalty and, in turn, Azamara senior management - note that we are the people who are helping you out by taking FCC and re-booking, rather than helping to send you into administration by joining those wanting refunds.
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