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  1. It makes sense to me. Seems she could do at least limited European cruises till next spring for a TA. Your are right about over capacity of ships in the Caribbean. It will be interesting to see how X begins to deploy ships when cruises from the US are able to begin again. Alas, I doubt that will happen before spring of next year. Hope we get to go on our b2b in early May.
  2. We cancelled a paid in full July cruise before final pay was actually due and are supposed to get $250 FCC each. We cancelled on April 2 and see no FCC to date. Called One Touch yesterday and was assured we do have that FCC coming. According to the rep they are still working on May FCC's. She said give it another 30 days. So what have you experienced in these cases, please?
  3. Everyone 65+ has to have a doctor's letter? I don't know how many in the EU cruising public are this age, but on our X cruises, admittedly over 7 nights. I would guess at least 50%. That should help limit the ships' capacity! I will find out next week if my doctor would sign such a letter when I go for my next check-up. If I were a doctor, I would not sign. And besides, just because a doctor would sign on x date, there is no way that guarantees you won't be infected the next day or on the way to the cruise port.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have requested such an invoice from my TA. Just curious to look it up myself.
  5. How do you find this information about payment due on line, please? I have looked many times at my future cruises and never have been able to determine how to do this. I am booked with a TA, so is that the problem?
  6. I was also on Silly in December '19 and I believe the store was there as noted above.
  7. The separate suite lounge is completely away from the other boarding part of the terminal. We thought the chairs were comfortable. No standing in lines. Personnel come to you to check you in. Nice to have snacks and coffee, tea, juice and water. I also expect assigned check in times when cruising resumes.
  8. I guess they changed the wording. I read one posted earlier by a resident of UK.
  9. I think the points are to be applied at the end of each month.
  10. On another thread someone posted the announcement made in UK that says "all" suspended thru' Sept. 15.
  11. Actually, you can pour a glass in your cabin and take it anywhere on the ship you wish at no charge; a drink for dinner for example.
  12. We also prefer the bed by the bath. Then you can sit on the sofa and look out over the balcony. Makes the cabin seems larger to us. Trust the info above, not what a Celebrity rep says about bed location.
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