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  1. Tallinn is walkable from the ship to the old town, about 15 minutes. Walk the old town, look at the shops and the market and then wander back to the ship. Are you going to Warnemunde? There is a bike rental ship not far from the port. Someone did a reivew of it a couple of years ago, if you search you might be able to find that thread.
  2. Welcome to Cruise Critic!! You will find all kinds of information on your ports on the PORTS OF CALL board. Just locate the country and the port and there will be suggestions, tour recommendations and ways to do things on your own. Just go the the main page and scroll down, you'll find it about 2/3's the way down the page.
  3. I found this shop in Miami that delivers and here is the link to their sparkling wine with prices, so at least you have an idea of what you might be paying. https://drizly.com/wine/c3 Liquor & Wine Depot 1841 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to purchase the Champagne in Miami? At least then you won't have the worry of bottles exploding in your luggage and dousing your clothes.
  5. Only off the ship wide kiddie menu....not the specialty menu.
  6. Iceland is pretty neat. You realize that Bruges will be a train trip from Zeebrugge as will Le Havre for Paris. Holeyhead is interesting, I've done Wales as land trips so that might be very interesting. Ending in AMS is always great because you can do a couple days afterwards sightseeing in Holland. Lots to see just in AMS by itself too. Van Gog museum, Heinekin Brewery Tour, canal cruise, Anne Frank Huis, Reijksmuseum etc etc.... Then if you wanted to explore more, London is a very quick flight from AMS (I think its about 1/2 an hour!) so you can add more time afterward in London too. The cruise sounds like a really great one.
  7. Carnival cruisers are always talking about "secret areas" but honestly I don't know why they are really secret....if you explore the ship one is usually able to find them without much trouble.
  8. Look at Trip Advisor for Roatan and see what comes up. Also have a look at the PORTS OF CALL board here on CC for Roatan and you can ask over there for recommendations.
  9. On our Transatlantic we had a gift exchange, limit of $10 or $15 (I can' t remember) the organizer had duplicate number pads such as these: So that one went to the person who is giving a gift and the other half went into a hat/bag to be drawn. The gifts were wrapped so we didn't know what was what. It was quite fun, I brought a picture calendar of Chicago and it was easy to pack, nice and flat and didn't take up much space. The gifts were themed to the state or town where you came from. I also did a little trivia game before our Roll Call lunch we had arranged. While we were waiting for the MDR to open I had a few questions, "The person who came the farthest", "Who has sailed the most" things along those lines. I had purchased some very inexpensive things like little notebooks and pens. I think I had about 5 questions, it was fun to do and it made the wait for the MDR go a little quicker.
  10. If you want to use the $50 per port excursion perk then you can call in and book without having to pre pay. I pays to book early soyou get the tour you want without having it sell out before you get on board.
  11. Ask your steward for an ice bucket...you can drink the ice melt, its cold and filtered just like the dining room water. Fill your bottle with that.
  12. If I was a retired senior on my first cruise this wouldn't appeal at all LOL
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