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  1. It depends on when you book the cruise. For my upcoming cruise, the cost of Princess Plus is more than the cost of paying for gratuities, purchasing the internet, and buying the Premium Beverage Package separately--more than $90 a day. It's because I booked the cruise at a Drop & Go fare.
  2. The insurance covers much more than having to cancel due to Covid. Think of all the other conditions people come down with every year. I had to cancel an Alaskan cruise several years ago. My doctor wouldn't let me go on it. We have been fortunate to never have to use the insurance for any other big claims. But my mother-in-law used travel insurance when she had to be hospitalized in Greece while on a cruise. We've had some minor claims that we've made after visiting the ship's medical center for things such as sinus and respiratory infections.
  3. We packed our two large pieces of luggage knowing that we'd be sending one ahead to the ship. We were careful not to pack anything we might need on the land portion in that bag. But if you need both bags to accompany you on the land portion, you can do that as well. It makes extra work for the people who transport the bags from lodge to lodge and for you to put them out each morning when you're leaving one for another.
  4. I thought the food was fine on the Majestic in August. I usually ordered one or two appetizers (frequently an appetizer portion of pasta), main course, and dessert. I did get two main courses on the night they served the crab legs--and that was more of an appetizer size portion.
  5. A friend of mine was on the ship last week and said it was good. They were serving most of the food but had some prepared items that passengers could grab and go. Think little prepared salads, appetizers, and desserts. Here's a photo of some on the Majestic in August.
  6. It's great if you will drink a few alcoholic drinks and specialty coffees a day if you can get it for $40 a day. For some of us, though, the price is considerably more. It was going to cost me more than $90 a day to add Princess Plus to my cruise. That was not worth it. I could actually book the Premium Beverage Package, pay the automatic gratuities, and prepurchase the internet for less than that amount. The reason the price varies is that the $40 a day is usually offered before final payment date. After the final payment date, when Princess discounts the base fare when necessary, the price with Princess Plus doesn't change as much. For my upcoming cruise, I didn't start tracking prices until after the final payment date. It started out at $1,096 for an inside cabin (solo) and $1,476 for the cabin with Princess Plus. A week later, the prices had dropped to $958 and $1,338, respectively. The price later dropped three weeks later to $686 without but remained at $1,338 with Princess Plus. That's why I'm not getting it. I purchased the internet ahead of time and will use my shareholders credit to pay for the automatic daily gratuity charges.
  7. I thought Princess had accepted extension cords available for those who need them for the CPAP machines. DH has not cruised, though, since he got his CPAP and isn't planning on going with me on my next one either.
  8. It was refundable on the Majestic for me in August. I used it up because I did not have Princess Plus. I'm hoping it will also show up as refundable when I'm on the Caribbean in December. The better thing, though, would be for Princess to fix it so that Platinum and Elite passengers paid 50% initially instead of paying full price ahead of time and relying on onboard credit.
  9. There's a public bus that will get you about a mile from the visitors center. I've only taken the more expensive shuttles that take you to the parking lot that's nearer. I thought the path to Nugget Falls was paved almost until the end. But I did not consider if people with wheelchairs or walkers could actually make it all the way when I was there. The path is almost always crowded. I did not worry about bears there. Here's a photo of a porcupine that was in a tree along the path.
  10. We used our time at the McKinley lodge to recuperate from our late arrival in Fairbanks a couple of nights before. Our first day was go, go, go with the riverboat and gold dredge excursions. The second day was the train to Denali and Tundra Wilderness Tour. We did take a guided nature walk on the trails by the lodge in the afternoon and enjoyed a nice dinner.
  11. When I sailed in August, I worried about the embarkation groups. No one was checking. For that cruise, I had booked my flight through Princess and the transfer. I was hoping they wouldn't keep me waiting outside the terminal until my group's time.
  12. When I was on the Majestic in August, I tried to communicate to my steward that I'd like just nightly service. But he gave me both morning and nightly service. Apparently there are some things they only do during the morning.
  13. Bon voyage! I'm already planning what to order in December on the CB. I wonder what capacity we'll be then.
  14. My cruise is in December, yet I'm still getting this message: "Spa reservations become available for your cruise within 6 months. Please check back closer to your departure date."
  15. I got a notice on the app that I'll have to pick up my medallion at the port. My cruise is in six weeks. Princess shipped me my medallion for my last cruise in August, and I didn't book it until four weeks beforehand.
  16. Traditional dining is not really in existence if it's like on my August cruise. Sure, I could book the same table and waiter each night--but I would not have the random folks assigned to the table for the length of the cruise like in real traditional dining. By the end of many cruises, we had become good friends with our tablemates.
  17. Aft and also on the aft starboard side of the Promenade.
  18. I emailed my request on Friday morning and it has not appeared yet. When I emailed my request in August for my Majestic Princess cruise, the credit appeared the same day. I won't start to worry until the end of next week. My cruise is in seven weeks (but I just booked it last week). I'd like the credit to be there before I reserve a shore excursion so I don't have to pay for it up front.
  19. When I was on the Island in 2019, the Lotus Pool was adults only.
  20. On my cruise on the Majestic Princess in August, I tended to go to dinner at 8. I usually ate alone at a table for two but usually close enough to talk to others nearby. Princess ships have lots of tables for two that are very close together. At 8, no one was asking to share a table. The ship was at a little less than 70% capacity. At breakfast and lunch, I did share tables with others.
  21. When I prepaid for an excursion before all of my OBC was credited to my account, the excess was refundable OBC. They took out the nonrefundable first. The same thing happened with my prepurchase of internet in August. I received the 50% back as refundable OBC on board the ship.
  22. I've heard eggs benedict with smoked salmon called eggs Nova Scotia.
  23. geoherb


    My favorite excursion in Ketchikan is snorkeling. It was not offered on my cruise this summer. I hope it will be next year if I go again. We've also kayaked there, taken the public bus to Totem Bight, walked to Saxman, hiked the Married Man's Trail, ridden the funicular, visited the hatchery, toured the Totem Heritage Center, and enjoyed watching the salmon and seals from Creek Street.
  24. When our ship was docked in Cobh for the day, we took a tour through eCoach (Butlers) that went to Blarney Castle and Kinsale. Our ship was several hours late. The tour company accommodated us by adjusting the times, even emailing us the day before to let us know they were aware of the schedule change. Our guide was great. I thoroughly enjoyed Blarney Castle. We ran into friends while waiting in line to kiss the Blarney Stone, so the time seemed to pass quickly. We had plenty of time to tour the gardens afterward. Kinsale was picturesque. We enjoyed eating a late lunch there (fish and chips) and having ice cream (honeycomb flavor). The coach went through Cork on the way between the two places. We did stop at Charles Fort right before getting to Kinsale. I would have enjoyed more time there than just a photo opportunity.
  25. I've been tracking prices of several Princess cruises for December. I noticed tonight that the single supplement is now lower on a lot of them. It was previously 100 percent. Now there are several cruises with single supplements from 38 to 48 percent. (Some cruises for the weeks I'm considering, unfortunately, still have 100 percent single supplements.)
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