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  1. If everything goes as planned with the ship build and our cruise is a go, I have been told the ship will not sail at full capacity. I have been on sailings half full due to weather and I can assure you it was great with regards to spacing. It was almost as if we had the ship to ourselves. As for the islands, it is up to you as to whether you want to disembark at each port of call. With this new beautiful ship, I am sailing with the thoughts the ship is my destination. Florida has been doing extremely well with regards to the virus compared to the rest of the nation. That being said, I think your elderly parents (if over 70) may wind up restricted from cruising due to the policy Carnival will be implementing once cruising starts. So as you say, Carnival may make the decision for you. We still have 5.5 months before we sail, so plenty of time to see how things progress before making any decisions.
  2. I took his comments to be later than originally scheduled as well. As for the bookings currently being sold out for 3 months...yeah...they are...the main reason is the ship as it stands today will not be able to sail at full capacity due to the virus restrictions which will be put in place. So, with that in mind, the ship was inadvertently over sold prior to the virus. Unless there is enough attrition from cancellations, I would not be surprised if Carnival is forced to call currently booked passengers and ask them to choose another sailing.
  3. There are 6 casino hotels on the island of Bimini....so there was quite a bit going on before Virgin came into the picture.
  4. Like I mentioned before, it is already happening with ships in Florida who are not associated with the big 3 (Carnival, Royal, NCL). I would think if it goes well, the big 3 will have to consider day runs (at least with a ship or two)
  5. https://www.cruzely.com/11-things-to-do-at-the-virgin-voyages-beach-club-at-bimini/
  6. Ok...well it is happening with the scenario outlined.....and this is a web site to talk all things cruising which includes ideas. Bimini has constructed a resort/casino and has come a long way as a destination port which happens to be the closest island to Florida. As a matter of fact the new Virgin cruise line has it scheduled as a port visit.
  7. Let me re-phrase so it satisfies the legality....All they would have to do is go to nearby Bimini Island for a couple hours.....just like some casino ships do now.
  8. With the re-start taking place this week here in Florida for "daily" casino ship voyages it has me wondering if Carnival (or one of the other lines) may take advantage and begin doing the same with one of their ships. Revenue from dining, casino, beverages sitting 3 miles out is better than sitting idle with zero revenue.
  9. I had read an article the ship yard is still working and other than enhanced safety protocols has not been adversely affected by the virus. That being said, we should be hearing information relatively soon about sea trials. This could be a good indicator of whether any further delays may be announced.
  10. This does nothing to back up the statement you made about locals upset with out of town visitors. I was at the beach this weekend and I absolutely saw nothing of what you describe.
  11. Is this just your opinion or do you have a link you can share which backs this statement?
  12. To answer your question, indefinitely, as long as the business model is drastically changed. One could assume there are many board room discussions going on right now to figure out just exactly how to offset the lack of passengers. Off the top of my head some examples could include, (current) fuel savings, port of calls to be visited will be limited to revenue generating locations only (think private locations such as coco cay, Labadee ), more sea days (ship will be the destination), a la carte taken to a whole new level for just about everything ( such as seating in the theater?) Should be interesting to say the least.
  13. Thanks, once again, for reading and continuously responding to each and every one of my posts. I am glad they continue to be of great interest for you. Have a good day.
  14. Exactly.... in this case, regardless of what certain individuals want you to believe, it is becoming obvious the soon to be new muster system will be fast tracked for approval. I would not be surprised if it is already in the works and will be in place once cruising resumes this fall. The old system was/is in need of a makeover. What a joke it has been lately, in some cases, meet on the promenade/theater/casino/whatever to watch a cartoon like video, cruise directors practicing stand up comedy while reading important information.... According to what I have read, the Concordia incident was a disaster, everything from lack of knowledge lowering the boats, to flat out refusal by some muster station assigned crew to participate. Yeah...it needs a make over and with the cruise industry hanging on by a thread...fast tracked approval..just remember, not too long ago lead paint and asbestos were considered "good" things.....
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