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  1. Ours didn’t come up as Cunard on caller ID either, and they didn’t sound like the other agents I’ve spoken to from Cunard. They didn’t mention the second call - I was told that by Cunard when I called back to confirm that it was a real call from them. Nobody knows where the mini-bottle thing came from, but I’m glad that we aren’t the only ones that had the same experience- I found it very odd.
  2. We booked through an agent, but today Cunard confirmed to me that it was standard practice - even though my call seems to be an exception and not a rule.
  3. Interesting point - it might be. I’m in the US, and everyone that has responded that they haven’t received a call is not....
  4. Host Hattie, we are traveling in December. I forgot who told us to expect the call, but we received a call yesterday from someone saying they were from Cunard Concierge service. They asked us for the minibar order, told us about the pillow menu available on board, and asked allergies and if we had any questions. with all the people saying that they haven’t gotten calls, I just called Cunard to confirm that they *did* I fact call yesterday. It was Cunard and our records were updated to reflect the information we gave them. I was told today that we’d be getting another Concierge call before the sail date to see if there is anything else.
  5. Austcruiser84, we are staying in a Queens Grill suite. were told ahead of time that we would be receiving a call - about 6wks before the sail date - from the Concierge to take our bar requests and answer any questions. This was also the time to start discussing special requests and allergies.
  6. Thank you, that’s what I thought and what we’ve seen in any stateroom tours. The person who called just must have been confused or something. She had said numerous times that hard alcohol was 3 mini- bottles per passenger. I’ll give an update when we get back!
  7. So, we got our concierge call today for our upcoming cruise on the QM2 (Q6). We were u set the impression that the inroom bar would be stocked with full sized bottles. The Cunard Concierge kept talking about ‘mini-bottles’, which has me thinking of airplane drinks. According to the conversation, the wine is 750ml, but hard alcohol would be ‘mini-bottles’. Can someone please help?
  8. We actually have a Q6 with a room number - it wasn’t just a category guarantee. It would be moving to a Q5 with a room number - not a guarantee.
  9. We have booked out first Transatlantic on the QM2. Currently in a Q6, but we have the opportunity to get in to a Q5 for a few hundred dollars more. We are trying to figure out if it is worth the up charge for the Q5 and if will increase our chances for a possible upgrade by Cunard to a Q4 or higher. Does anyone have any experience, insight, or suggestions? (It’s to celebrate DH’s 50th).
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