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  1. Ohm's Law is not understood by most of the screeners!
  2. We used to play when it was fun to pass a rainy day. Fun activity folks doing the calling. Recently had a friend who won early on and used her winnings to rent several "machines". Lost her ass. I don't trust any electronics involved in what is supposed to be a game of "chance".
  3. Eating a whole Maine lobster reminds me of high school biology class dissecting something I'd never eat. I've even had friends who would differentiate between males and females for their choice. Yucck!
  4. I'm hoping there are a bunch Grandeur experts on here.........where in the morning can you get an Irish coffee? Thanks!
  5. I'm on a cruise.......don't need any times other than when to be back before sailing!
  6. I used to order my diet tonic delivered to the ship from a local bottler. As this became more bothersome, I've brought a cruise length 2lt bottles from Kroger as my second checked bag on Southwest. I need to investigate soda stream diet tonic mix. Thanks!
  7. That's the only reason I cruise. I've recently exposed my twin 14 yo grandsons to this perk on a recent Nassau cruise in March. I think they're "hooked".
  8. The daily planner is left on your bed and suggests that you advance or retreat you watch tonight. It is referencing tomorrow's tonight. So if you take it literally........You'll probably miss breakfast!
  9. We've always brought a Bed & Bath plug in air freshener with us in a sealed zip lock bag (for leaks). Plugged it into our power strip and leave on the desk. Freshens the room and serves as a nightlight. Never a problem over a dozen cruises on a half dozen cruise lines!
  10. I finally responded to a topic that didn't get me kicked off Cruise Critic!
  11. Carnival "get's it"! Times are always "ship's time" for the entire cruise. No need to keep adjusting.
  12. We'd like to do this but we both have Alpha-Gal allergies. Would we be able to get full benefits from that experience?
  13. I think two cards would be appropriate.......one for status, easily readable at 50 yards....and one for stateroom, purchases, etc.
  14. Move to Monterey, Tennessee! I'll send all of the Chamber of Commerce Perks!
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