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  1. Thanks for the info. Yes I can get N95 or KN95, and if the airport accepts it hopefully the railways will too.
  2. Will I need an FFP2 mask in Frankfurt airport? I see FFP2 masks on amazon.com, but not on amazon.ca. I doubt that I will cross the border before my trip, so I can't send them to my sister's in the US. Will they hand one out on the plane if needed at the airport?
  3. I have been buying CAA non-medical package coverage from CAA South Central Ontario (because my employee benefits included very good out of province medical coverage). This only seems to ask about whether you have been advised not to travel. There are no other pre-existing coverage clauses that I could find that related to that specific package. Note that right now, COVID, as an known risk, is not a covered reason for cancellation.
  4. On my TD Visa Infinite (not the highest end card, but still a premium one) the cancellation coverage is a maximum of $1250 per person and $5000 per family, which doesn't go very far on the types of trips that I am taking lately.
  5. Deutche Bahn recommends using an FFP2 mask. I believe the same is true on French Rail.
  6. Yes it is. And a civil service pension plan is the gold standard!
  7. I am certain that your civil service pension is a defined benefit plan. Before you retired, you got pension statements saying that you had accumulated so many dollars per year or per month of pension. Your pension also has inflation protection. The alternative is a defined contribution plan where you accumulate a pot of money and at retirement they calculate how much benefit that will buy.
  8. I can answer the second question. DB stands for defined benefit pension plan.
  9. It has been happening quite consistently for the 2021 sailings (although not usually the lack of notification). Companies are consolidating passengers on fewer ships, and moving people by a few days to another sailing. There isn't the normal demand.
  10. It can’t be a barge cruise because the picture is on the sundeck of a river cruise ship.
  11. I had somewhat the same issue (although from the other side) with a theatre subscription quite a while ago. Our subscription seats were in the first row of the second price tier. One year, they changed the boundaries of the price tiers (extending the most expensive seats) and our seats were now in the first price tier. Without saying anything, they invoiced us for the higher price, without giving us the option to move our seats. That said, what they are doing to you is much worse. You booked that cabin at one price, and now they tell you that you can't have it because it is more ex
  12. You didn’t highlight the section that I have highlighted in bold italics above. If they aren’t recommending additional doses of either vaccine they are admitting that you are fully vaccinated.
  13. Call your local public health department about getting your vaccination onto the Ontario database.
  14. It helps if you list some of the things that you hope to do, because that will help determine a good location for you.
  15. It isn't the browser. It is just that you can't see signatures on a phone. (I think that they are visible on a tablet in landscape mode, but I'm not certain.)
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