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  1. Thanks to everyone for adding your personal experiences. Very much appreciated!
  2. Mrgame101, So Happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time at Hotel Canada. That really says a lot about the hotel that it was up to the same standards. I do have a few questions - when you get a chance! How did you communicate with them pre-cruise? What area or location would you recommend for room location? Did you have to make reservations for the breakfast ahead of time or can you just show up? What was the cost? How did you get to/from cruise port to hotel? Any additional tips/info would be greatly appreciated because I just made my reservations!!! Grazie!!
  3. Thank you, lisamic, for your added comments. I love the idea of nearby restaurants full of locals. That’s always a good sign! mrgame101 - Enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. Safe travels!!
  4. MrGame101 I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 6 Nights!! Lucky you!!! If you get a chance to check in again when you get back, I’d love to hear anything else you’d like to share about HotelCanada. Did you find it the same as your last visit 2 years ago? What was the weather like? Did you happen to notice if the HOHO bus stop was close to Termini station? Did you enjoy any restaurants within close walking distance? Thank you for your previous post. (Looking forward to your update when you return, if possible)
  5. Thanks for the info about the distance to sights. I understand the hotel is close to the train station - and that is a HOHO bus stop. I’m hoping to use this for a loop to briefly see the sights, then hop off at Colosseum and Forum and spend some time there. It sounds like the hotel is further away from all the sights, but I think we can make it work!
  6. No, I did not know that. Thanks for pointing that out. If any CCers would like to add any personal experiences or thoughts, I would look forward to your replies. Thanks, in advance!
  7. Yes! All good reviews 😀 I just wanted to hear from the CC members - I tend to trust them so much more!
  8. Just exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you so much!!!
  9. Has anyone had any experiences with Hotel Canada? It seems like a good hotel for the money and the location. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you, JB! Complicated is correct! I don’t think the train plan is for us. You mentioned the pre-booked private car service. The London toolkit website is very helpful. I will start the researching and see what will work. Thank you, again for your information and ideas. Very much appreciated!
  11. John Bull, I am also interested in visiting the Castle, but my hotel is in Southampton - the Best Western Chilworth Manor. Any suggestions for transport to/from? Also, any suggestions to/from port to hotel? Thank you for your help!
  12. Thank you for your quick reply. I really appreciate your help researching all my (many) questions. I’m very much looking forward to experiencing your “wonderful Copenhagen “ and Denmark.
  13. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I have checked the schedule and see the bus trip that connects to train. Do they drop you off right by the train? It looks like an 11 minute transfer to the train (?). 11 minutes to get off the bus, get your luggage, and get to the correct platform in Roedby? Will this be where the train goes on the ferry? I have another question - I will be riding the train from Copenhagen to Hjørring in May. Just checking to see if any track work will affect this route. Thanks again for your input.
  14. The map was great to actually visualize where to go. Thank you! I will make sure I have a printed ticket in hand when I get to the station. Where should I tell the taxi driver to drop me off? Are there many entrances at the station?
  15. Since I’m not experienced with train-travel I like the idea of it being less busy and that the train originates at the station. I will check it out! Thank you for your help on this.
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