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  1. I think a 20000 aMh charger could start a Mack Truck!
  2. Some folks here are angst about their dining times 8 month out. Stick with MTD and you'll do fine!
  3. Are they safe for Alpha Gal sufferers?
  4. I don't get "turn down" at home and look forward to it on my cruises. I've gotten used to sleeping on top with my towel animal.
  5. We take stuff that takes up too much space to the elevator lobby. Never had a problem.
  6. We have to. Grandson's graduation present. Close port to drive to, no air fare! Port of Charleston is a nightmare. Can't get into the parking area until the current passengers get out of there. Check into one building and get driven to a second building.
  7. Ordered $700.00 on the 4th about noon and just received (7th) from UPS. Nothing special shipping just regular land.
  8. Going on her final cruise. Our most loved ship!
  9. I'm running scared. Be on her the middle of March.
  10. It is a closet off of the CVL and most Pinns can't find their way up there!
  11. Why even bother? Get your fix and go back to the ship. Air Conditioned and free food!
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