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  1. Probably too late for leaf change, but it varies from year to year.
  2. This is getting even more confusing! There is also something called Copenhagen City Pass which is from Stromma https://www.copenhagencitypass.com/en/. This seems to be fairly similar to the Copenhagen Card although it covers many fewer attractions. It covers in addition, the HoHo buses and HoHo boats (run by Stromma naturally). It does NOT cover public transportation. Costs are reasonably comparable to the Copenhagen Card (at least for the 5 day that I am looking at). The transportation pass is called City Pass (without Copenhagen at the beginning) https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/citypass# I will use the Copenhagen Card, because I think that the public transportation will beat any HoHo bus hands down. I can get straight to where I want to go (depending on the routing of course; oh for the M3 line) without the vagaries of a HoHo route and its timing.
  3. Are you using a desktop or a phone? That answers differ.
  4. No, you are looking for Saint John, New Brunswick. 🙂
  5. Please be careful about your nomenclature. If you are looking at Saint John, New Brunswick, it is not shortened. (One of the reasons might be that we also have St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. (If you try searching for St. John you are likely to get St. John's as well or instead).
  6. My understanding of this, from my (now cancelled) cruise and Rick Steves, is that Hellesylt is a technical stop; it is only used to offload passengers, or, in your case, to pick up passengers that are taking an overland excursion between the 2. No one else gets on/off at Hellesylt. Basically, the port stop is Geiranger until 2 pm, and you can choose to either cruise to Hellesyt (and enjoy the fjord scenery which you might have missed before your 7 am arrival in Geiranger), or take an excursion that will take you overland to Hellesylt to reboard your ship. It might have to be a ship sponsored excursion because of the pickup; on my cruise - where most excursions were to be included - it was an extra cost option. The overland tour gives you a chance to see the fjords from above, which is a different perspective.
  7. Many of us have no problems using a browser on the iPhone. Personally, I have used both Chrome and Safari.
  8. True. However, some languages are much more difficult than others. I have done will with Italian, and I can sort of manage French and Spanish. I managed to learn a few phrases in Vietnamese and Dutch (I have the pronunciation bang on for Dutch, but most vocabulary is very difficult.) However, I have completely given up on Croatian, Catalan, Cambodian and Burmese. I may take a look at Danish for my upcoming trip, although I know that everyone will be able to communicate with me much better in English. I am, however, somewhat worried about my time in Scotland; that might be the toughest to deal with. 😀
  9. I will be in London that weekend (actually heading to Heathrow on Sunday morning). I'm grateful that my hotel is right near King's Cross - St. Pancras, as I will just hop on the Piccadilly Line to get to the airport. My Saturday plans involve two walking tours, and I have confirmed that they won't be affected by the routes.
  10. Sorry, in this specific case I disagree. This is from the FAQs for Copenhagen Free Walking Tours: How much does the tour cost? It is free to participate all our tours, but you are welcome to tip your guide. Will you accept tips in currencies other than Danish Crowns? We often get tipped in Euros, Swedish Crowns and American dollars. All the guides are travellers and will find a way to use other currencies. Do the guides keep, in full, any tips given to them? In order to continue running these tours in Copenhagen, all guides pay a marketing fee to Copenhagen Free Walking Tours F.M.B.A. based on the number of guests who participated in the tour. This marketing fee is used to pay for our advertisement, websites, flyers, umbrellas, nametags and to run our administration. The current marketing fee for the Grand Tour of Copenhagen is 10 DKK (1,34 euro) per guest and for The Classical Tour of Copenhagen and The Christianshavn Tour the marketing fee is 5 DKK (0,67 euro) per guest. Not only are the guides not paid, they have to pay a marketing fee. Their only compensation is from tips.
  11. You are correct, unfortunately. https://www.edintattoo.co.uk/tickets
  12. I don't know. Looks more like Apple auto-correct to me. And now you are sounding very Lord of the Rings-ish.
  13. Was she really putting things away for posterity?
  14. I have used 3, but only one in Europe. However, I travelled with UniWorld before it went all-inclusive; as a virtual non-drinker that means that I am subsidizing drinkers. I also haven't travelled on the UniWorld super ships, I have only been on the River Queen and River Countess. The UniWorld decor is really quite over the top; it is not to my taste, but I can live with it for a while. Try to look at pictures of your cabin grade; each is decorated differently, and some I don't think I would be able to sleep in. Mine were reasonably muted. Many people love the Ama twin balcony cabins; I had one on the Mekong, and found it just about useless; the inside part was tiny, as was the outside. I much preferred the panoramic window (French Balcony) on Avalon.
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