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  1. Is this your first time posting a picture? If so, congratulations. Posting pictures now is much easier than on the old Cruise Critic site. You'll be doing Live from reports next.😄
  2. That must have been quite the journey. So glad you all made it home healthy and safely. Did you see the testimonial done by some of your fellow passengers? So much better experience than what HAL Zaandam is going through.
  3. I know a lot of people don't go on Facebook and may not have seen the moving testimonials from the people who just returned from Marina.
  4. I love Dimitar sp? One of the best butlers ever.
  5. Thanks Paul. Posting a picture is a lot easier now than in the old format. Click on "choose files" and your computer should open Desktop,Documents, Pictures etc Go to whatever one you might have a picture stored and click on a picture, click open and up it pops and hit Submit Reply. Give it a try😊
  6. I remember that and followed your live posting. It was a great review and I may just read it again.
  7. Thank you for posting, I can picture a couple of my friends at that bar- their regular hangout😂
  8. I stole this idea from a Celebrity Cruiser but I thought it would be a nice change from all the bad news we hear these days. Since no one is actively cruising on Oceania right now, how about a thread to remember happy moments from past cruises during this depressing time. Let’s post our favorite photos from our past Oceania Cruises. A few requests though... 1. Post photos from onboard ship or at any port during the cruise. 2. Post photos one at a time, and no more than three per day, just so we can get a variety of photos from different members and don’t flood the thread with many photos in one post. 3. Include some explanations about what you’re posting; what ship, when you took the cruise, what port, etc. And if you have a nice story to go along with the photo even better. I’ll start... Wish I there right now in my favorite Riviera cabin.
  9. He is best known for co-founding Microsoft Corporation with childhood friend Bill Gates in 1975. He died in 2018. Thank you for that wonderful sunrise picture.
  10. You're making my weekend. This is so much more fun than watching or reading the news. I'm not an early riser so I feel like I'm seeing a whole new world 😊
  11. I don't think you need to have an account. Captain Kate decided to stay with her crew even though she was due to go home. They are sailing around nowhere and she put each one of her crew in their own cabin. 1300 crew and 1400 cabins.
  12. If it opens and there is no sound double click on her name at top and it will take you to her home page and you can click on "Justcrewit"
  13. Celebrity Captain Kate is making her crew very happy. https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17854489048868145/?hl=en I don't know if this will open but I think you can copy to Google and open. It's very sweet and uplifting.
  14. One of the posters on our March 31st Riviera Roll Call posted that she had cancelled before the Cruise line cancelled our cruise and got her TA to get a refund afterwards instead of the FCC offered to those who cancelled before the cruise was cancelled. Don't think they were Platinum.
  15. If you go to very bottom of site under Resources -do you see it? RESOURCES TRAVEL HEALTH ADVISORY MAR 5, 2020
  16. Very creative thinking.😊 It still doesn't clarify whether you will or will not(as stated in Jan 29 notice) be refunded if they deny boarding for what they determine is a health risk- i.e elevated temperature,cough etc. I don't have COPD but I understand those who do tend to cough and have shortness of breath. I know- the answer will be why would they travel- but what if they decide to take the risk? Will they be denied because their disease mimics covid 19 symptons?
  17. The one you received is the one that is on Oceania site currently. I see what you circled in red. Are you thinking that this would mean anyone denied boarding for an elevated temperature would get a refund?. I think it is only referring to people who have travelled to the infected areas.
  18. The notice that I referred to was posted on Jan 29th by another poster. I didn't receive that notice personally and I am on Riviera March 31st transatlantic that ends in Rome. As you said, the new notice doesn't say anything about refunds if you are denied boarding because of a temperature reading.
  19. Thank you- really appreciate you doing this. I have never had John Cleford as a Cruise Director so looking forward to having him as the Cruise Director. I have had August as the General Manager before and really like him- any chance I can bug you to see if he might be staying on for our March 31st cruise?😊 p.s. I'm not a big ice cream fan but you have me very intrigued about the Humphrey Slocombe choices.
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