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  1. Some years back we were on the "Norway" for a b2b and got to watch most of the O.J. trial live!
  2. Bring your crock pot, instant pot, air fryer, George Forman grill. The blender fits in my backpack and has room for my Krazy Janes mixed up seasonings. Turns out just like being at home, but seasick!
  3. Bar buddys are your friends. Grease them early and live on!
  4. Our usual ship is Grandeur. Usually, right after boarding, there are a number of smokers in the casino getting their "fix" before the muster drill. And in the mornings they are in there. Peew!
  5. I don't remember (2 times) and issues leaving the Grandeur in Halifax. Ramp was at parking level height.
  6. Right.......it's included with the Delux whatever package. Nice Catch?
  7. Fresh Orange juice @ breakfast is included. You need a bank loan to buy it outright.
  8. Been invited 6 times on 3 different cruise lines. Honored 4 of them. The other one was for the Captain's cabin for a sail away cocktail hour from St. Thomas. It was a lot of fun!
  9. Pins automatically get monogram ones in their cabin.
  10. If there is a weather issue.....is there any refund?
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