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  1. The Elite and above cocktail event is held from 5-7 PM in the Sky Lounge forward decl 14 every evening except embarkation day and the day of the Senior Officers' party.
  2. Where do you catch this train, please? I hope it is very near the pier. Also what is the price?. I have read trip adviser but neither of these questions were addressed.
  3. So, the Summit cabins still have the storage space as before the "revolution"? I was under the impression from other statements that all the cabins lost storage space on Summit.
  4. Persian Gardens access is not a suite perk. Retreat Sun deck will be available only on "revolutionized" ships, of which Reflection is not one. It will undergo the "revolution" in 2023. If you want to dine with your friends you need to get an aqua class cabin.
  5. Wow, I guess this must be fleet wide now. What a downer for one less place to eat on embarkation day. It must be saving X money or they wouldn't do this.
  6. Is the Spa Cafe open on embarkation day, please? It was not on Equinox neither in July nor Sept.
  7. RCI does not change shows often. As stated above most are the same for a minimum of 5 years. Some of the shows have been on longer. The Sept. 23 Equinox cruise had the 3 basic production shows, a hilarious comedian, the trio called "Uptown" with Motown hits, whom I have seen before on Equinox and an illusionist who was quite entertaining. There was also an acrobat act, whom I saw on RCI several years ago. The quite varied music around the ship at night I also found entertaining.
  8. We are Pinnacle on RCI, but will be doing Celebrity for the future. The ambiance, service, and atmosphere are for us far superior. We did our first Sky Suite on Equinox a couple of weeks ago and tho' the size is comparable to RCI Jr. suite, nothing else is! Better decor, huge storage, drinks not just from 5-8:30 but all day in Michael's/ Retreat lounge, and outstanding service in all venues. Our experience in Luminae was fabulous: decor, service, food, even the canned music, were far superior to anything we ever experienced on RCI. I only asked my butler for two things: a makeup mirror, which he brought in maybe 5 minutes, and a cheese plate delivered each evening. We will be booking mostly sky suites in the future. Only you can decide if the upgrade is worth it.
  9. Just off Equinox and there are tables and chairs at the World Class bar on that ship. Quite a few places to sit comfortably. I don't care for coffee in a paper cup either, but rather than not use Al Bacio at all, I would try it a few times. Will be on RF in Feb. Hope to find someplace to enjoy specialty coffee!
  10. Been a year or so since on Reflection, but couldn't you take your Al Bacio order over to the World Class bar area?
  11. All balconies on the slant are larger than regular cabin balconies. You also might like to know where the bed is located. If there is a triangle and a square on the deck plans your bed is by the bath. If no square, the bed is by the balcony.
  12. I don't believe there are any curtains.
  13. The windows are frosted but add a lot of light to the room.
  14. We just sailed Equinox in our first suite and the whole experience in Luminae was just fantastic, The service, the food, the ambiance, the tables far enough apart for a private conversation, the decor and the softer music made us enjoy Luminae much more than we enjoyed Blu on a previous cruise. Also, we asked for extra vegetables and some other special requests which were taken care of every time.
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