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  1. Some of us booked on Equinox b2b in May have already received note of cancellation for these cruises. Currently during part of what was to be my May 2 b2b on Equinox, X is showing a couple of 7 night cruises available to book. So I think that answers the question.
  2. We can only hope that X releases its 2022 late spring through 2023 winter season in late Nov. and thru' Dec. as is its usual custom. I would like to L&S a May '21 b2b to '22.
  3. Yes, I remember now. P's do get free wifi. So no drink package for full suites? The suite lounge will be a no go by the time we cruise again I think. Probably just a few free drinks from the limited menu at any venue. And yes, the P reserved seating along with suites at ice show is a real perk to me. I also remember the great breakfasts served in either Chops or Giovann's Table. Is that only sea days? I thought it was every day. Thanks for the input. If we book RCI again, we'll just stick with the Jr. Suites. Looks like we will have to buy our drinks for the most part. Although we do get 3 "f
  4. So like a jr. suite on RCI. Just a larger cabin with balcony. So probably not interested. Thanks for the info.
  5. We are Pinnacle but have been on Celebrity only for the last 3-4 years. I know our perks may be changed so thinking of taking a Grand Suite on LB next year or two. What are the current perks, if any, in a Grand suite, please? We normally book a Jr. Suite as it is plenty big. But I know only perks there are whatever your loyalty status is.
  6. Thinking of trying Holland as Celebrity prices are thru' the roof for suites. What is the Vista suite experience, please? Perks? And what are the prices for specialty restaurants?
  7. Not "secret" but there are stairs aft in the buffet area to the Sunset Bar one deck up.
  8. There are generally fewer children on Celebrity ships than on RCI ships which really cater to families with children. You won't see many on a longer cruise. If you are Diamond or above on RCI you will be Elite on Celebrity. This will get you a few things like one free gelato and some free laundry.
  9. Glad someone revived this old review. Gives me something new to look at! Reflection was our last cruise back in Feb. this year.
  10. Pinnacles definitely did have access to the suite lounges on RCI. We were P's. Since finding X about 3 years ago, will probably never go RC again. We think the clientele and whole experience is much higher quality on Celebrity.
  11. Re: Cafe Al Bacio Isn't there a Bacio II in the OVC on S class that also makes those specialty coffees? Not so crowded maybe if not at meal times.
  12. With classic package you do get specialty coffees in Cafe Al Bacio, including some of the alcoholic ones. We've used this several times.
  13. No lounge happy hour also frees up the crew to be assigned to other tasks. I see my Elite spa discount has now been reduced. So long to the occasional massage. I do like the All Included concept. so that when suites are too high priced, we can go with Aqua and still have a dedicated dining room and the perks. I just hope we can still be healthy enough to cruise and able to do longer b2b's by the time things approach cruising as it was.
  14. Retreat deck, yes, no water feature at all. Can only be accessed by stairs. No bar, but staff gets drinks from Sky lounge one deck down. Very little shade
  15. The new balcony furniture is not as comfortable as pre-revolution. New decor in the Passport bar area. Unfortunately the Retreat is without a water feature and is accessed only by stairs; very little shade and no bar. However, the service is fine there as the servers get your drinks from the Sky lounge one deck down by crew stairs. Michael's Club has new furniture and lighting. Very bright and there too, the furniture is less comfortable then pre-revolution.
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