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  1. In 2016 I took a cab at the airport outside baggage claim. It was about $35 Euros. No baggage fee to a hotel near the port. The trip in traffic was about 30 minutes.
  2. Thanks for the input. I haven't been to MGM in years, they likely deleted my account.
  3. I received a casino offer from Casino Royale and was told that it only applied to Royal Caribbean cruises. Does Celebrity have such a program? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your post. I have a few questions: I'm looking at a Transatlantic on Costa this fall. Was there any problem communicating with the crew, I'm from the US and don't speak Italian? Did you contact many Americans on the ship. I'm surprised that Costa didn't have select dining (Free Style), so were you assigned a table? I love the Conquest class ships (Valor), that's a plus. Thanks.
  5. I'm not new to cruising nor have I ever had to study the contract before cruises, it's usually very simple. When I have always referred to gratuities (with all the cruise lines) I was only referring to the daily service charges and up until this situation it has always been understood by the sales staff that I have dealt with. I can no way enter the sales persons mind and know exactly what she was thinking. I found her very helpful with my call and she corrected other matters with the sailing. I originally booked the cruise a year and a half before sailing. I didn't think that I had paid the service charges and wanted to have that done before the cruise to avoid the large bill. I had forgotten that you can change the charges because I have never considered doing that on any cruise. The crew works hard and they deserve the gratuities but the charge is ridiculously high and I suspect that they are not going to receive the extra charges. I will call NCL on Monday and let you know what they say. I was looking at transatlantics for NCL and the include free open bar so it's not just Sky. Agreed! I suspect that your thought is true.
  6. Last year on the Star transatlantic, I purchased a case of water while on cruise (cheaper than one bottle at a time). It's a roll of the dice if it will be cheaper onboard. Good luck.
  7. I recently sailed on the Sky and called NCL 3 days before sailing. I told the rep that I wanted to pre-pay my gratuities and she said that everything was paid. You could imagine my shock when on the last night of sailing I receive a bill with a $19.99 per person per day charge on my print out. I explained to the Guest services person the situation and he said that there was nothing he could. To be fair, I have not taken this up with customer service yet or reviewed my contract. I suggest paying the gratuities in advance and settle with NCL if there is a problem onboard. Make sure that they give you something showing them paid.
  8. I was on Eclipse in April. If the Equinox has changed to the same company, just go the glass area and sign up. You will have a choice of glass objects to make and the price is based on the object (paper weight $50 or $60 and up).
  9. I am currently scheduled for late dinning (and on a wait list for select dinning), the reason for my question. Thanks for the suggestion of requesting a solo group. I am on the roll call for my cruise.
  10. Does Celebrity seat solo cruisers together on TA's? Thanks. :)
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