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  1. Was disappointed to find that rum wasn't in the mix offered. Not sure why that is as I figured rum was a popular option. Don't drink the other offerings except for vodka and opt for coffee cards which were never fully used.
  2. Yes. Twice in as many months. Got an old barrel chair on Emerald in November and a "side" chair with arms on the Coral that we just departed this morning in Chile.
  3. Ask your cabin steward for a 2nd chair. We did on our TA on Emerald in November and just got off the Coral this morning from Antarctica cruise with the same result. Both delivered on day of embarkation. Ask and ye' shall receive....
  4. Sorry to hear about your delayed departure and missing Punta Arenas. We did a great tour there but the highlight will definitely be Antarctica and the Falklands! Happy travels ~ loved this trip and Captain Todd!
  5. We'll be on her again in less than a week. My 2nd time this year and looking forward to our 3rd cruise on Coral. Love the size of this ship ~ not too big!
  6. Congrats! Never offered an upgrade but generally request no upgrade so no surprise. Upgrades are great but I'd really like to know how so many people were offered and accepted a free cruise on the 1st Sky inaugural cruise on 12/1. I heard multiple people talking about their free cruise ~ say what??
  7. Thanks for the posting. Will be looking as I see my Greenland cruise posted which has had an underwhelming response. I have already re-fared twice and will continue to do so if the pricing continues to be in our favor.
  8. I guess that makes sense. These two mini-cruises must have the staff hopping. Service was great on our cruise and hope you are experiencing the same!
  9. Glad you guys are able to enjoy the day at Princess Cays. We couldn't but not a big "miss". Hope you enjoy the ship as much as we did. Feels so much more open than the others but do miss having a library that (guessing) most others won't miss.. Wonder why it still isn't decorated for Christmas...my husband saw some of the crew hauling Christmas lights around the other day. Can't imagine what they did with them!
  10. Thanks for all of your posts. Tomorrow can't come soon enough and hope we're not delayed past 10PM!
  11. Great pix! Looking forward to getting on in two short days! Thanks for all of your "reporting".
  12. Me too.My 1st Medallion cruise on Sunday. Sure would like a free drink if they're offering. Where and how do you get them? 😋
  13. Book asap with a refundable fare and keep shopping. I have re-fared our Greenland cruise for next August twice since booking after seeing significant price drops. Just keep "shopping" after booking and re-fare when it makes sense keeping the booking with a refundable deposit.
  14. It looks like there were a few of us who suffered through the abysmal service on that crossing. I purchased the unlimited minutes and won't make that mistake again. When my free minutes are over; that will be the end of it.The note they sent out was pathetic….
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