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  1. I can't open it on my desktop either. Right below the file name, even without clicking on it (which I did anyway) it says Unavailable.
  2. He looks sort of Viking-ish, but I don't know how that fits with river cruising.
  3. I had a problem with my laptop running Chrome. You have to clear more than cached files. I cleared cached files and images as well as browsing history and everything worked after that. I don't think that there is a bug anymore.
  4. I actually meant to say that I live alone. It doesn't change the gist of the comment though.
  5. I could deal with quarantine at home for 2 weeks after a trip. I live at home and currently work at home (and will be retiring in the spring). I couldn't deal with having to quarantine at my destination.
  6. That finally worked for me on Chrome running on Windows 10 for Enterprise.
  7. I can't speak about either St. Petersburg or Cunard, but in these days of Covid many cruise lines are insisting that you take their tours or not get off the ship. This is so that they know where you have been and with whom. I don't think that this one is a visa question; rather it is a question of keeping Covid off the ship.
  8. I'll have to try that on my office computer. Thanks.
  9. This makes much more sense. Again, according to Rome2Rio.com, there are many options. Train, bus and ferry all take from a little over 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Note that the ships don't dock in the centre of Vienna; the Danube is a fair distance north of the centre. The central train station is even further from the dock, although I'm sure that you can get there by public transit, which, depending on where your ship is docked, could be very close by. However, if you haven't been to Vienna before, I would suggest staying put; there is lots to see in Vienna itself.
  10. Definitely French. You may have edited out the sign, but you left a direction arrow with ENTRÉE on it.
  11. Generally entertainment is no more than a musician (or 2) in the lounge after dinner. Occasionally they will bring on local entertainment, but you will not find shows. Unless you are overnighting in a town, or unless there is a late excursion, you are usually on your way much before 10pm.
  12. I know it is SouthEast Asia. I'm thinking Irrawaddy River.
  13. I don't have a problem with the size, although I didn't before either. However, on my office laptop (which I probably shouldn't be using) running Windows 10 Enterprise version 1809, and Google Chrome 86.0.4240.193 which I just updated. I don't see the blue dots or blue stars in front of the titles, or the folders to mark folders as read. I don't have this problem on my personal desktop computer running Windows 10. Everything there looks fine. I do however, seem to be having a problem with the behaviour of the blue dots/stars. They don't always take me to where I
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