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  1. I believe that there is about a 100% chance that that price will be offered on Maasdam. HOWEVER The ships that they are referring to on this thread are the new Pinnacle class. On that class there is a dedicated CO venue. On the older ships there is no dedicated venue. Your meals on Maasdam will be where they always have been, including breakfast. IMO, the value of CO on the smaller ships is solely dependent upon your Mariner status or your stateroom class. If you are below 4* and not in a Neptune Suite it may represent value to you.....priority boarding, tendering, etc. Again, that's my opinion. On my last cruise -- two months ago on Volendam -- I was offered CO at $15. But I'm 4*, so I could perceive no added value and did not accept the offer.
  2. Yes, I get a drink card every cruise. I have never used one up and the remainder has ALWAYS been refunded back to my credit card within a day or two without fail.
  3. Ya just beat me to it 😀😀😀
  4. I don't know on which line(s) you sail, but I'm on HAL. So the following comments are unique to HAL: The host/pit boss will usually open the 3:2 table if asked....and sometimes I have to beg. Naturally the 3:2 table is a higher minimum ($15) than the 6:5 table but this serves another useful purpose: As you must know, the majority of folks on a cruise have never really played blackjack. So they are happy to stay on the lower-minimum ($6) 6:5 table. This leaves the 3:2 table for us real blackjack players. I don't know if the above applies to all of the lines under the CCL (Carnival) Ocean Players Club umbrella or not. Would like to hear input from any blackjack players on those lines (Princess, Carnival, Seabourn, etc).
  5. Unfortunately, the signs that no longer exist are the ones directing "counterclockwise" on the deck. Well, Amsterdam still has two "one-way -->" signs. I've had to modify my prom laps (brisk walking) to the very early-morning time when the crew is doing the daily sluicing of the decks. I know that I must annoy them as they perform this task. However, if I go later I'm frightened at the forward and aft blind corners as there is sure to be someone strolling in the clockwise direction. Although Amsterdam also has mirrors so you can see the path around the corners. The other ships don't -- or didn't. I'll be boarding Volendam tomorrow so I'll soon find out. And I too have politely directed joggers to the sports deck. Some have responded in a civil fashion and some have not.
  6. Ooops, just need to clarify why I "liked" your post. I liked it because I agree 100% with your theory. Not because I was hoping that your theory will ever actually be implemented. 😀
  7. Yes, they do. All of the replacements are the Pinnacle-class-style showers with the glass doors and are the standard-tub 5' footprint. I guess that the interiors probably still have the old small corner showers with the curtains. And yes, I really keep up with this stuff 😀. I'm just 5' tall and those high-sided deep European-style tubs have been the bane of my existence for years. Doubt that they'll ever replace the ones in the balcony "suites" on the R-class and S-class ships because the jetted tubs are marketed as a perk. Personally, I'm not happy about that.
  8. I've done it twice before, once on Ryndam and once on Statendam (not Nieuw). But I'm a retired engineer so observing the workings of the canal never gets old. Therefore, due to packing and sailing, I won't be online for the end of the Alaska season so just want to say -- Good job Kathi!! Thanks for all you do.
  9. Soon Volendam will be on her way to pick me up in Vancouver for the ride thru the Canal. Whee!!
  10. Are the itineraries identical (HALs and the other line(s))? That's what determines most of the taxes and fees.
  11. Disclaimer: WAY off-topic. But -- just to set the record straight -- 'twas I who invented the term "humungoudam" (post #147). I did that to distinguish the Pinnacle-class ships from the "enormodams" -- the Signature Sisters. In case you haven't already discerned, I'm an R-class/S-class troglodyte 🙄. OK, y'all may get back on-topic now.
  12. Thanks, everyone! This'll be my third time thru. But I'm a retired engineer so observing the actual operations of the transit never gets old. Plus this time we get to stop at the ABCs. And that's a rare itinerary for a repo. I'm actually going to get off the ship at a few ports this trip!
  13. Might be $50 per diem on the humungoudams, where they have a dedicated CO venue. However, it can't be selling well elsewhere 'cause my offer was $15(!) per diem for my cruise next week on little Volendam. But, as I mentioned on another thread, I'm already 4* so there is no added value for me. Also as I mentioned on the other thread, I could find NO other 4* or 5* folks who took the offer on my Amsterdam voyage earlier this month. I acknowledge the possibility, however, that lower-tier Mariners not in Neptunes may perceive some benefit.
  14. Well, I'm not one to promote adding new stickies to this board but.....this same question seems to be asked by folks every few days. Perhaps there should be a sticky with just a link to the CCL shareholder benefit pdf? Yes, I know that it would have to be changed once a year.
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