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  1. Thanks, may have to give them a try. My LL Beans’s are starting to wear out although I really love them. Unfortunately, there have been some changes made and the reviews aren’t as good as when I bought mine.
  2. Cute slippers, Anita. Are they comfortable? A 50% off promo popped up when I clicked on your link.
  3. Anita, I love that sunset cocktail idea! I think that cul-de-saques encourage socializing too. Love your idea to have a fountain in the courtyard. Sharon
  4. Congrats, Kat! Do you think that there will be many changes to how things are done at the resort because of Covid? I wonder if masks will be required? Nice that you will have different experiences and some sense of normalcy in your days. Oh and I checked the schedule for the local public radio station. No overnight talk, just classical music. 😞 Lois, good to hear that your meds are straightened out. Hope all goes smoothly. So wine is chilling and dinner is planned in anticipation of tonight’s big event. I hope there is some useful information spoken tonight and that I can actually hear it!
  5. Anita, you certainly have lots of projects planned. I think court yards are so nice and a great way to enjoy the front of a home, Where we are there are many Spanish style homes with court yards but on our walks I notice some adding a court yard to other style homes and I wonder if this is partly because so many are spending time at home right now and this expands outdoor space. Most court yards here will have outdoor furniture, potted plants etc. Seems like a nice way to keep in touch with the neighbors.
  6. Well, the texting was sponsored and set up by a political party and the text not only included asking if they had voted but also if they were supporting specific candidates. I just figured I’d better not be too specific. I also have some nights when I am awake most of the night. I might fall asleep shortly after going to bed but then I wake up around 2am and it might be 4 or so before I fall asleep-really messes up my day. I too listen to talk radio. Will have to see about our local public radio but I think it’s mostly music overnight. I do listen to a Bay Area station. Lois, thanks for explaining about the GF grill plates. Seems easy enough.
  7. Lois, so glad to hear that your GI appointment went well. I wanted to ask about your GF grill. Can the actual grill plates be taken off for washing? It looks like they aren’t the usual non stick but something else. It sounds like you are really enjoying it. Debbie, my DIL has a minni waffle iron in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s face/head. So cute and fun to use. Looks like we Californians will be getting an extra safety check on any vaccine that will be used in CA. Don’t know if they are including trial vaccines. Kat, hope the fires and smoke don’t head your way. We still have fires burning and some smoke but it hasn’t been too bad over the last several days. Also hope your tourist season doesn’t bring lots of Covid cases with it. Everyone, stay safe!
  8. Hello Everyone, all seems to be going ok for everyone. Lots of “I Voted” messages! I’m waiting for DH to finishing up with all our propositions. Those take time to make sure you know exactly what your vote means. Today I participated in an online “get out the vote” session. Very interesting how that all worked. I used Thru Text platform to text 300 people and then to reply to those who responded. All organized by the sponsoring political party. My actual number was not used with this platform and only my first name appeared in the text. . I received about 50 replies that were then put into a survey before I responded. I was glad to see that so many have already voted. I’ve never done anything like this but my DIL is very active so she encouraged my sister and me to sign up along with my DS. So among the 4 of us we contacted 1200 voters in a 2 hour time span.I hope this isn’t considered political-I have not mentioned a party or candidate by name. Just wanted to share my experience as it was all new to me. Tomorrow I’m zooming with my 94 year old aunt, her daughters and my sister. I’m still amazed how much we can do virtually that I had no idea was possible. Take care all, Sharon
  9. Nice going, Lois! One of our local news stations even did a story on FL voting. Showed the long lines and people waiting with umbrellas. Did you have to wait a long time? We also have lots of official drop boxes in CA. We usually just drop ours in the box in front of our county’s election office then we know that it will be promptly picked up. I also signed up for our ballot notification service. After a ballet is picked up the bar code is scanned and a text or email is sent to let that voter that their ballot has been accepted and will be counted. Sharon
  10. Cynthia, I too should be cleaning out the file cabinet. I’m always unsure of what to keep and what to shred. I recently needed to pull out a dental EOB that was 10 years old and was able to find it. So that just reinforces my tendency to keep instead of getting rid of! Unfortunately I know I can’t keep it all!
  11. Hello Everyone, again I’m behind with all the posts but wanted to pop in and make a few comments. I know I will most likely miss some but here goes. Debbie, thanks for you contribution to the vaccine cause. I look forward to your updates. The process sounds very involved but that does serve to give all of us reassurance so that everyone will get the vaccine. I see that Moderna is also in phase 3 with over 80 US trial sites. They aren’t going to ask for approval until a significant number of their participants get the virus and they figure out the percentage of those who received the vaccine. There may be other vaccines going thru trials also but these two seem to be in the forefront now. So hopefully there will be effective choices and adequate availability. Great that your washer is back in service-laundromat trips aren’t a great idea right now! I haven’t done anything about the microwave, we are using our back up but I really don’t like that it takes up counter space. My list of things that will need to be taken care of eventually is growing! Purplehays, yes, that is a beautiful yellow. It looks like you did a great job with the peels. Kat, we too took advantage of some better air quality all last week. Walking and working outside. Today the air quality is not good but as the temps cool off later this week I’m hoping that the air improves. The fires are still burning but smoke hasn’t been too bad. I ordered outdoor furniture covers so I won’t have to keep cleaning the furniture cushions every time the smoke comes our way. The arrived the next day. I have thought about using Whole Foods pick up and even put things in my cart. Then I saw that they asked for permission to substitute and in most cases I didn’t care for any of the choices. I could say no substitutes but then I was afraid that my total order would be under the required $35 so I didn’t order. I think I will need to wait until my order is large enough so a few cancelled items won’t be a problem. There are always several WF shoppers in the store and ours is set up with refrigerated storage cases for the orders. Sounds like you got in a good amount of exercise with that hike and a headwind! Hope you are doing ok today. Today I plan to do some multi day cooking. If I have to turn on the oven, I might as well take advantage. Just need to adjust the different cooking temps. Did a family Zoom this morning so I put on make up. My supply seems to last forever these days. Take care everyone,
  12. Hi Lois, I have an older GF but it doesn’t cook evenly. Thinking of replacing it. Which model did you buy? Sharon
  13. Kat, love your very creative RGB costume! Candy serving idea is a good one. On our walk this morning, we found a street with several unique decorations. The pirate themed one was really quite elaborate but there was too much shade from large trees so sadly, no picture to share. I see that this thread is up to page 80. Wow! Took advantage of a few deals on Prime day sales, including the use of my $10 Whole Foods credit. 4 of the items are coming today. Warm today so wearing summer clothes. Wish we had some fall weather. Sharon
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