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  1. First night is very relaxed. I NEVER take a change of clothes in my carry on. However, neither of us boards wearing shorts.
  2. Better service because of ratio of staff to passengers, better food, fantastic buffet, many fewer children, older demographic, very few announcements, smoke free casino, and some very interesting presentations/lectures. We are Pinnacle on RCI and probably will only be going on Celebrity in the future. All cabins may order room service from the MDR menu when MDR is open. Cafe Al Bacio is a great place for specialty coffees. RCI does do muster drill much better and has more varied entertainment.
  3. I have been able to get a smaller size chocolate martini at the Passport bar on both Equinox and Reflection. Just depends on the bartender.
  4. So, what is the top price limit now for the Classic drink package. please? I read last week that the price per day has increased but no one seemed to know if the price limit had gone up.
  5. Why in the world didn't you just sit where the seats were actually empty in the theater? I have done so several times despite people trying to "save" seats. However, we do not care for the "big girls" either. Just too many people !
  6. I've had OBC disappear from two different reservations. Just a call to the captain's club and it was restored in full. I was NOT notified of this. Just found it looking at my cruise planner for both cruises.
  7. I agree this must be a glitch. Call Celebrity to get correct information or call a travel agent.
  8. ptrainer30 Which cruise date?
  9. Same as other embarkation restaurants? What, is the MDR open to all on embarkation day? What ship?
  10. We got the Wyndom at Dania Beach for $269. Outrageous, but this is a new hotel and close to both airport and cruise port. Our favorite is Hyatt Place near the convention center. I usually get it thru' Value Trips. But it is sold out and is usually blacked out from Value Trips that time of year. For Jan. 25, 2021 I will be booking a hotel very, very early!
  11. I can't find a roll call for this cruise so am posting here. Anyone leaving on any cruise this date from Port Everglades or POM will find hotels to be very expensive and many are already sold out. This is the week end before Super Bowl. I just saw Embassy Suites on 17th St. is $1240 for one night. I found a Wyndom in Dania Beach for $269 with free cancellation. Good luck.
  12. We don't prebook, so never thought to look there.. Thanks all.
  13. I hope they do NOT get around to "refreshing" the Sky suites, as all reports and photos on other threads look very much worse to me than the current layout. We have our first suite on EQ in July. Don't care one way or the other about the Retreat deck unless they decide to provide some shade there. I agree with several others that EQ looks great as she is!
  14. How do I access the United Kingdom Celebrity website, please? I understand it shows all available cabins in a category.
  15. Just want to warn everyone that your ship OBC may disappear or change. Today I noticed that my cruise planner showed NO OBC. Previously, I had $600. What a shock. I called Captain's Club and the OBC was restored to my account after a bit of a long "hold" on the phone, for which the CSR apologized. She was able to get the entire $600 added back to my account. She did not know why this happened, but advised that any change, including changes to Air by Celebrity, can cause OBC to "fall off" your reservation. So keep an eye on that OBC from Celebrity!
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