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  1. If you just want to communicate with someone specific, but in public here on Cruise Critic, start with a @ and then start typing their screen name. You will see a list that you can scroll down or, if you put in the full screen name select. This will show up as @ashik08 and will let them know that you are directing the comment to them.
  2. and Trek partners with Scenic https://trektravel.com/trip/rhine-river-cruise-bike-tour/ and Backroads partners with Ama https://www.backroads.com/award-winning-tours/cruises But these are specific sailings geared to cyclists.They aren't just cycling a small section of the route; there is daily cycling.
  3. If the specific spot is to be assigned by the river authorities, the location where you docked is irrelevant, IMHO. There are presumably a number of docks in the possible stretch. To presnat, find a hotel you will be happy with, and if you have to arrange for a taxi, do so. (I believe that there are also trams along the river, but I can't comment on that.)
  4. The desktop screen is divided into 2 panels, the main panel on the left where your messages are, and a panel at the right which has announcements and albums (with pictures showing). Follow that right panel up. Below the white cruise critic banner (which is always visible on the page), you will find +create (with an arrow), a bell, an envelope, and your screen name (with an arrow). Just below this row, under the bell, envelope and your name, is an oval bar that says search in it, with a magnifything glass on the right side of the oval. Click in the oval. It will open up a search in... menu. Make the selections that you want. Then go back to the oval and put your search terms into it.
  5. Liable for what? They have nothing to do with the change in flight times. If the change would be such that you would miss your connection or not arrive on time for the cruise then they might have some liability to help you. I don't see that they have any responsibility for a longer layover. (I flew Turkish Airways from Johannesburg back to Toronto through Istanbul a number of years ago. It started with an 8 hour layover, but then they changed the schedule - Air Canada started flying the Istanbul to Toronto route and that caused a change to the schedule - and I ended up with 12 hours. I dealt with it.)
  6. I don't think that my issue would be just traffic coming at me on the wrong side (not an issue on a divided highway), but rather that everything that I am used to watching for has to be reversed. (I have never driven on the opposite side of the road, but I have cycled in Wales, New Zealand and Australia, and it is very difficult to get used to traffic on the wrong side.) Also, although I don't drive a standard, we are used to shifting with our right hand, and that would be awkward to do with the left. I also presume (although I am not certain) that the pedals are reversed, so that you have to deal with your feet differently, even if the car is an automatic.
  7. Are you using a computer, and iPad or a phone? On a phone, the search you want is on the blue bar, not the white one above it. Click on the white magnifying glass and it will open a search box with a menu below it labelled Content Search. Put your search term in the box. Click on Topics. Then, a little farther down the list (below Albums) you will see Cruise Critic Community (otherwise known as a forum) with a drop down menu that will let you select where you want to search. Note that Cruise Critic Community menu doesn't show up until you select Topic. On a computer (or on an iPad in landscape mode), the search is not the magnifying glass at the top right, but rather the bar below your screen name (which is below the big magnifying glass. Click inside the bar before you start to type anything, and you will see a list of options.
  8. Just to add another caveat to notamermaid's, I don't know whether CGT would have a ship to swap to in the event of low water. GCT has only 2 ships on this 15 day itinerary. These 2 ships also do Budapest to Bucharest. (I can't find dates for this year anywhere, so I'm not sure what runs when.)
  9. I'm not sure which cruise you are on, but my reading (and my experience with Uniworld in Vienna) tell me that you are on a bus for most of the sights, until you get to walk around a bit in the city centre. The only place that says "visit" on most of the Ama itineraries that I looked at is St. Stephen's Cathedral..
  10. Since Bruce notified you directly, with the @John Bull he was actually ensuring that you saw it. If you are going to call us Canucks, please spell it correctly with 2 "C"s. 😉
  11. A little off subject. The advantage of the UK plug is that it is very secure. When I was in Vietnam they had composite sockets that could take anything. My North American plugs couldn’t seem to stay plugged in (a problem when trying to charge a phone) but I had a UK adapter with me which held everything firmly.
  12. I took the bus to the airport in 2011, and found it fairly straightforward. I do, however, always travel light enough to use transit. I have a medium size rolling suitcase (24-25"), and a backpack on my back. I can't remember whether I took a tram from my hotel to the bus stop, but I might have walked.
  13. The OP is not going to the cruise boat; he is going to a hotel.
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