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  1. Can anyone confirm that the bed is by the bath in this cabin, please?
  2. Jeremiah, I didn't think anyone would be upset at my reluctance to cruise under these conditions. I don't mind the buffet at all. But wearing a mask everywhere is a big turn off for us. We just booked b2b for May 2022 and hope we will know more before then of what the experience will be like by that time.
  3. Can anyone see the dates? The screen blacks out for me when I want to see the sail dates. Would like to know when these cruises begin.
  4. It's best. and quicker. to call Celebrity Air. The rates listed on line are not updated often and since air fares change almost hourly, it would be impossible to show up to the minute fares. I usually look at the airline(s) for a schedule I like, then call Celebrity Air and ask about those prices. They can also give you alternative air with other lines at approximately the same schedules.
  5. Absolutely not. Even if changing cabins, you only have to pack up what is not hanging in your closet. Your room steward will the packed luggage and everything on hangers to your new cabin.
  6. Tedferg Yes, the Sky lounge has a round bar. Very attractive.
  7. I don't know about great as that would depend on what you want for your cruise. But I have booked Equinox b2b May of '22 for what I consider reasonable rates for a sky suite. Unfortunately, this is only a 9 nite and a 6 nite. We would have preferred a 9 and something longer than 6, but this was the only b2b combination yet showing on the web site for May '22. This is a transfer of two cruises booked while on board a cruise more than a year ago, which I had already moved to create a "place holder". So, no deposit required and I get to keep the OBC for booking on board initially. My TA is giving
  8. Some of the veranda cabins got new carpets, drapes, furniture and balcony furniture. We had those last time on EQ. The balcony furniture was less comfortable than the previous furniture. Table smaller too.
  9. During her "revolution" the Retreat Deck was not finished. There is no water feature and little shade. The attendants have to use the bar beneath the Retreat which is the Sky Lounge as there is no bar actually on the Retreat deck. We didn't find that to be a problem, however. Service there was fantastic. The lack of shade is true of all Retreat decks on revolutionized ships. Of course, this is only of interest if you are going to book a suite. Otherwise, the ship is beautiful and classy. The crew was wonderful the food very, very good. We particularly enjoyed having a couple of meals at Sush
  10. We would never remove gratuities. And again, various staff have advised that all cash tips go into a pool for that area: specialty restaurant, bar, etc. I have always hoped that the room stewards get to keep their cash tips.
  11. Tedferg The largest open area on Reflection is the Sky Lounge on deck 14 and it is large. Did you go up there to compare it to the Princess areas you mentioned?
  12. Alll the May '21 Equinox cruises that were longer than 7 days were cancelled a few weeks ago. And then replaced on the X web site with 7 night cruises. So I expect yours will be cancelled as well.
  13. We have been advised by various staff at various stations that cash tips must be shared.
  14. I only see a few dates, certainly not all. I see no 12 night. When I try to get prices it will say either "try another date" or "there was a problem" or sold out. I did get some prices from my TA, but would like to see more dates. I want to book b2bs for Sept.-Oct. '22 and Jan. Feb. '23. Can't see any.
  15. I didn't know about the cards. Thanks for the "tip".
  16. You can get more info on cruisedeckplans.com as well.
  17. When was Grand most recently refurbished, please? Any changes made? Was on her twice in early 2000's, but not for many years. Is the MDR still a one story, low-ceilinged venue?
  18. Apparently the term "mini suite" has changed for Sky Princess from back when we sailed Princess in the early 2000's. Then it meant only a lightly larger balcony cabin with a very small couch. This was on Dawn, Golden and Grand Princess ships. A far cry from any sort of suite on either RCI or X. I do remember that the theaters were small and the MDR's had very low ceilings thus were very noisy.
  19. Do you have any inkling of when the May 2022 to April '23 Caribbean cruises will become available for booking?
  20. Our May 2021 cancelled by X refund of $3000 paid was back on the credit card in 10 days. However, the deposit is still pending.
  21. I requested a cheese plate every evening with good crackers, not those awful soda crackers. After a few nights he got in the habit of leaving 2 glasses of red wine to go with our late cheese snack. I also had to request a make-up mirror boarding day as there was not one in the vanity as there should be. Had it in about 15 minutes.
  22. On S class Celebrity ships you can rent a cabana by the day or by the cruise. Don't know if this is also true of Edge. I'm sure someone will comment ofnit. I am not gluten free, but I have seen many options so labeled on Celebrity ships.
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