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  1. Nope, you are not alone. I echo your sentiments entirely. The less "stuff" I have to bring, the better! 🙂
  2. I probably wouldn't do it, but if my family and/or grandchildren wanted to, I would go along. To each his own...if others find pleasure in matching t-shirts, I say go for it! 😉
  3. Especially when you live in VIRGINIA ! What??
  4. OP never said that Bermuda is the ONLY place he/she wants to be: just how to spend the most time possible there while still on a cruise. Do you really think the OP is so obtuse that they couldn't figure out to book a land trip to Bermuda if that is what they wanted?
  5. I do! It is, however , a very personal thing. Some people go by the "I only shower/sleep in my cabin, so inside is fine theory. I go by the "enjoy my own private space on occasion" theory, and I need that space to be more than a glorified closet!! To each his/her own. 🙂
  6. Also, we have booked with an online agency for the past few years. We routinely get paid gratuities, some onboard credit ($100 or more), a loyalty credit ($50 OBC). In the past we have also received dinner for 2 at a specialty rest. and on one or two occasions, a spa credit.. We don't always get all of the above, but always more than a bottle of wine and usually at least 2 of the perks I mentioned. Our agency always gets back to us by the end of the business day if we have a question or a problem( which is very rare). I like order and control as much as the next guy, but not to where I will "bite off my nose to spite my face", so to speak. JMO 🙂
  7. I would go with the mid-ship cabin. As martincath said above, Deck 8 is not that high on newer ships. Also, an aft location will roll side to side while a location in the bow area will pitch which is more of an up and down motion which IMO is the worst for those affected by motion sickness. You may have heard the phrase "pitch and roll" ? If I am off base here, I am sure the Chief will set me straight! LOL 🙂
  8. I'll go overboard if I want ...you're not the boss of me ! 😉
  9. I didn't know that was a possibility. Thank you for that info ! 🙂
  10. Let me know where you are cruising. I want to be at your table, too! LOL 🙂
  11. Even when dining at a single specialty restaurant with no pkg., there is no reason to tip unless you want to. A portion of the fee you pay is the service charge/tip. We do usually tip, but not 15 to 20 %. - Maybe $10 or a little more depending. 🙂
  12. Ditto ! SAS Trans. is our shuttle of choice. 🙂
  13. Chef's Table is great, but the OP should know that Chef's Table comes with a wine pairing for each course. If you do not drink or do not drink wine specifically, it is kind of silly to pay all that extra money. Just FYI ! 🙂
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