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  1. I was in the medical center on Maasdam in January, twisted my knee & had internal derangement. While I was waiting in the exam room, I looked around at what was in their cupboards & on shelfs, pretty basic ER supplies including chest tubes and drainage set. However, there was definitely not enough to care for hundreds of patients at a time, nor would I expect it to be a "hospital ship". I carry evacuation insurance at all times which covers me anywhere in the world, don't have to be on a cruise.
  2. I have sailed HAL exclusively for my last 7 cruises. I have been impressed by their "no self-serve food on the buffet" policy. However, on my last 2 cruises there were several food items that had communal spoons & tongs for passengers to help themselves - i.e. bowls of cut fruit, bread & rolls, pre-made sandwiches (not in the bag), butter. This negates the purpose of having the staff serve food items. Think about the spoons & tongs being handled by several hundred passengers who may or may not have washed their hands prior to entering the buffet. And - the taco buffet at the pool is another problem. On my last cruise I saw a pre-teen scoop up some sour cream, put his finger in the spoonful & taste it, and then return both to the bowl. I mentioned It to one of the staff, said he would take care of it, not sure if he did. Just some thoughts.....
  3. There are 3 Zodiac excursions on the Sept. Alaska cruises this summer. They are listed at about $149.00
  4. My late husband used to wear black dress pants, a dressy black long-sleeved shirt, and one of his (expensive) bolo ties. If we had the room for it, he would take a black jacket.....He got lots of compliments re. his tie choice.
  5. So sorry your solo experience was so negative for you. I have sailed HAL 7 times since my husband passed 4 years ago. I have had above expectations from any of the staff - they have called me by name after the 3/4th day, know that I want ginger ale with my dinner and herbal tea after. And that my table preference is at a table for 2. I don't use the bars much, but have been quickly served at the Crows Nest & Ocean Bar. My room attendants were also extremely attentive - when I injured my knee, they brought ice to me at least 4x each day for my ice pack. I would not sail on any other cruise line.
  6. I didn't see this until you brought it to my attention. Thanks.
  7. I had understood at least a year ago that the art people did not have a contract any more. I have been on Maasdam, Rotterdam, and Zaandam since then - No "art" auctions to be seen anywhere, such a relief - they were always in the way. However the Jewelry & spa seem to have filled their slots.
  8. On a previous topic, I read that the vendors for the Spa, jewelry, etc. are private entities, not employed by HAL, so they do their own flyers. Still a waste of paper, though, I walk in the cabin door with them and straight to the trash can.
  9. I will be on Maasdam in Sept. Taking a daughter & son-in-law for 2 weeks to Alaska. Also- I was on the inaugural EXC itinerary which included Easter Island 2 days. My favorite ship.
  10. I was on Maasdam in Nov/Dec in Australia & South Pacific Islands. There were several guest lecturers who presented talks re. sea life (whales, seals, corals, wave effects, sharks, other creatures), there was a guest chef the first half who presented mostly Asian dishes. The ocean folks all had advanced degrees in their specialty. I was disappointed that there were no representatives for anthropology or culture. These are 2 of the segments that are usually covered in the true EXC cruises. I did enjoy the talks that were given. And - the zodiacs were used frequently during the islands segment.
  11. Yum yum man was on my fall Rotterdam cruise, but not on the winter 2020 Maasdam. not sure why the difference. He was in the top MDR, escorting ladies to their tables, etc. He also gave out the after dinner mints, ginger, etc. I have read that there are appetizers in some bars for Happy Hour - can't confirm that,
  12. Seems pretty reasonable to be able to avoid all that other hassle!
  13. I was on Maasdam over the Christmas/New Years holiday. There were quite a few children onboard, lots of Australian families (their summer break), and families from Japan. The ship was beautifully decorated with a big gingerbread village in the atrium. On Christmas morning they had several announcements about Santa arriving, a nice program in the Theatre with Santa giving gift bags to all children under 18 years. And, then lots of adult passengers got in line for a picture with Santa. The children I saw during the cruise were very well behaved. Hope you hear from others with children who can speak to the activities that are available.
  14. Actually after it is baked on a grid, it is hung up and "torched". My waiter on Maasdam told me the secret!
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