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  1. We are going to Alaska with our adult daughter and her boyfriend. They will be in a separate cabin. We will be exchanging our elite mini bar for two coffee packages and would like to give one to them. Does anyone know if you can assign a package to someone traveling with you, but who is in another cabin?
  2. We too use unscented laundry detergent.You can bring your own soap, liquid or powder. We have done so in the past on several cruises. Our dermatologist gave us individual packets of liquid unscented laundry detergent for one of our cruises. I don't know if those packets can be purchased as well. We have also brought powdered laundry detergent in a zip loc bag to use. I don't know what selection Princess has on board.
  3. Thanks for the update. I am glad they are okay. We have five cruises booked throughout this year, two with Princess. We are supposed to go to Bahamas on MSC next week on a three day cruise with family. Still planning to go.
  4. My husband and I took a South America / Antarctica cruise on Princess and booked a balcony. If you can swing it, I would highly recommend the balcony. On most cruises we have taken, we book inside rooms, but for this one we wanted to insure views at all times. Yes, we also went up on various decks etc., but we also spent a lot of time on our balcony. It was only approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit (not taking wind into account) during our four days in Antarctic waters. Being able to quickly duck back in our room to warm up and then go right back out again was very helpful. We are going on our first Holland America cruise in April to the Caribbean. We are really excited to experience Holland America!
  5. I had a similar thing happen. I was on a medallion cruise in December and am trying to get ocean ready for a medallion cruise in a few months. So I had already scanned my passport etc. Nevertheless, even though my passport was in the system, I still had the exclamation point. So, I just tried every day once or twice to see if the exclamation point would go away if I selected my passport again. Yesterday it finally worked. Oddly, I still have an exclamation point next to cruise personalizer, even though my cruise personalizer is complete.
  6. We did the Dec 20, 2019 thru Jan 5, 2020 cruise. It was an amazing, wonderful experience. Best cruise we've taken ( and we've taken many). I did a live-ish review on this Princess forum.
  7. Yes, Charlotte Bay was amazing. We spent a few hours there and saw an abundance of humpback whales. It was beautiful. We did not get to Esperanza Station due to weather issues. Also, the research station scientists couldn't come on board as they were unloading and setting up provisions that were being delivered when we were in the vicinity. You will love Charlotte Bay. Enjoy every minute!
  8. When we were at Elephant Island one side was shrouded in fog and the other side of the island it lifted. Sorry you only experienced fog. Are you in Neumayer Channel now? So glad today is fantastic!
  9. Enjoy Elephant Island. Love your updates. Wish I were back on the Coral!
  10. This is for Brooklyn pier to JFK. We have a lot of OBC so we are thinking of waiting to book the transfer from ship to airport until we are on the ship. We thought we would use all our OBC on shore excursions but it seems we will still have a chunk left over!
  11. If you want to buy a transfer from the ship to the airport when you are already on the ship is that always available or do they sell out? Also does anyone know if the cost of a post-cruise airport transfer is significantly higher if it is booked on the ship than if it is booked before the cruise?
  12. If you book through a travel agent they must book transfers for you.
  13. So glad you were able to tender in the Falklands and that Bluff Cove was great. I enjoyed every minute of it in late December. It sounds like it has been a great trip, in spite of the bumps at the beginning.
  14. Have a wonderful day in the Falkland Islands. I looked at the weather and it appears to be favorable (i.e. wind below 20 mph). Enjoy every minute. 🐧
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