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  1. Which ship and cruise date are you sailing on? I don't see your screen name on our Celebrity Silhouette cruise. We hope to go to try Sandcastle Beach first week of February. Leaving FLL on Jan. 31. You can find me on the Celebrity roll call board.
  2. I thank you too. Don't usually buy alcohol while cruising any longer, but this does sound very good. Love the Coconut Cream sound too. I can just taste a Coconut Bay Breeze. Yum.
  3. Just read a Norwegian news report (in English) from passengers who have returned to the USA. They had to be airlifted. Windows broke in public rooms where people were evacuated to. Flooding in these areas occurred. These people were very thankful for the calm and care they received from staff and the Norwegian people. Thank God there have been no casualties.
  4. The ES in Palm Beach Gardens is beautiful and their reception was very nice with lots of snacks. Just stayed at ES in Savannah and their snacks although limited were varied including fruit, salsa and cheese.
  5. The one near MIA has been reported to be one of the least desirable ES on the East coast.
  6. Hi CJ. Yes it appears to be the same link. Looking at the web address from my small android phone, I was not familiar with seeing the landing landing words. I understand it now is shared on other web based blogs but I for one won't post it on public media. It is very special to me and a great hotel. We parked there during Hurricane Irma in 2017, and are car was just fine. Happy New Year.
  7. Thanks so much for all of your assistance. I couldn't find the Prepay option but have re-booked directly on their website, got a Sr. discount for $233/$229 per night. Saved us almost a $100. I had just read a Horror story about booking.com and decided, I could not take the chance of getting bumped. So glad for your cruise critic help. How are things near Tewsbury? Figure you must be near due to your screen name. DH will probably be up in Andover next week or so. Not looking forward to him traveling up there in this Winter weather. He doesn't even have snow boots any longer.
  8. Thank you to the OP and all of you for sharing your personal and cruise hotel stay related experience. Just booked a hotel for a family wedding stay on Booking.com (which I've used with no issues) and I just can't take the risk of a change in accommodations. I re-booked on the hotel chain web site, got a Senior discount and am saving almost $100 for 2 nights. I usually use Hilton web sites but this time the bride has chosen a Marriott chain hotel. So glad to have found this thread and taken care of our reservations.
  9. Thank you both for your detailed response. We will be sure to install WAZE also before we sail. I've printed out your directions and hope for the best.
  10. I did hear that and recommended it to lots of people during our last hurricane. Many return evacuation routes were impassable. It helped our neighbors get home. I'll be sure to have it added to my husband's iphone.
  11. Question for a local: I'v stayed at the Hampton Inn Brickell many times as I love the parking availability and safety. I get their just fine from I 95. I have yet to find a direct route to return to I 95 North. Last time, was just after Hurricane Irma and it took us an hour to "get out of town". Any help you can give would be appreciated. GPS was useless.
  12. Love the Hampton Inn & Suites Brickell Avenue. I just booked for the 4th time for next November. Schedule is open for booking at least until then. The rate I have is discounted and a very private rate. It must be booked through a special link. If you wish, I will share it, but only in private email; nanatravel at sc coast dot net.
  13. Thanks. I had the membership at my old address in MA/NH. Got a new # one for this trip. Didn't have many points to speak of anyway. I can't find a Pre-pay option. Does it come up when you go to finish the reservation?
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