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  1. Definitely getting Global Entry. I'm just glad I have my interview at the Denver airport in January and not in June when it was originally scheduled.
  2. I highly recommend Spain Day Tours (same as Barcelona Day Tours). Lots of reviews on this site.
  3. Loved the first episode-especially loved seeing Viking Sea that we sailed on for our Homelands Cruise last May
  4. So sad to hear this. Although we only met on line, her posts and responses to Celebrity questions, especially Edge, have been so helpful and kind. She was my go to gal for questions about our upcoming Edge cruise. She made a difference in so many lives on these boards. I'm sure she made a difference in so many lives in the real world. Thoughts and prayers to her family ❤️ Elise
  5. 3036 on Viking Sea last spring. Great location near the elevators and no noise from elevators or restaurant. I'd choose that cabin again.
  6. Small savings on the May 3 Harmony but nothing earth shattering. Deluxe Beverage Package has been $65 but went down to $61 about a month ago for a few days and then back up to $65. Now at $61 again. Last year on Black Friday I got the Deluxe Beverage Package for $55 for the Sept 1 Harmony for this year but that is the sailing that was canceled due to Hurricane Dorian so we rebooked for May 3. Also was able to get Chops for $39 last year but now they don't offer just Chops. Oh well...I'll keep looking
  7. That's a good idea. I was able to get an appointment at DIA for early June but I've got a flight out of there in May so I'll check then to see if I can do a walk in appointment although on line it says they don't do walk in appointments at DIA. I've been checking on line daily to see if I can get an earlier appointment at DIA but early June will work if nothing else opens up.
  8. This sounds like a perfect strategy. I'm guessing the Chic nights are the two days at Sea but it's just a guess. I'm trying to not overthink this (or overplan as my husband says 🙂 )
  9. Vtcruising, thanks so much for the comprehensive description of the 4 MDRs. We are going on an 11 night adriatic cruise in October so my plan is to do the 3 night specialty dining package and then rotate the 4 MDRs for the other nights. Now i just have to decide when to choose each night. Which MDR do you think would be best for Evening Chic nights? Elise
  10. Love your positive attitude and love your review. I am trying to figure out specialty dining for our October Edge cruise so I love your Eden comments.
  11. Got the email today that I can set up an interview time. Unfortunately the first appointment available in Denver is in August. Ugh. Should I set up an appointment at another airport (PHX, LAS, SLC) or should I just keep checking to see if there are any openings at DIA? Or can I do both and then cancel my appointment at the out of town airport?
  12. Thank you all so much for your advice. I applied for Global Entry today so hopefully I get it by this summer.
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