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  1. Don't necessarily assume that the local guide really knows what they were doing. When I finished a cruise from Istanbul to Venice (obviously not a river cruise) the company hired a local guide to get us to the Venice airport. We had been intended to go by boat but there was a regatta going on so they bused us. We got to the airport really early, and tried to convince the the guide that our Air Canada flights were being operated by Lufthansa, and that we needed to check in there. She had the group of us wait while she went to check what we had clearly detailed on our itineraries. We also got there very early for what was essentially a domestic flight to Frankfurt.
  2. When they first changed the rules there was a limit to the number of rows. I believe that that is no longer in effect. The only limitations are to links and images. Your signature is completely made up of simple text; you should have no problem in adding rows.
  3. Just a note that visas for Russia are not included in your excursions. There is a visa waiver program in Russia if you are on an organized tour with a recognized tour company. Note that this is not applicable to river cruising in Russia, because you are entering the country by plane and not by ship, among other reasons. For river cruising you need an actual Russian visa.
  4. It is also known as Sepphoris. From Wikipedia "In Late Antiquity, it was believed to be the birthplace of Mary, mother of Jesus, and the village where Saints Anna and Joachim are often said to have resided, where today a 5th-century basilica is excavated at the site honoring the birth of Mary.[7] Notable structures at the site include a Roman theater, two early Christian churches, a Crusader fort renovated by Zahir al-Umar in the 18th century, and over sixty different mosaics dating from the third to the sixth century CE.[8][9]" I found the mosaics to be among the best I have ever seen anywhere. There is a lot of information on the web if you Google either Zippori or Sepphoris.
  5. Or, if you want to put comments after each part of the quoted post, change the colour of your font so that it is recognizably different (and it also helps to put in some empty lines). The other way to do this is to quote each part of the post that you are responding to, and use the + button to the left of the Quote button to add new parts. Then, as Jazzbeau points out, put your comments outside the text box of each quote. (Personally, I haven't figured this one out yet, but members do it all the time. 😀)
  6. I found the mosaics at Zippori to be incredible when I saw them a number of years ago. I hadn’t heard of the site before, and I was quite amazed.
  7. A limited access highway is one where you can only enter or exit at specific spots. I’m not sure what they call them in the UK. There is nothing that limits who can use them; the limitations are points of ingress and egress. As an aside, my current rental contract, with Cal-Auto, charges a 52.65 NIS handling fee for driving on toll roads. There is nothing in this contract that limits where I can drive.
  8. If you look on your map you will see a dotted black line, which is the green line. You are nowhere near it. Personally, on my last 3 trips not including the one I’m currently on I have never taken route 6. If I remember correctly route 2 which goes closer to the sea is somewhat faster than route 4 which is a little further inland. However, off route 4 a bit north of Atlit (on Route 2) if you take 7111 up onto the Carmel range you will find the artist village of Ein Hod which I enjoy. Lots of artist’s studios and galleries to visit. Also, there is some fantastic Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv which I am currently enjoying.
  9. I have never been to the Ottawa Tulip Festival (which I assume is the one you referred to), except after a bad storm which knocked all the blossoms off.
  10. You can do that with custom activity streams. Sorry, I’m on a phone and can’t really help you do it.
  11. Uber’s model will only be viable when we have self-driving cars and there is no driver to pay. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they may be out of business by then.
  12. The bulb fields in the countryside are chopped off quite early. These fields are used for harvesting bulbs. Flowers in Keukenhof are grown for beauty, and they try for a mixture that will bloom throughout the period when it is open. Also, there are flowers in the buildings that aren’t dependent on the outside weather. I went to Keukenhof in late April 2010. There had been a late spring, and it seemed like absolutely everything was in bloom then.
  13. No, just happen to be in Israel at the moment, and have studied in Jerusalem (albeit many years ago).
  14. Just to be really clear. Don’t click on the title, click on the dot/star.
  15. It’s actually referred to as Yimka, rather than Yum Ka. Enjoy your trip. I am currently in Tel Aviv.
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