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  1. We've never experienced any odors on Deck 2, forward, middle, or aft. We tend to walk the long hallways to our destination rather than 4, 5, or 6.
  2. Years ago....there was Italian, Mexican,French,50's,Caribbean,Western,nights. We brought appropriate dress, hats, shoes and accessories. Too much baggage and TIA. Since 911 it's only tee shirts and shorts.
  3. There was an earlier poster who suggested getting the slim, RCCI one. I disagree. Get the fattest on that will probably work with all cruise lines luggage tags.
  4. I grabbed a quick sweet roll while waiting in line to get off and had to either consume it or toss it!
  5. This is the biggest problem for a bald person non-coffee drinking being. Not going on a cruise for my hair do or my beverage perference!
  6. There are so many unlimited threads that I don't get it! Just go and eat wherever!
  7. We had to sit on a city side street until 11:00 before being allowed into the parking lot.
  8. Been on over 20 cruises on her. Deck 2, forward, never had a problem in any kind of seas!
  9. Last time we were on Carnival we had "Priority" get off. We all assembled in the appropriate location and were led off to the elevator landing where they were controlling the cars. We got off and led to an outdoor deck and found ourselves in a long line of "self assists". We waited forever to clear. Our elevator was directed to the wrong deck.
  10. I think there should be a "reward" for a found towel. Might cut down on Charhogs.
  11. We've been on Thanksgiving and the decorations are up the next morning!
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