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  1. Just got off the Edge. The Celebrity app does support texting without paying for connection to internet. It worked great! You will need (as of this writing) the Last name, birthdate and room number of at least one person in the cabin. Once you input that info, it will populate your screen with all persons in that cabin. You will then invite to connect. Once they respond you can start texting! On board, I was told that the final version they are working on will only require a last name, first name. I do know that it is not on all ships yet but they are working on it!
  2. I was wondering, after looking through the App, where does it say message? And if not message, how does one know how to use it to message a fellow passenger?
  3. Are there any places on the ship that are "hot spots"? Thinking of using WhatsApp to contact friends on board.
  4. We have the unlimited internet package included for one device. I am bringing my computer. Does someone know if I can also use my phone to text people that are on board the Edge with us or is my phone considered a 2nd device? Thanks for your responses in advance.
  5. Didn't even think of that! Thank you!
  6. Thank you! Nice to know they've thought of this! So looking forward to our cruise.
  7. We are sailing on the Edge this Sunday. My DH uses a C-Pap machine that is set bedside. Is there an outlet bedside? If not, any suggestions on where and how to plug it in. Thank you in advance! Patty
  8. Our assigned check in time for our upcoming Edge cruise is 1-1:30. When I pull up the main information page on-line it says to arrive no less than 2 hours before your assigned boarding time. Does that mean we have to arrive no later than 11 a.m.? Then sit around and wait until 1 to check-in and board? Please clarify this for me those of you who have already experienced the boarding process. Thank you in advance.
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