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  1. After yesterday's CDC release, it looks like we won't be cruising from US ports for quite a while. We were just discussing this AM that we may have to fly to a non-US port in order to cruise. But we will need to be able to book consecutive cruises in that case. None allowed from St. Martin, or we would go that route. I hope X decides to add a ship in Nassau. Montego Bay or DR. It's not just the mask thing that ruins it for us, it's the aggregate of rules changing nearly everything about what made cruising a pleasant experience.
  2. What is the end date on the "mask mandate" and when was it announced, please? Somehow I have missed this.
  3. I guess I missed the "mask mandate". I assume this means masks all the time except when eating or drinking? And this is from the CDC? We will not be sailing under such a restriction.
  4. The farther toward the aft from the entrance to the Ocean View Cafe, the more noise.
  5. Just saw on Fox crowds at the port of Galveston cheering a Carnival ship that just docked there. I read somewhere that there is to be a vaccination clinic at the port of Galveston for Carnival crew members some day this week. I wonder why RCG ships have not arranged such a vaccination clinic with some of the ports their ships use.
  6. We are Pinnacle on RCI and determined never to go back after our first Celebrity cruise. We think it's that much better if you are interested in a more adult experience. The only thing RCI does better is entertainment. The total no smoking inside the ship is a biggie for us and the food and service are much better in our opinion. Both lines have outstanding servers, but service is better on Celebrity because there is better crew to passenger ratio on Celebrity ships.
  7. Butlers will make reservations for specialty dining if you do not wish to do so yourself. We request a cheese platter with good crackers, no soda crackers, to be left in our suite every evening. I had to request a make up mirror, as there was none in the desk when we arrived.
  8. Yes, but CDC has no control over Greece, St. Martin, or Nassau. That is why I wondered about different rules for different non-US ports. Thanks Miaminice. That makes sense.
  9. Why is Celebrity not allowing back to back cruises from St. Martin or Greece? RCI and Crystal are both booking b2b's from Nassau.
  10. Someone posted pictures of Sil Retreat sun deck and it is nicer than on Equinox as it does have its own bar. On Equinox the servers have to go down to the Sky Lounge bar to make drinks. However, there did not appear from the pics that there is any more shade on Sil than on Eq., which is very little.
  11. How many points per night for a Sky Suite, please?
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