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  1. When you go to Spain (and the Canaries) you need to order a Cafe Bombon. Sweet and milky and I even will drink that and I won't drink normal coffee!
  2. Pack a sweatshirt and some long pants, you might be going north to Canada/New England
  3. Got this off the internet and as you know everything you read online is the absolute truth, so take this with a grain of salt..... Located in: Buza Bar Address: Crijevićeva ul. 9, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia Hours: Friday 8AM–2AM Saturday 8AM–2AM Sunday 8AM–2AM Monday 8AM–2AM Tuesday 8AM–2AM Wednesday 8AM–2AM Thursday 8AM–2AM
  4. I doubt NCL will know how fast the ship will be cleared, its all up to Customs & Border Control.
  5. anyone who did the Canada & new england 13 day cruise.Quebec to NYC. I have many questions. What shore excursions did you do and where ship docks do they have little golf carts to take you to the end of the pier if you decide to take taxi to a private tour place? I'm cruising oct 6 so I know this is last minute but trying to book excursion. See ones on the Norweign Dawn but alot cheaper off the ship. If you did NYC how do you get to a tour place? Is it safer to book of ship however just one available. You should probably start a new thread asking this question.
  6. Why not give both a try at the beginning of the cruise? They both serve the same food, the decor is different in each one and its nice to see the difference.
  7. A suit isn't even necessary for elegant night. A long sleeved, button down shirt with PERHAPS a necktie is all that is needed and a pair of trousers. No need to schlep a suit/dress blues around.
  8. If its coming from the bathroom, be sure to pour water in the drain of the shower.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, are they interviewing/polling all classes of employees or just those in management. Of course my employer thinks that most of its employees are well compensated, don't feel the stress of having to do more with less, and don't need more than what they are already giving us.
  10. Thanks chengkp for the factual information. Very interesting information about the baffles in the chutes, I didn't realize there was something in there to slow one down.
  11. Pretty soon they'll be having tube steaks on the menu.....(sounds fancier) 🤣
  12. I would let the credit card do the conversion, your rate will be a lot better than exchanging on the ship.
  13. That's actually the Posh area and you have to pay $$$ and be the first few people in line as the tickets for that area are extremely limited.
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